Gain Healing & Comfort from Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Spirits Beside Us

What if you could hear from your loved ones in spirit?

– What happens to you after the body dies?
– What happens between lives?
– Are you searching for evidence of an afterlife?

#1 Best Seller on Amazon
International psychic medium Chris Lippincott offers clear evidence that the spirit realm is much closer than we realize.

“It’s worth reading, because it
gives a much more
comprehensive look than mo…”

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Neva Davies–Reedsy – 5/17/2020

Spirits Beside Us Podcast

“Written in a conversational,
inspirational, reader-friendly
yet edifying style”

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C.S. Holmes-IndieReview – 5/17/2020

“This is no dry book on
mediumship, this is a detailed
journey into the spirit realm….”

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Lee VanZyl-Medium – 5/15/2020

“Spirits Beside Us is an
engaging book which gives
insight into the spirit world a…”

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Martin Twycross-Medium – 5/17/2020

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