Episode #4: What Does Spirit Do In The Afterlife?

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MARCH 19, 2024 by Amy

This is the only goal-setting and productivity strategy you will need for 2024!

Can you believe we’re almost through the first quarter of 2024?! Time is flying by so quickly, and you might be feeling like you’re falling behind on reaching those big goals you set for yourself in January. But don’t worry, my friend! I’m here to help you out with the ultimate strategy for goal setting and productivity that will make you achieve more and stress less in 2024! 

We all have big dreams at the start of the year, but sometimes, they can fade away quicker than expected. But with the mindset shift I talk about in this episode, your big goals will become more manageable, you’ll make business decisions with confidence, and you’ll feel like the best version of yourself and the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be in no time!  

Plus, I’m going to break down this strategy into two podcast episodes. In this first part, I’ll share what the strategy is all about and how I apply it in my own life and business. And in the second part, I’ll give you practical tips on implementing it into YOUR own life and business. So be sure to mark your calendar for March 26th! 

Today, you’ll hear about: 

  • 2:44: A small mindset shift for making your big goals less overwhelming
  • 5:31: Why you need to prioritize internal self-awareness and external self-care
  • 9:44: Strategies for taking inventory of your current experience and the desires for your future self
  • 14:54: A reminder that expansion and massive results don’t happen overnight but you can still enjoy the ride! 

Listen in and get going on the journey to achieve your goals TODAY! Trust me, my friend, you’ll be looking back at them way quicker than you think! 

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