Episode #1: What Happens To You After You “Die”?

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Show Notes

Episode Description:
In this episode, we embark on a thought-provoking exploration of what lies beyond this earthly existence. Join me as we delve into personal experiences and profound insights, inviting you to contemplate the nature of consciousness, spirit, and the transition from physical life to the spiritual realm. From the catalysts that prompt existential questioning to the evidence suggesting life after death, we’ll journey through the realms of energy, quantum physics, and metaphysics. Together, let’s unravel the mysteries of the spirit world and discover the enduring power of love that transcends physical boundaries.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction:
  • Have you ever pondered the question, “What’s beyond this life?” Join me as we delve into the mysteries of existence and consciousness.
  • Personal Journey:
  • I’ll share personal experiences of existential questioning triggered by the loss of loved ones, leading to a profound exploration of life’s deeper meanings.
  • Evidence of Life After Death:
  • Let’s examine the concept of death as a metamorphosis, akin to the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, suggesting continuity of consciousness beyond physical existence.
  • Understanding Energy and Quantum Physics:
  • We’ll explore the nature of reality through the lens of quantum physics, where everything is energy, vibrating at varying frequencies, challenging conventional perceptions of existence.
  • Transition of Consciousness:
  • We’ll delve into the transition of consciousness from the physical to the spiritual realm, highlighting the role of energy systems, chakras, and the evolving vibrational state of the spirit.
  • Purpose and Lessons in Earth School:
  • Let’s view life as a learning journey in the “Earth School,” where spirits incarnate to gain experiences and evolve through various life lessons, ultimately fulfilling soul contracts.
  • Transition Process:
  • I’ll detail the process of transition from the physical to the spiritual realm, where the spirit’s departure is guided by the dissolution of energetic connections and greeted with love and acceptance.
  • Love as the Binding Force:
  • We’ll emphasize the enduring connection between spirits and their loved ones, transcending physical boundaries, and manifesting through unconditional love.
  • Conclusion and Invitation:
  • Thank you for joining me on this exploration. I invite you to subscribe for upcoming episodes, where we’ll delve further into the spiritual journey and experiences as a medium.

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What’s Beyond This Life?

How often have you asked yourself, what’s beyond this life? Is there something more? It just seems that there’s so many people these days that still believe that there’s only one life. This is it. Perhaps, you know, they die, you know, maybe their bodies become food for the worms, there’s no more beyond them. But then something happens to them. There’s some catalyst somewhere and they begin to question what’s out there. They begin to question the world.

I know that happened to me, for example, before my parents died, I was an agnostic materialist. Everything was here, it had to be proven. But then, for example, when my father died, when I was 18, my world was shaken. I had to figure out, you know, this was a totally different reality, what’s beyond there. But I didn’t really fully question it. Then my mother died when I was about 30, then my whole world was turned upside down.

And I really started doubting everything. And of course I was starting having all kinds of experiences and going through all kinds of different phenomenon that we can talk about later. But it’s just showing that there’s definitely a catalyst of some kind that causes us to question the existence that we all live in. And that’s what’s so interesting about this, that we look through something and we begin to question it.

Because when we look at it, there’s really a lot of evidence out there in the world that we can start to point to. And we can start to say, there’s something that shows us that there’s a lot of evidence about life after death and that life continues after death. If you look at it, in fact, death is really nothing more than a metamorphosis. It’s a transition. Your spirit’s evolving into a higher energetic state. 

It’s very similar to the way a butterfly is evolving out of its cocoon. Somebody looks at the caterpillar and says, oh no, the caterpillar is dead. It’s in its own little, you know, shell. Oh no, what’s happened to the poor little caterpillar? Sometimes a child gets very upset. Lo and behold, the old caterpillar transforms into an incredible butterfly. It’s the exact same concept. It’s nothing but a transition, it’s a metamorphosis. 


So your consciousness is very much the same thing. Your consciousness is essentially leaving behind its human shell and it’s transitioning into a higher energetic state. So if you begin to look at it from perhaps a quantum physics perspective, which we can get into later, everything is energy. Everything is just electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, subatomic particles, they’re all energy. It’s all floating in the vast emptiness of space.

