The Power Of Joy and Spirit’s Love With Dawn Marino


In this episode, Chris interviews Dawn Marino, a spiritual medium and channeler, who shares her journey of discovering her gifts and navigating the Dark Night of the Soul through inner healing. The Dark Night of the Soul is a universal experience that involves deep inner transformation and the shedding of old patterns to make way for new growth. Dawn discusses the importance of joy, inner child healing, and the use of crystals and chakras in energy healing. She discusses how discovering and accepting one’s spiritual gifts can be a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Dawn also provides insights into her mediumship and the unique experiences she encounters during readings. She discusses her work with spirit art, energy-infused art, tarot cards, shadow work, and trance work. She also shares insights on the higher self, soul, and spirit guides. Dawn emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and not dimming one’s light, because they are important aspects of spiritual growth and self-empowerment.

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Healing Through Joy And Spirit’s Love With Dawn Marino

Welcome back again everybody to the show. We’ve got another great guest with us. I’m so excited to have her on. We’ve got Dawn Marino and I’m so excited to have her on because she’s a spiritual medium and a channeler, but she’s also a certified crystal energy healer. She goes about healing people’s energy and the dark night of the soul, which we’ll have to get into.

She’s also an intuitive tarot reader, energy-infused artist, which we’ll also talk about, and definitely the author of two books on tarot, which I’ve got to get into and pick your brain about that one. Dawn’s healings focus on the dark night of the soul and kind of get you through that energy depletion, and the disconnection of self, and helps people reconnect themselves with their higher self and helps them to feel empowered again. With that Dawn, thank you so much for joining us today. 

Thank you for having me. I’m happy to be here. 


Spirits Beside Us | Dawn Marino | Healing


Dawn’s Spirit Connection

I’m so thrilled to hear everything that you’re doing and everything that you’re working with spirit and working with energy and helping people’s energy. I guess the first question I’ve got is because you’ve got all these wonderful capabilities now, abilities to help people, what was your childhood really kind of like? Would you always have these abilities? Were you always working with spirit, always sensing energy? What happened? 

I was born with the gift. When I was a child, I didn’t understand what was happening to me or the fact that I was seeing things and communicating. I had a childhood friend that I didn’t realize until decades later was actually a spirit. I thought it was just a real kid on the playground but I didn’t understand fully. As I grew older, I would ignore it, shut it out, because it didn’t seem real. Nobody else was like this. I didn’t have any kind of validation but more and more, I couldn’t ignore the truth of who I was. 

It sounds like everybody else like, “I got this imaginary playdate. This person’s fantastic.” Then eventually you kind of went, wait a second, let’s get a little more logical. When did you pick up the connection with spirit later on? Was this more sort of an adult situation? What happened then? 

In my 20s, I started to experience more and more things. My mother had actually passed away and a lot shifted after that. Energetically, my connection grew even stronger, but still, I sort of shut it off because I didn’t understand really how to work with it. I would see things that were a little scary or unsettling. About a decade or so later, I was talking with a friend. I was having a lot of health issues and she said, “Why is it so easy for you to talk about these uncomfortable things that are happening to you, yet you cannot admit to yourself that you’re a medium?” 

I had not told her that and it just blew me away and I was like, “This is really who I am. Then the more I started to open up to it, that’s when everything shifted for me.” I started to practice, be dedicated to it, open up more, learn more about how to protect my energy, and not see scary things or anything of that nature. It completely shifted everything once I finally accepted that I’m a medium.

It sounds like many people initially were afraid of that sort of Hollywood ghost story feeling of like, “If it’s a spirit, it’s got to be bad.” The same thing happened to me. I remember when I was starting to open up to this, I was like, “This cannot be good. Wait a second. Are they going to come out and do bad things to me?” It’s like, “No.’ I was sitting in meditation with one eye open looking around my room. You mentioned something that’s really interesting. 

