Episode #3: What The Spirit World Looks Like

Show Notes

In this episode, Chris Lippincott discusses what happens to us after we die based on automatic writings and spirit communications. He emphasizes the consistency and detail of the information that comes through, suggesting that spirits are trying to help us understand what lies beyond the physical life on Earth. He shares examples of spirits describing their experiences in the afterlife, such as being in beautiful landscapes, feeling a new breath of life, and experiencing joy and peace. Chris also explains the concept of different spheres or planes in the spirit world, each with its own vibration and level of development.


Many people ask, where do we go when we die? That just seems to be the age old question throughout all cultures and all times. So that’s a topic that we’re going to discuss today. So stay tuned.

Welcome to another episode of Spirits Beside Us. I’m so glad you joined us. One of the questions that I seem to get all the time is, where do we go when we die? Perhaps the best descriptions of what happens to us after we transition seem to be coming through automatic writings that we’ve had over the last 100, 150 years, and there have been hundreds of them that detail exactly what happened. 

And it’s incredible the consistency and the detail and the people who come through are so undeniably great character witnesses that you’re just absolutely astonished at what’s actually happening. And it really seems that spirit’s trying to come through to give us these spiritual truths. And you feel that there’s this desire to bring upon us an understanding of what is really going on beyond our physical life here on Earth. And it feels like they’re trying to help us become much more aware of what’s beyond the veil at this point, what we should expect.

And at first glance, when you begin to look at all the information that’s coming through on these automatic writings, you begin to think, that’s just too good to be true. That’s just a little bit fancy. That’s a little bit too much. I don’t know if I can really accept that. That’s something that really, I’m not quite sure if I want to believe that. The thing is that there’s so much information and it’s so consistent that we can’t ignore it anymore. Just the sheer volumes of these writings, let alone the numerous authors who have been coming through over the years and the perfect consistency with all of the information that all of these people have been writing about on a consistent basis for hundreds of years, as well as the fact that the evidence is consistent, it’s corroborated by all the different authors.

And the character witnesses of these people, as well as the recipients, the mediums who are writing this down, seem to be un-reproached. People that have been known, both the mediums and the communicators, to be the most honorable, trustworthy people that you would never imagine could say anything other than the truth. So 

they’re seen as incredible character witnesses. And many of the spirit communicators that have been coming through, especially in my readings, are talking about both where they are, how they are, what they’re like, what’s going on in their life. So they’re saying the same thing as these communicators that were coming through in automatic writings. 

For example, I’ll have a child who’s showing himself hopping and skipping and jumping and pointing to his legs as if he’s demonstrating, hey, listen, I can hop and skip and jump. And sure enough, the parents confirmed that he was in a wheelchair and there’s no way he could have hop, skip or jump, but he’s now out of that wheelchair and he’s letting you know that, hey, I am absolutely here. 

There’ll be people who come through, I can remember one wife, for example, who was describing where she was. She was in this beautiful, luscious green field that was surrounded by beautiful green grass and trees and shrubs everywhere. It was bright light in every direction you could look at. And that was what was so amazing is that while we are here in the physical and on earth, we see a sun that’s at a fixated point.

But in this image she was showing us, and this is also coming through in all of the different automatic writings, there is no fixed sun. It’s just light that is coming from every direction and every bush and shrub and everything that exists. It’s all giving light from every possible direction. Also, there is, I can remember a husband who was showing himself to be calmly floating down this beautiful stream where he previously he was totally overworked and sure enough the wife was confirming that he was so stressed out so overworked that he didn’t have a moment in his life to be relaxing or taking time off and this was his almost “permanent” vacation and that he finally was getting that vacation that he so longingly wanted to have but couldn’t because he was working so hard. 

And there is this great one I can remember, for example, I was giving a reading to a couple of daughters. Their father came through and the father was painting this beautiful picture of an ornate Italian villa complete with the beautiful tiles on the floor the ornate carved bed in the room for rest. You’d go outside and you’d see this wonderful outdoor shelter, sort of like an area that you would rest, very much like a porch with the tiles on the outside. You’d see the spiraling carved pillars. It would be holding up the little roof.