But those particles are moving at high rates of speed. And when you begin to realize that everything in existence, you, the people you see, the buildings you see, the trees, everything, it’s just nothing but a composite of energy and particles that are all moving at high rates of speed, you begin to realize that the reality you’re looking at is just a little bit different.

For example, let’s take a look at the nucleus of the carbon atom. Getting a little scientific here, but bear with me. If you look at the nucleus of the carbon atom and you blow that nucleus up to the size of, let’s say, a golf ball, if you look at the electron of that carbon atom, it’s literally two miles away if the nucleus was the size of a golf ball. Everything in between is nothing but empty space. That’s what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with empty space. We’re dealing with electricity. We’re dealing with energy. 

We’re dealing with the transition of energy. And when you look at it, energy is measured by wavelengths. It’s measured by frequencies. And that’s what we’re always talking about is how can we look at the distance because we’re humans, we want to know what the distance is. So these frequencies of all these physical objects, they’re moving at slow enough frequencies, slow enough wave rates that they can be seen. The frequency is slow enough that we can actually see it. However, when you begin to speed up the vibration, a change in states begins to occur.

Energy Can Only Change Form 

And we know that states are in different forms because Einstein told us, for example, that energy can either be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. And of course he was the grandfather of quantum physics. So when you begin to look at it, what you’re doing with your consciousness is, you’re literally transforming into a higher vibration spirit being.

And so that’s really something that you’re looking at. A good example of energy change is a propeller blade or a fan blade at rest, moving at zero, a zero vibration. You can easily see it. Even when the fan blade or the propeller is slowly moving, you can still see it. But when you increase that vibration, a miraculous thing happens. If you get it up to a fast enough speed, you can’t see the propeller. All of a sudden you say it’s gone. Is that what you say? Do you say the propeller is gone? No, you know it’s still there. But what you’re actually doing is realizing that propeller is at a different state. 

Examples of Energy

It’s very similar to your body. It’s just before your eyes, everything is gone. Subatomic particles do the same thing. You look at particles through an electron microscope. At rest you can see them, but when they’re actually moving, because they’re always moving, you can’t see them. They’re in a cloud. So it’s nothing but a high vibration state. And it’s the same thing with sound and different hearing ranges. For example, humans can hear at a lower pitch sound, whereas dogs can hear higher pitch sounds. Just because humans can’t hear the same type of high pitch frequencies that dogs can hear. Does that mean they’re not there? No, of course not. They’re still there. 

What about light? Humans can see in just the plain range of daily light, whereas lizards can see, for example, in the ultraviolet range. Just because humans can’t see ultraviolet, does that mean that the ultraviolet spectrum of light doesn’t exist? Of course not. It’s still there. We just can’t see it.

Maybe you can even talk about gravity just because you can’t see it. Does it mean it doesn’t exist? No. So that it has to open up the realm of possibility that if you can, you know, it’s still there if you just can’t see it. So with spirit, for example, human energy is vibrating at a high rate. But if you increase that vibration to an extremely high rate, say for example, the propeller blade example, suddenly you have a transformation that you’re dealing with a state of energy that can’t be seen or detected with physical senses. 

And that’s what spirit is. Because it’s vibrating so fast, you can’t sense it with your physical senses. And just because you can’t really detect it, does it mean it’s not there? No, it just means it’s not detectable with physical senses. 

The Body’s Energy Systems

Another way to look at this is you have an energy body. It’s defined by energy systems, energy centers, bio -energetic systems. In fact, the electrical energy in your brain can be measured by very specific systems like an EEG, an electroencephalograph, that measures the frequency of your brain waves. So you can actually do that. It measures the electrical charges. You’ve also got energy centers in your body, commonly referred to as chakras. 

There’s seven basic chakras up and down in your body. They’re basically rotating vortices of energy. They kind of act like portals in your body, allowing energy to flow through them. That’s a conversation for another episode. But these are all just different ways of discussing energy. And they’ve all been known by Eastern medicine for thousands of years. 

Now at death, for example, energy in the body that’s already there that we talked about has to go somewhere. We talked about, or if you remember Einstein, how energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. So it has to change form into a state that we can’t detect. 