You mentioned that your friend was able to tell you that you were a medium and was able to sense, “You’re able to do all these things. Wake up, and smell the coffee, you are a medium.” Interestingly, somebody else was saying that because I’ve heard stories where somebody didn’t know they were a medium until they went to a reading and the reading said, “Why are you here? You’re already a medium.” You went to a friend and the friend said the same thing. Not some Uber master medium. 

I think a lot of it, too, was a lot of people are not necessarily accepting of it. It took me a long time to accept it from myself, realizing that once I was more vocal and visible about who I am and my gift, that it could turn a lot of people away. There was this whole part of finally being comfortable with actually owning this part of myself. 

I guess that’s kind of the other thing. What was your family like initially? You said your mother had already passed, but were there already other family members who were sort of telling you, “These are things that we just don’t talk about. These are things that are bad,” or are they more open to it? What was your family and your culture and all that?

The funny thing is that on my mother’s side and my father’s side, the women were all intuitive, but they never were vocal about it in life. It’s only now that in spirit that I connect with them in that capacity. My family isn’t extremely open about it. They’re not closed off per se, but it’s not something that’s necessarily going to just come up in random conversation. Like my father is supportive but I don’t know how much he fully grasps what I do. I have family members who tell me there’s no such thing as ghosts, things like that. While no one is mean about it, so to speak, it’s not exactly a dinner table topic either. 

Dark Night Of The Soul

Come on, let’s invite the spirit over to sort of let’s look at them in the place setting for dinner. One of the interesting things that seems to be part of your journey has been this dark night of the soul and your own healing. Tell me about that. What was behind your dark night of the soul? What was it that got you into experiencing that, learning that, wanting to follow that road? 

The interesting thing is that I’ve had several big dark nights of the soul, but the first most biggest one, I had been working as a hairstylist in Manhattan, and I ended up with chemical poisoning from one of the products. It completely changed my health and my life. I was at this rock bottom. There was nobody who could help me. Medically speaking, the doctors either didn’t take it seriously or they just threw their hands up. They were at a loss, but I was very ill. I had to turn to more holistic methods and alternative methods of healing myself because nothing else was working. 

I was in a very low place, very dark place, and a lot was shifting with my intuition at the same time. It makes you question your mental state, your reality. The more that I leaned into it, the more that I was able to feel empowered and do what I needed to do to get myself through it, but everything felt very hopeless, very dark, very frustrating. It was very scary, a lot of uncertainty. It changed my whole trajectory and put me onto this more spiritual path with my healing, the way I live, and the way I connect to myself. It was a very dark, uncomfortable time. 

Then about five years ago, I was thrown into another one, another really deep dark night where my best friend passed away very suddenly. All these people I knew were no longer in my life. My intuition and my gift were expanding again, and my health was shifting again. Just so many things were happening at once, like physically, mentally, and emotionally and it was very hard to connect to myself, to ground into my body, let alone be grounded in general. 

It was a very big experience. I felt very disconnected. There was a lot of fear and anxiety that I had to work through to come out of it but it definitely would have me questioning my sanity with the aspect of our psychic gift and our mediumship. There was so much flooding me at once that it became very uncomfortable and it took a while to really sift through and even everything out. 

What is a dark night of the soul? Is that something that can happen to anybody or is that something only that happens to people with psychic gifts? What is a dark night of the soul? 

No, it can happen to anyone. It tends to happen a lot to people who might not know that they’re very intuitive as their gifts are opening up more, they become more open and more aware. It’s almost as though your consciousness is rising a bit more. Everything that you sort of took for granted in your life starts to shift. Your perspective might change, your belief patterns, you might be going through some sort of crisis, either physical or mental and everything is just changing and things that you always took for granted or were constants suddenly change and you might not recognize yourself or your thoughts for a while because you’re stepping outside of yourself. 

It’s almost as though you’re leveling up or upgrading. In order to do that, you have to go through all of the uncomfortable things so that you can realign yourself to this next part of your journey, so to speak. I mean, it can definitely happen to anyone, but I’ve noticed with clients, it tends to be more intense with people who are intuitive, who are psychic and they might not even realize that they are or they might be like I was denying that they are. 