Beyond that, you’d see the olive trees and the different trees beyond that. And he went into such incredible details. He slowly panned around and showed me everywhere he was. And as I was describing this, as he was giving me this beautiful remote viewing, the daughters absolutely burst into tears saying, “Oh my gosh, that is my dad’s Italian villa that he absolutely loved and he cherished.”

So he was showing his daughters that he was now in that Italian villa and that he had recreated it in the spirit world. And they keep on going and showing us all of these favorite places. And it’s absolutely amazing. And all these common themes that keep coming through. 

I’ll oftentimes get a feeling of a new breath of fresh air that comes through very much like when you are down underwater, you’re running out of breath and all of a sudden you come back up to the surface and you go, and you have this new breath of life. And that’s the feeling of just an incredible like new life, new breath, new, you can breathe again. It’s like being underwater holding your breath, but you’re finally getting released. And it’s this sensation of exuberance and a new sensation where you get to reconnect with everything that’s around. 

And many times that comes through where, not only is that a sensation of new breath, but it’s also a reflection of the communicator showing them that they in fact can breathe again. Oftentimes what they are showing is that they also had a problem breathing and that’s confirmed by the sitters. It’s like they say, “Absolutely, oh my gosh, he passed of COVID or lung cancer or some lung disease.” And sure enough, all of a sudden they can breathe again. And it’s just a beautiful sensation that they can breathe. And it’s all new. 

Also I frequently get the sensation of just an overabundance of joy, energy, exuberance that comes through. And it’s just a sense of just igniting this flame of excitement and energy. And oftentimes it feels like this incredible bundle of youth, a bundle of energy. 

Other times there are feelings of just beautiful calm, beautiful peace, wonderful sensation of just love. It’s almost like this feeling of, if you remember back in the day, the commercial, “Calgon, take me away.”Just a soothing, calming, peaceful feeling. And that’s what overcomes me. That’s what they give me and that’s what I pass on to the recipient. And they’re like, ah, that feels absolutely beautiful. And they’re trying to express that to their loved one here. And it’s a beautiful sensation. 

Many times they’re also making me feel that they’re so happy that they have just gotten rid of or discarded their old useless bodies. It’s very much like you take an old pair of clothes that you can’t use anymore and you just dump them in the wastebasket and, or you take off the trench coat and you throw it aside because they don’t need it anymore. And they’re so happy to be done with it and they just let it go. And it’s useless. They’re like, “I don’t need that thing anymore.” And sure enough, that’s the feeling they’re giving us. And it’s an absolutely incredible feeling. 

And what’s also so unique is that the transition for each person that comes through and this is true in both all of the automatic writings as well as the feelings that spirit will give me. The transition is different for each person. It’s based on their expectations. It’s based on their spiritual awareness and it’s based on their vibration by the time that they have transitioned. Perhaps they have accumulated a lot of negativity, a lot of doubt, a lot of maybe sadness, maybe a lot of frustration. All that vibration will be reflected upon where they are. 

Or conversely, if they’ve just had this incredible spiritual awakening or spiritual awareness or spiritual connectivity before they transition, that too will get reflected. And that will be part of their transition. 

Most people when they arrive in the afterlife, it’s a very smooth, almost imperceptible transition. It’s something where people oftentimes feel that it’s, they can’t even tell it’s happening because it’s more of an evolution than it is a revolution. 

It’s nothing like a shock–unless of course there is some kind of unforeseen transition where, you know, maybe they had a traumatic passing and something sudden happened, but usually it’s an evolution where they’re here in one moment and the next thing they know they blink an eye and they’re still in their quote unquote here. And they look back on their body and like, “Wait a second, how can this be? I must be dreaming.” 

Many times they don’t feel anything. They indicate that they’re just seeing themselves lifted out of their body and they are saying “That feels a bit odd.” Kind of interesting when you think about it. You’re looking back and you’re like, “Wait a second, I used to be in that body. Whose body is that? I’m feeling a little bit weird.”

