Raise Your Vibration And Expand Your Spiritual Awareness

Gain Greater Joy And Inner Peace

Participate in interactive workshops led by Chris, members-only content and weekly coaching emails to feel excited about life, awaken to your inner guidance, find your highest purpose and deepen your spiritual practice in a supportive group spiritual coaching. Connect with like-minded individuals, engage in spiritual activities, access unique content and expand your spiritual awareness.

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Join Chris in uncovering ways to enhance your spiritual journey, from meditation techniques to spiritual practices. Attain greater joy and happiness, achieve deeper inner peace, fulfill your highest purpose and make a tangible impact on the world.

Learn to Connect With Spirit

In this program, Chris shares proven methods to establish and maintain a strong connection with your spirit guides. Gain insights and advice for developing a deeper relationship with your spiritual helpers and others in spirit.

Develop Your Psychic Senses

Learn how to develop, organize and implement your psychic senses that lie just  beneath the surface.  Learn about spirit communication, soul evolution, and the afterlife through insightful discussions and guidance.

Start Your Spiritual Journey

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