It almost sounds like the dark night of the soul could be something where you’re getting rid of the old, bringing in the new. In order to progress and bring in that new, you got to sweep out the stuff that no longer screws you. Is that kind of a way to think about the dynamics of this?

That’s incredibly accurate. Yes, that’s a great way to put it. It’s out with the old and with the new, and it’s not a comfortable or easy, effortless process. 

I guess I might liken it to almost like you’ve got to go through the valley of death to get to the other side of the other peak, that kind of thing.

Yes. A lot of times my spirit team, they refer to it when I’m going through it as an initiation almost and you’re going through this. Then on the other side of it though, you’ll have so much more opened up to you or you’ll be able to reach out to other people going through this. It’s almost like a rite of passage on the journey. 

Got it. Is this also something that you might or perhaps a better way of saying it, is it also inclusive of traumatic things that happened in childhood as well, sort of like healing the inner child?

Yes, inner child work is a big part of the work that I do as well. There’s a lot of inner child healing, healing traumas from childhood. A lot of times there might be things that we don’t even realize or remember, but that energy or that emotion is still with us. For myself and with clients, I show ways to work through that. You might not necessarily recognize the trauma or what might have happened, but the emotion will keep coming up. Ways to work through it so that you can let it go. I have found that inner child work is really important on this journey because there’s that aspect of joy and that happiness that can sometimes be put on the back burner while you’re sifting through all the adult things or the harder things. It’s important not to neglect that part. 


Spirits Beside Us | Dawn Marino | Healing



How important would you say the aspect of joy is to our mental health, psychic health, intuitive health, our overall health? 

Very important, very important. For me, that’s one of the things that I have struggled the most with on my journey. There were times where it’s been very hard to find that and to connect to that. You kind of have to go back to basics and do the little things that light you up and make a commitment for it, make time for it, until it becomes more natural again. A lot of times when people go through these healing crises or these spiritual crises, the last thing on their mind is, I’m going to go get out a coloring book right now.  Instead, they’re trying to just get through the day. 

It seems that children, the reason they’re so happy is that all they do is this play. They don’t think to themselves, “I’ve got to go pay the bills. I got to go take out the garbage. I got to do this. I got to do that.” It’s like, they don’t have any responsibility. Their entire focus is play, and joy, how can I experience more of this joy? Ideally, that would be sort of what we’d be doing more of. What can we do to bring more joy into our lives?

What I like to do first and foremost is just take a moment to sit and ask my inner child, close my eyes, connect, and ask what do you want today. What do you need today? The first things that come up, I try to honor that as best as I can. Something simple as dancing around the house for a few minutes or maybe sketching or just doing something that makes you feel more alive, more playful, more in the flow. I find that with healing the inner child, a big part of it is allowing that part of you to be seen and to be heard. When we stifle that part of ourselves, it’s almost as though you’re re-wounding that part of you by ignoring that part. There’s just connecting and asking, what do you want today? What do you need today? What can I do for you today?

It sounds like it’s very much first getting in contact with your inner child, maybe by thinking for a few minutes, meditating, contemplating what it is, and then whatever, I guess, rises up, or whatever you start to feel that you’d like to do. Most of it, I think, to your point, they most of us say, “No, that’s silly. I don’t have time for that.” There’s a great saying in meditation that says, “If you feel you don’t have time for meditation, that’s when you need meditation.” It sounds like the same thing with joy. It’s like, “You don’t have enough time for joy, then you need joy.” 

I find that the more that you are able to try and connect to that, that joy state, the easier things flow with your intuition. If you’re trying to get more clarity, the more that you’re in that joy playful state, the easier it is for it to come to you as opposed to when you’re so serious and so focused and trying so hard.