Sometimes they feel like they’ve stepped out of their body and they’re looking down on some corpse and they suddenly realize, “Wait a second, that’s my body. What am I doing outside of my body?” And it takes them a moment to get used to that concept. They’re like, “Wait a second, I’m not in my body anymore. What’s going on? Am I even in a dream right now?” 

Sometimes they’ll look at their body and they begin to kind of hover over it and they begin to look down on it. They begin to realize that that body is kind of like a used dish rag that has no purpose. They’re like, “I don’t need that thing anymore. I look at me. I’m perfect. I’m great. This is, this is a wonderful feeling.” And that’s what’s coming through. So often they don’t even feel it. And they look back on this used clothing, if you will. And they say, “Why did I need that? I feel even better than I did before.”

Sometimes people think they’re kind of dreaming and they’re not even aware that they’ve transitioned because it’s so smooth or because they also think that they have some belief that something was supposed to “happen,” where they’re supposed to be met by somebody at the pearly gates, or they have some preconceived notion that a certain thing has to happen. 

They’ll ultimately arrive at whatever sphere on the spirit plane, whatever plane matches their vibrational frequency. So that’s really a match. It’s an energetic match based on their frequency and the energetic frequency of that sphere. And also their energetic frequency that they had while they were here on earth. They had been accumulating all this spiritual vibration. Essentially, it’s a law of attraction.

Think about it like a giant magnet, if you will, and you’re the energetic fillings that are getting pulled to that magnet. Whatever energetic frequency you’ve got, that’s where you’re getting pulled. For example, maybe that you were a very self-centered person, you were very materialistic, all you cared about was, money and you didn’t care about anybody else. It was “Me, me, me, I’m going to get ahead in the world and I don’t care about anything else.”

When you arrive in the spirit world, you perceive the level where you arrive as sort of run down, not very pretty, not very nice, kind of dull. And you’re “Like, what’s this place? This isn’t great. Why am I here?” You’re like, “Eh, whatever.” 

Perhaps a spiritually unaware person might see their new world very similar to the way they were when they were in the physical. Perhaps they’ve been trying to do their best and they’re not trying to continue to move on, but they are just going to allow things to happen. They’re not spiritually unique. They’re not professing to have any great knowledge, but they did the best they could. 

Those people often go to a world where it’s a sphere that is almost identical to where we are today. It matches everything they see or everything they remember on earth. They are really connecting with it. But there are some people who are spiritually unaware who initially, because they’re not aware of spirit and spirit senses, they may not initially see people around them. They may not initially be open to the concept that there are others in spirit. 

They may not be open to the love that’s around them. They may not understand the concept of spirituality, so they may not see or hear with their spiritual senses yet. As a result, they’re not going to see or hear anybody. They’re not even aware that they’ve transitioned out of the physical into the non-physical. So they’re not even aware of their physical death. Sometimes people are so indoctrinated into one particular belief, it leaves them in utter confusion.

They, for example, think, “Oh, I’ve got to be at the pearly gates. I’ve got to be met by whoever, St. Peter. I’ve got to have this happen or these certain conditions have to happen. That’s what I know I’ll be in “heaven.” Sometimes it just leaves him in utter confusion. 

There was this great example of a stockbroker who lived in the 1940s who transitioned in his office from a heart attack. He was so money-grubbing, so focused on money and that’s all he cared about. He didn’t care about anybody else, just his own money. And he had a heart attack in his office and he transitioned out of his body. And he said he became aware that he was trying to talk to everybody around him because he didn’t think he had transitioned. 

And he’s getting angry that nobody’s responding to him. He’s yelling, he’s like, “Hey, come on, you’ve got to notice me. I’m over here. Hey, hey, notice me, notice me, notice me.” No one’s hearing him. No one’s taking any information from him. No one’s really starting to understand that. Yet one thing he did start to notice is he could overhear conversations from the other end of his brokerage firm and he could then begin to listen in on these investment banking deals that were getting done and he started to having a little bit of fun. 