Changing States of Matter

It’s like talking about water. Water in its frozen state, you can easily see because the molecules of water are barely moving. They’re moving very slowly. The oscillation rate, the vibration state of the molecules of water are moving very slowly at the frozen state. You heat it up to the point where the ice has melted into this liquid water. It changes form from ice to liquid because the molecules and the vibration, the oscillations increase, the vibration is rising. 

And if you take that water, heat it up even further, and you get it into steam, now you’re talking about a vibration rate of the molecules that are moving even faster. Now you’re moving with faster vibration. You’ve gone from the state of water to steam. Heat up the steam even faster. You’ve gone from steam to plasma. So as you are continuing to rise and you’re continuing to increase the vibration rates, the states continue to change. You increase the plasma even one step further you go from plasma to a non -physical existence. It’s the exact same progression. 

This is just nothing but energy changing form. Matter changes form, all energy changes forms. It’s just based on the vibration rate. So what we’re talking about is that “you”- the person that you’re thinking of on the inside- your consciousness remains very alive.

Your Consciousness Remains the Same

At all states, whether you’re in the body, the physical body that you can see and detect with your physical eyes, or you’re in the non-physical state. You’re still alive, you’re still conscious. It’s just a change in the vibration rate. So think about it from the perspective of the “me”. Remember when you were a child and you were thinking about the “me” and you’re imagining all these different states. If you think back to the quote-unquote “me” as a child, you can go back and think, hey, wow, this is still the same person from when I was a young child as I am today. I’m no different. The only difference is the physical body. But that consciousness, the me that you think of, that consciousness is exactly the same. So you’re the same. Whether you’re five or 105, it’s always the same thing. So your consciousness has never changed, that’s the one constant. 

And in fact, there are a lot of examples of consciousness remaining very alive, very consistent beyond what we talk about as being physical death. Whether that’s near death experiences (NDEs), reincarnation, where people come back and they’re talking about a different life and say “Hey, I can remember this specific example” and they’re proven true. 

For example, the North Carolina Department of Parapsychology has thousands of cases of reincarnation that they verified. Different communications with spirit through all types, whether that’s evidential mediumship, trance or automatic writings from spirit, all different types of communication. If you stack all these pieces of examples and all these different cases and all the facts that we’ve accumulated and you stack them all one on top of each other, it’d be miles into the sky. There’s so much evidence here. So the ultimate question becomes, what is consciousness? What do we think about consciousness? 

What is Consciousness?

The consciousness, is like I said, really the “you”, it’s the you inside. And this is an age-old philosophical question. Who am I? I am that. It’s the “you” that’s on the inside. It’s not defined as the physical person. It’s defined as your conscious energy, your spirit, whether you refer to spirit as being some type of religious entity or an energetic entity, it’s still the same thing. Consciousness, it’s just a word. It’s your beingness, right? It’s the inside. Again, whether you’re five or 105, the only thing that’s changing is your physical body. 

What Is Transition Like? What Does Spirit Do In the Afterlife?

So now another question begins to crop up here. What does the spirit do? How does it transition to the non-physical realm? We’re talking consciousness here, we’re talking spirit. What’s the spirit do? How does it transition? What’s it like? What’s the process? That’s another series of questions that I get all the time. 

Well, one of the big things that happens is first off, spirit comes to the physical earth plane to learn lessons that we’re here to gain experiences. We’re like students, right? This is basically the earth school and spirit comes to the physical earth plane, like a school, they want to learn lessons, whether that’s learning how to forgive, learning how to be patient, ding, ding, ding, ding, I need to learn how to be patient. Learning how to be perhaps, non-judgmental or whatever it is that the lesson is that the spirit person’s looking to gain. And they set up certain experiences where they keep on going through these experiences over and over and over and over again in that life to learn what it’s like to learn to get over it, to learn how to deal with it because obviously that’s the main lesson. So that’s why they’re coming through.

The Earth School

So if you’re ever asking the question, why am I here? Why am I dealing with all these things in my life? Well, guess what? You’re here and you’re dealing with all of the experiences in your life. Perhaps some of them are really difficult because you’re here to learn. You’re in the earth school, whether you’re in the earth school of grade two or you’re in the earth school of your senior year in college, whatever it is.

You’re at some level, you’re going through all these different experiences to think about it from the school of life. Everybody says a school of hard knocks. Well, you’re absolutely right. Why else would spirit be going through a very dense, difficult life? It’s like the old example of, you know, if you tell a child who’s five years old, don’t touch that hot stove, are they going to listen to you? Of course not. You can tell them five times, 20 times, they’re never going to listen to you. But when do they learn?