Is there a risk that we focus so much joy that we lose contact with the here and now or we are focusing on so much joy that we’d go into an alternate reality and lose ourselves? How do we kind of get that balance? 

That balance is really important because you also don’t want to ignore everything and just say everything’s great. I’m so happy. It’s so positive and just bury everything else. It’s important to stay in touch and stay connected, especially connecting with your body and how your body’s feeling, what’s your body saying, and getting grounded into that. When things arise, acknowledging them and facing them as opposed to just saying happy 24/7, that’s not going to work well either. You have to have that kind of balance so that you’re rooted in both.

It's important to stay in touch and connected with your body and how your body is feeling. Share on X

Energy Healing

Interesting that you use the word root because suddenly that brings into work the chakras, the energy healing. Maybe you can go into the energy healing. Do you use the chakra energies? You use crystals so maybe you can talk about the crystals and the chakras and how the energy is within us. 

I could talk about that all day. 

It’s been two episodes now. 

A lot of times when I do the energy healing, I do focus on the chakras and the aura around the person. I like to work with the energy of crystals. When I’m working with a client, I will usually be guided to specific crystals for that person. Otherwise, I will go in with what I know about the crystal or intuitively, and I will send that energy because I also work remotely with clients. I can just send it remotely, but I’ll work with the energy of the crystal and I’ll use several. I mean, sometimes there’ll be enough for each chakra, depending on what the client needs. I channel that energy of the crystal and send that out as well.

I work also with my guides and what I’m feeling for each person, sending them the healing that they need. I’ll work through each chakra from the bottom up into their aura. Then also I’ll be in a bit of a trance state. Any other healing maybe from their spirit team or my spirit team comes as well. With it, I often include some like cord cutting if need be some energetic protection, but I go through each chakra and go from there to kind of assess where they’re at and how they’re doing what they most need and work intuitively as well. The sessions can be very intense, and very powerful, but also very relaxing and purging at the same time. 

Are there certain crystals that are aligned with certain chakras? Because I tend to think that you’ve got based on, I don’t know, perhaps the color or something of the crystal, are there certain crystals that go together with certain chakras? 

They do. Often it is kind of color-matched. Some of the more red crystals or darker crystals or more for the roots. Carnelian is good for the sacral since it’s more of an orange color, solar plexus, citrine is a yellow crystal. What’s interesting too is for the heart, there’s green aventurine, but you can also use rose quartz, and going up even though a lot of crystals can correspond to the chakras especially based on the color, I find that I will use a crystal not typically associated with that chakra on the chakra because of the energy of it or the frequency of it and what the person needs. I will kind of mix it up a bit and do it that way too. It can be pretty powerful. 


I’ve always been fascinated by crystals. I think I look at a crystal and say to myself, “That looks interesting. I think I know where that goes,” but then I just kind of like go, “That’s it.” You, you’re the one who goes, “Look at this crystal. Look at all the things we can do with it.” You mentioned your spirit team and your guides. What do you do with your mediumship? Let’s talk about your mediumship. How have you developed your mediumship? How have you been in contact with spirits to connect the spirit family with a recipient? Maybe you talk us through that.

It’s funny. I started strengthening my mediumship with tarot cards. I would try and do mediumship readings with the cards when I was trying to strengthen it and understand how my gift worked because it took me a while to understand that our gifts aren’t necessarily like what you see in the movies or the same as one of my friends. Maybe they hear it very well, whereas I don’t. It took me a while to feel comfortable with the different ways that I receive messages.

I strengthened it through tarot and also practicing channeling messages from crystals. When I am sitting with a client and I open myself up, a lot of times their loved ones in spirit will come forward and they will present themselves as like a sitcom character at first or a movie character so that I can get a feel for their personality and what they’re like. I have found through sitting with Spirit and practicing more that my ancestors come through a lot more. 