He’d hear about these investment banking deals. Then he’d go over to his buddies and start whispering, the concepts of these investment banking deals to see what would happen. And sure enough, some of these people would get these notions of like, “Oh, wow. I think XYZ company is going to go public or XYZ company is going to merge with ABC company.” And they somehow have these astonishing revelations of these pending mergers or these pending banking deals and they’d make oodles of money. 

The spirit was having so much fun telling his buddies about all of the deals that were going on. He just kept on doing that for the longest time. And at one point he just kept on doing that even when his buddies had all passed on. He just kind of lingered there in that brokerage firm, the brokerage office just loving to do the same thing over and over and over again, because he just did not believe that he had transitioned. He stayed where he was, because he enjoyed it. There wasn’t any problem with it, but he just kept on doing it. 

Now, conversely, a spiritually aware person might immediately be aware of their spirit family. They may transition immediately, and they may have greeters. They may immediately see their soul family and be recognized back home. They’re welcomed back home. It’s very much like a spiritual homecoming. Oftentimes when a person will cross over, they’ll be immediately greeted by people that are referred to as greeters. And their soul mission, their soul job is to give a very warm and loving welcome to those people who are new arrivals, who are coming back home. And they’re trying to help them and let them know that they have transitioned and try to get them out of that confusion, and tell them they just transitioned. 

They might say, “I’m here to help you. I’m trying to get you more aware of what’s going on in your life right now. You’ve died.”. At that point when they have been greeted and they have acclimated to their surroundings, soon they’re allowed to connect with their spirit family, their family and friends who are in the spirit world at that point, and they’re connecting with their family and friends. And that’s when there’s a beautiful homecoming festival. 

Some people have referred to it as a homecoming parade, homecoming party, where there’s just a celebration that that person has arrived home. It’s very much like when a soldier comes home from active duty, and the family throws in this beautiful homecoming party. And it’s just such a warm welcome. It’s this feeling of just incredible love. “Thank you for coming home. We love you so much.” And it’s just overwhelming. 

And quite often what we’ve seen is that spirits love to give a great amount of detail about what the spirit world is like. And they’ve given that to us in their automatic writings, they’ve given that to us in specific mediumship readings. I’ve had a couple. Quite often it’s very consistent. What we spirit tells us is that the spirit world is structured so that there are seven concentric spheres around the earth. 

Seven concentric planes or spheres that are nestled one inside the other. They’re basically multiple levels within each sphere and each level is slightly divided just by vibration. There’s no physical demarcation. It’s a vibration zone so one level may have slightly higher vibration than another. Some may have a greatly higher vibration than a lower one, but each sphere is within the next sphere. It’s very much like Russian nesting dolls where you’ve got one sphere inside of another and they’ve all fit together in one nice piece. 

So each successive sphere is essentially within the other larger sphere and each sphere is creating a different frequency of vibration. Say level 2 has one level of vibration level, 3 has a higher level of vibration level, 4 has a higher level of vibration than that and so on and so forth until you get to level 7 which is called the highest level within those seven main spheres.

Different spheres have the same type of energetic vibration structure as our energy bodies. If you think about our energy bodies as well as our chakras you know that each chakra has a different energy vibration and each chakra is connected to one of the seven energy bodies and each of our energy bodies has different vibration frequencies and levels.

This is the same as the planes and the spheres. They have different energetic vibrational frequencies. And so when a spirit arrives, they’ll arrive at that same higher vibration level that matches what they have. But if they’re going to get to an even higher level vibration (one that they have not yet reached) they have to be accompanied by a higher level spirit who already has that vibration. 

This is because it’s something where they have to have the feeling of comfort. It’s not that they’re not allowed. It’s only the feeling that it’s the vibration that is so uncomfortable that they don’t feel comfortable being there. It’s beyond their comfort zone. 

The best example I can give is imagine you’re a person who has been living your entire life in a basement. You get used to the cold, you get used to the dark, you get used to low light since there’s no windows, and you get used to everything that’s in there. And then suddenly you’re allowed to go walking outside into the bright sunshine. That would be so painful. Your eyes would hurt. The heat would hurt. You’d be really uncomfortable. 