Of course they learn after they touch that hot stove. Once they touch that hot stove and they feel the searing pain and they know inside them how bad it is to touch the hot stove. Do they ever touch the hot stove again? No, they’ve learned, but they learn through experience. Experience is an incredible teacher. And that’s why spirit comes through to the Earth School to learn all about what it is to be human to go through the experiences and to learn all these different lessons. 

What’s Your Purpose?

But then the question becomes, what about, you might be asking, well, why am I here? What are the lessons that I need to know? And maybe, you know, great spirit or whatever you want to call it. And you want to ask for, you know, ask for the answers, right? You can’t do that because it’s like asking your teacher, who is on the person who’s giving you the test, it’s like saying, can I have the answers on the test you’re gonna give me? 

No, you can’t do that because if you knew all the answers, well guess what? You wouldn’t learn anything. How could you know the answers that you’d never learn? So once the spirit learns all these different lessons and the spirit’s mission or reason for them to be here, and it’s accomplished and that’s basically the whole soul contract. They come here to learn all these different lessons, go through all these different experiences and if they’ve learned and accomplished them, then the soul contract is essentially met. 

They said, okay, that was what I wanted to do. I’ve met that. It’s now time for me to go back. That’s when they return back to the spirit realm and that’s when we humans call it physical death or the person transitions to the Spirit realm. They go back because they’ve accomplished everything they’ve needed to do. So what’s the process? 

Transition Process

Well, the process is that we have an astral body is essentially an etheric Double of what we look like right here now in the in earth. That’s energy and That connects to a number of different chakra points the main point being the solar plexus chakra as the primary connector when that is finally disconnected, that is when the etheric double leaves the body. You can go back and forth all the time, so long as your tether that holds that etheric double is still connected to your solar plexus. 

But that chord finally disconnects, that’s when the etheric double finally leaves the physical body and moves off to the spirit realm, spirit level, if you will. So the solar plexus chakra, by the way, is just above your stomach. And as the spirit is doing this, it’s doing the same thing as we were talking about before. We were talking about the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly. It’s the same thing. Spirit is already inside us, but it’s leaving its shell.

And it’s evolving to a higher level vibration. The spirit really moves to a much higher vibration because right now in the physical, we’re in a very dense existence. We’re like the water in the ice, right? We’re like those water molecules, the H2O molecules that are in a low vibration state, like the ice. They’re dense. And so it’s a very low vibration. So it’s solid and you can see it.

Vibration Increases At Transition

We’re like that. However, when the spirit moves away from that dense plane, dense vibration, the vibration speeds up to the highest vibration, it moves up to the spirit plane and that’s when it leaves a physical plane. So it’s like all those different energy levels we were talking about before. It leaves the earth plane and by that point, it’s going to the spirit realm where it’s initially met by its loved ones, its guides, its family, because the spirit may sometimes get there and not really know where they are. They’re like, am I still dreaming? This is really nice, but wow, why does it look exactly like the earth? I’m confused. 

Sometimes spirit is a little confused because they’re like, this looks exactly like I’m still here. I haven’t died but all their family comes and says, hey, welcome home. This is fantastic. So it’s very much like a homecoming party, a little family parade, if you will, right? So it’s this reception. It’s a reception of love. It’s a reception of comfort. It’s a reception of telling them, hey, welcome home. You’re back. You’re with us. And it’s the way that spirit gets back there to a very comfortable position and a wonderful acclamation.

So it’s a sort of a homecoming that the spirit has that allows them to ease into this transition because there’s one thing that I’ve learned is that spirituality and spirit transition is definitely an evolution, not a revolution. Let me say that again. Spirit and spirituality is an evolution, not a revolution. So at all stages, once spirit gets to the spirit world, it’s an evolution. That’s why it’s so smooth in most cases that the spirit is confused. They’re like, wait a second, this looks exactly like the spirit world. This makes no sense to me. And that’s constantly what we’re getting all the time. 