My mom and Spirit, both of my grandmothers in Spirit, and like a long line of them, they will come through a lot during my readings as well and kind of just hang out and sort of help with delivering the messages. It’s a very unique way that I receive the different messages, but I try and strengthen it by sitting with my loved ones in spirit as well, with my ancestors regularly to strengthen that connection, strengthen my gift, and strengthen the way that I receive. The more inner work that I do, the more I tend to open up as well.

What maybe you can kind of describe for us, what it feels like for you maybe kind of put us in your shoes when you’re going into a reading? What does it feel like? What are some of the experiences you have? How do you feel when you connect? What are you sensing, feeling, detecting, etc?

When I first connect, it’s almost as if I feel as though I’m in a different space for at first in a moment. As the spirit comes forward, I’m sort of flooded with a lot of different sensations, feelings, and sometimes tastes or smells as well. I have found that in my relationship with the people who come through in spirit, I often enjoy it very much. I tend to find that they have like a sense of humor and I almost approach it in like a conversation. It ends up being very funny at times, like in my head with the interaction because they’re just like us except they’re in spirit. 

They’ll be kind of joking and laughing but I’m also trying to balance it with the sitter because if they’re not in a humor state and they’re very sad, I kind of try and match that. There are times too when the spirit will evoke emotion and I’ll be overcome with sadness or grief or whatever they’re trying to convey or the way that they try and express their love for the sitter. Sometimes I’ll be just overcome and overwhelmed with the emotion that they’re trying to put forward. It ends up being almost a mix of humor, seriousness, some sadness, some happiness, sad tears, and happy tears for the sitter as all the different messages come through. 

I have found that a lot of times when I’m sitting with a client, the spirits that come forward, they’re almost impatient. They don’t want to do a lot of the evidential kind of, this is what I did, this is how I passed, this is what my house looked like. They just want to get right into the conversation, right into the memory, and some of them are a little impatient, and it’s funny. It’s very interesting. Sometimes too, they’ll all work with colors. They’ll show me colors, and they sort of correspond to different meanings as well. It’s just very interesting, the different ways that they present the information to me. I always enjoy reading for people so much because I just love the conversation with the spirit as well as being able to give that message, that connection to the sitter. 

What’s so interesting is that you mentioned the sense of humor and the strong emotions and the same thing happens to me when I’m giving a reading, but the way you described it was so perfect that I don’t want to say raw emotion but much stronger emotion that we might normally feel in the physical much stronger sense of humor. All the feelings and the senses are that much more accentuated perhaps is a better way of saying it. 

I came here there was one reading I once gave where the guy who was coming through was trying to show me his personality and the very first thing he did to me, he come up to me with a beer mug and goes, “You want a beer?” What? That was his whole personality. He just kept on going like that. Like, okay. I was just like chuckling and laughing and he’s just going on and on. When they bring to their personality, it’s 150% of what it was and you bring that through them to the recipient. The recipient is like, “It’s like they’re bowled over.” 

That’s great. One thing that you touched on was their happiness, their pleasure, their sense of humor. As soon as you were saying that, the word joy went back into my head and I wanted to connect that sense of joy that they have with the joy they’re trying to bring through to the recipient, which is exactly what you’re trying to do through the dark night of the soul to bring through that joy. It sounds like there is this coincident or synchronous effort to bring joy to everybody else. Am I reading too much into that? 

No, it’s so true. There’s so much synchronicity with all of that. Often it always kind of comes back to that joy and that happiness and that playfulness.

Spirit seems to want to have us learn to live a life filled with joy, live our life to the fullest, and have our lives meant to be completely full of life. That’s what they’re always bringing through, it seems. 


Spirits Beside Us | Dawn Marino | Healing


I always get this big message of surrendering, just surrender. You don’t have to try and figure everything out or try and make everything so perfect. Just surrender and let that kind of flow come, which is much easier said than done.

Energy-Infused Art

You also work with energy-infused art. Tell me about that. What is energy-infused art? Do you just close your eyes and the energy takes you away or what are you doing?