You’re like, “Oh, this hurts. Ow, pain. I don’t want to deal with that.” And you’d go running back to the basement because you’re just not comfortable with the vibration of the light and the sun and the heat and everything that’s out there. So it’s very similar. It’s not that you’re not allowed. It’s that the vibration is beyond what you’re used to at that point. At some point in the future, as you begin to increase your vibration rate, that’s when you become more comfortable with it. That’s when you get to a stage where you’re able to make it. 

It’s also something that you self-proclaim. Let’s say, for example, the vibration is such that the feeling of love is so incredible at such a tangible vibration that you’d never experienced before that you feel unworthy of being in that vibration of love that is so surpassed by anything you’ve ever known that you’re like, “I can’t be here. This makes no sense to me. I don’t know what to do with it.” 

And that’s another reason why spirit, if they’re at one level, they can’t get past another because they just, they can’t comprehend it. They don’t know what’s there. It’s like being almost like you’re in the ocean going the other direction. You’re in the ocean and you just feel the pressure starting to build up as you’re trying to go down levels. It’s the same thing. It’s just this discomfort. Like I said, it’s not that you can’t do it. It’s not that you’re not allowed. It’s just that you just can’t deal with the frequency that’s there. 

Now there are spirits who have a specific vibration state who can go into a lower vibration because it’s not uncomfortable they’ve already been there, they’ve already experienced it. So those spirits who have that set vibration can certainly go down into a lower sphere without any problems because they’ve already got all the higher vibrations and they’ve got the ability to know what the spheres are like. 

Now that kind of raises the question, what are these seven spheres that we’re talking about and how do you progress through them? How do spirits migrate through all of these different spheres? Well, the first sphere is often referred to as the “Shadowlands.” This is a sphere where people have a sense that there is less vibration, less development. It’s for spirits who are less developed and they have a lower sense of love, a lack of love.

And as a result of the lack of love, that’s where they’re experiencing this lack of light because light comes from love. Love is the source of all light. So if there’s a lack of love, then there’s a lack of light. Hence the concept of the “Shadowlands.” So its low vibration due to lack of love causes lack of light. And that’s really what is generating everything. These squalid conditions that people are experiencing in that area, that first level, the “Shadowlands”, they’re really driven by the feeling that it’s self-created because these spirits do not believe that they are worthy of love. 

They feel they’re undeserving of love and they feel “I’m not worthy of this. I’m a person who doesn’t deserve love. I’m a person who’s done so many bad things. I can’t deal, I can’t be around people who are so loving. I feel really uncomfortable around people who are so positive and loving and giving and helpful. I don’t want to be around them.” 

There are a lot of people like that today, just here on earth. These are people who don’t want to be around nice people. These are people who don’t want to be around loving nice, buoyant, positive, joyful people. Those are the people who would rather be around materialistic, angry, negative people. Just think about it today. You have the same exact thing. It’s no different. 

After the first sphere, you move on to the second sphere. And the second sphere is referred to as the sphere of familiarity. It’s very similar to earth in almost every single way because you’re seeing something that is identical in nearly every respect. And it’s often one of the reasons why spirits, when they first arrive, they’re often confused because they think, “Wait a second, I haven’t gone anywhere. This is still earth, right? They get confused and they’re like, “Nothing has changed. I can’t be dead because everything’s identical.”

You’re seeing the same grass, the same buildings, the same houses, the same trees, everything is virtually identical. You’re like, “Well, this is the same to me. I don’t notice anything different.” And it’s really where the majority of people are going to arrive who just were doing their best. They’re not necessarily spiritually minded, but they did what they could. They were trying everything they possibly could. And it’s where people typically arrive when they first get to the spirit realm is that second level, the sphere of familiarity. 

So when you go beyond that, you’re then at the third plane or the third sphere. And that’s really referred to as the “Summerlands.” And one of the reasons that’s referred to as the “Summerlands” is that it’s essentially permanent, perpetual, bright light where you feel that sunshine is coming from every object around you. It’s coming from every direction. It’s a really bright light. The colors are far more vivid than what we could ever imagine here on earth. The hues are so varied that the colors are beyond anything we’ve ever experienced or ever known or ever thought about, ever could ever have any concept of.