Now, if for example, the departure of the spirit might’ve been sudden or unexpected, maybe their person was in an accident or some immediate tragedy happened, whatever the issue is, then they may have been shocked out of the body and the spirit wasn’t exactly ready for it. So that might cause, let’s say a little bit more confusion. They’re like, wait a second, a second ago, I was right there. Why, what’s happening? I’m confused. So it may take them a little while to acclimate, but that’s it. It’s just a matter of time.

So they’ll have time and the family comes in and they get to learn how to acclimate. And it’s never a question of, oh, I have to be in some home resting forever. No, it’s just a, it’s like you’re saying, okay, well, I’m off on this vacation and I’m just learning to kind of get my feet wet for a day or so after arriving off the plane, right? It doesn’t take you long. You get used to it pretty quickly.

Scheduled Arrival

But another beautiful thing about the spirit world is that everybody is well aware of the scheduled arrival of the spirit. And again, we’re talking about spirit contracts and soul contracts. That’s one of the reasons why everybody in spirit’s well aware of when the spirit’s coming home and they’re always keeping an eye on it. There are people who are designated greeters who greet the newly arrived spirit.

Everybody’s well aware. It’s very well orchestrated. Nothing’s enough the chance. So this is your rival based on the soul contract. The family’s aware, the greeters are aware. So that’s one thing that’s so beautiful. And a lot of times I get questions about the spirit. Do they stay aware of us? Can they look at us? Do they follow us? Do they care about us? How do they know about us? Can they see us?

Spirit Is Still Aware Of Us

And absolute the answer is yes to all those questions. They do see us back on the physical. They still care about us. They’re still tied to us because it’s all about love. If you were off on a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean basking in the sun, drinking your margaritas or whatever your favorite drink is, and you’re just having this wonderful experience on vacation, does that mean you’re gonna love your family back home? Of course not.

You’re still loving your family. You’re still thinking about your friends and family. Nothing’s changed. The connection is still there. If anything, spirit is that much more honed in on the love of you, the love of the family, the connection. It’s that bond. It’s that family bond. It’s that tie that brings you two together.

Some people ask, will my spouse remember me? Will I still see them? And the answer is absolutely yes, because right now on the physical, you’re seeing and aware of each other in a physical existence. You may have that love tie, but what’s so amazing and so strong is the love bond that connects your two beings. Don’t think about it from a physical perspective. 

Think about it from the inner you, the consciousness. Remember we talked about the me? That bond is what is so strong. You’re still so connected. And that’s really what connects spirit to us when they’re up in this, I’ll call them up, but it’s really around. That’s why this whole show is called Spirits Around Us, because they’re basically sharing our space. It’s not like they’re up in some lofty cloud somewhere. It’s they’re literally sharing their space with us.

Love Is The Bond

And so when love is what is so strong, love is what’s heightened when they’re in spirit. So that love is what’s connecting them and that’s what they’re feeling. They leave behind the ego, they leave behind anything that might’ve prevented them from being quite as loving as they wanted to. And now love and their heart is worn on the outside. And so it’s that much more strong.

And it’s really that love that comes through in all the readings. For example, all the mediumship readings that I give, the most palpable thing, most tangible thing that I can feel is the love between the communicator and the recipient. It’s that love that is so powerful, so strong, so amazing. They’re not going to come through and just be like, “Yeah, I’m here. I guess I’ll talk to you. Didn’t really like you, but whatever.” No, they’re not going to speak like that. They come through with love. They come through with healing. They come through with compassion. They come through with the energy because that’s who they are. Right? So if you were to sum it up, the spirit world is all about love. And that’s really the biggest thing that is perhaps the main takeaway if you want to think about it.

Thank You For Joining The Show

So I want to thank you for listening to today’s show. It was just absolutely great being with you today. Next Wednesday, I’ll be discussing my spiritual journey and how I became a medium. So that’s going to be a great conversation. So I’d ask you definitely to subscribe on whatever your favorite platform is. That way you’ll be alerted to all the news and any new episodes that come out.

And by all means, you can get the show notes for the show on my website, SpiritsBesidesUs .com. Also, you can join our community on Facebook, which is Spirits Besides Us podcast. You can go there. And those are all the ways that you can probably connect with me and definitely look at the show notes. That’s always an excellent way to see all the details.

I will speak with you next Wednesday. Until then, this is Chris, sending you love and light. Bye for now.

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