And it’s creating this incredible dazzling display of broad colors, like a kaleidoscope. What happens is that you’re getting the sensation that you’re seeing colors, but the colors are even giving off these beautiful sounds, these beautiful music. The notes from every different color matches with the music. So you’ve got this incredible orchestra of experience that you’re seeing not only the colors, but with the beautiful, unique sounds and music. 

Many people have come through and said that the types of music, the sounds, the notes, even the instruments that are in the spirit world are beyond anything that we have here on earth. They’re so varied, they’re so much more unique and vibrational that it just takes our breath away. And that’s why it’s so incredible. It feels like everything is really driven by higher vibration, higher frequency. And that’s what’s so magnificent about that. 

And the third sphere is really the first plane where you get to that point by devotional path of progress. You’re intentionally trying to raise your vibration. Most people will start on the second plane, that plane of familiarity. They decide they want to progress and set the intention to increase their vibration. With a higher vibration they progress to the third level. 

Then of course you’ve got the fourth, fifth and sixth levels. These are even higher vibration levels and different paths of progress that are required until finally you get to the seventh level that’s essentially the gateway to what’s referred to as the “Celestial Heavens.”

Spirit enters the “Celestial Heavens,” that have unlimited spheres, by receiving what’s called Divine Love. It’s essentially receiving the total unconditional divine love from “The All-Knowing Spirit,” “Source,” “God,” whatever name you want to attach to it.

You receive this Divine Love, its essence and its substance, and you are completely changed. And it’s something that few people ever get to. We’ll talk about it in a minute. But I wanted to talk briefly about the three different paths of progress that help you get through those seven different planes. 

The first path of progress is really the development of the intellect. It’s really where you’re studying knowledge, you’re studying thought and reason, and you’re trying to increase your knowledge base. And quite often, it’s like you’re studying science or medicine or literature, and you’re trying to expand your thought process, your reasoning. And you’ll typically reside as you work on that path of progress through the second, fourth, and sixth spheres through the path of progress. And what’s so amazing about the expansion of rational thought and reasoning, intellect, science and medicine is that spirit will learn about this and then they will transmute that knowledge to spiritually aware people on the earth plane. That’s where people get inspiration and we’ll talk about that next episode. But I just want to kind of give you a sense of what’s coming. 

Now the second path of progress is referred to as the Purification of Human Love. It’s essentially very similar to the Golden Rule. It also follows the path for spheres 2, 4, and 6, but they’re using slightly different sub -levels within those spheres. So there’s not the same exact path. They’re similar, but we’re working with different sub -layers. 

And the third path of progress is the path of progress that’s focused on receiving Divine Love and that’s what I was just talking about a second ago. That uses the path of spheres three, five and seven. Now relatively few people, few spirits progress beyond the seventh sphere going into the “Celestial Heavens” because that’s the home of those who have received Divine Love from “Source,” the “Great Spirit,” “All That Is” “God” whatever name you want to attach to it that great being. These are people who are famous spiritual masters like Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or saints or anybody that you would expect to be a spiritual master. That’s where they reside. They’ve gone beyond level seven into the “Celestial Heavens.” 

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and you really got a lot of information out of it and what Spirit World is really like. If you want more information, definitely go to the show notes on my website, spiritsbesidus.com. You’ll get a lot of information about that. And so stay tuned for next week because next week we’re going to continue our conversation about what the Spirit World is like, but we’re going to get into more detail about, What does spirit do in the spirit world? Is there a life review? What are we expecting as spirit progresses and what does it feel like? So we’re going to be talking about some of those topics. 

So also let me know what kind of things you’d like to hear about, what topics you’d like me to discuss, what questions you’ve got. And you can definitely reach out to me. Just go to the website, spiritsbesidesus.com and I can’t wait to hear from you and hear what you want to have me talk about what topics you’d like to have on the show. 

So until next week, this is Chris signing off, sending you love and light. I’ll see you next episode. Bye for now.

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