I do have a background in art. What I love to do though is I will get out. I have a whole box of different art supplies, paints, oil pastels, and markers, and I will tap in and kind of connect. If I’m doing it just for myself or for like a collective, then usually whatever flows, or I’ll set an intention or if I’m doing it for a client, I will have their healing or their intention in mind. I will sort of sit with my spirit team and say, this is what we’re trying to do. I open up and go into a trance state and just do like create the art in a trance state but also while I’m doing it, there’s energy flowing with the intention.

If it’s for joy, so to speak, it’ll be infused with that. When I’m done with the art, I’ll usually put some specific crystals over it for a little while, sit with it, put my hands over it, and infuse it with that energy. This piece of art holds this energy indefinitely. People can then use that to meditate with or to just have it near them or to view it. It contains that healing energy that they had most needed at the time. 

The paint itself becomes infused with the energy that we say. 

If you take an image of it, I set the intention that may the image also holds this energy so people can view it and receive that.

It sounds like you’ve got some background in art. You also do spirit art where you’ll connect with spirit and start drawing the loved ones and spirit. 

It’s something that I have been contemplating. I haven’t done it yet, but it’s not out of the question. It’s something that I have actually been contemplating. 

It sounds like that’s another stone on the path, doesn’t it? 


Tarot Cards

Talk to me about tarot cards because I’m always fascinated by tarot cards. Some people say, “It’s just a bunch of cards with a lot of fancy artwork on it.” Other people say “I swear by tarot cards.” What are tarot cards? Why are they so interesting? Why can some people connect with them? Why it’s difficult for others to even fathom what’s on it? What’s the issue behind tarot cards?

I love working with tarot. I love incorporating them with my readings. I work with them for myself regularly. I do a daily check-in. Tarot cards are very structured. They represent different archetypes of people and personalities. They also represent different emotions and different situations. They essentially can tell a story of where you’re at, where you’re headed, where you’ve been by working with the cards. I like to work with the cards for inner healing, some shadow work, emotional healing, and journaling. 

I’ll use it in that sense, not in a sense where I’m predicting the future or anything. The cards are a great tool for your emotional health and working in that way also can help with your intuition. There are some cards that with tarot, they all have a general meaning, but then when you work with them intuitively, that can expand but there are a few cards that my guides have designated with very specific meanings just for me. When I’m doing a reading and that card comes up, I know that it means something completely different than the intended message.

I think that one of the reasons people might have a hard time connecting to tarot is because they might be overthinking it or it might feel very overwhelming. I do teach how to read tarot and I find that students in the beginning are very flustered, very overwhelmed. Then once you break it down and show them what each suite represents, what this represents, and the more you work with it, the more it can kind of click and flow and make sense.

That sounds, I think I’ve heard that a couple of times, that you don’t have to memorize the meaning of every single card because otherwise, if you do that it’s like, you’ve lost the meaning. You’ll be overwhelmed. I can remember getting these, printing out these cheat sheets of like what every suit met, what every face met, I don’t even remember what’s on tarot cards anymore. I was like, “How can anybody remember all of this stuff? This is insane. I gave up.”

I was like, “Forget it.” I cannot even try anymore. I’m like, “This card feels great. What did it mean? I don’t know.” I said, “That’s not for me.” I think to what you were talking about previously, it’s kind of like, to some people, they’ll be drawn to it and it’ll feel right. To other people, it’s not their thing. It’s like we’re drawn to a certain tool or we’re a certain aid. Some people might work, to other people might not work. You have to find what works. 

It’s not for everyone. It doesn’t resonate for everyone but I do find for me, it’s a great tool. For me, it helps me connect to myself as well just going within and really assessing where I am each day. 

Shadow Work

You mentioned shadow work and I’ve often heard that what is shadow work and how do you work with it? How do you deal with it? 

It’s about going in and facing the parts of yourself that might not be your most flattering aspects. 

You mean everything that we look at and say, “Why I completely because I’m a horrible person.”

Essentially those kinds of things or emotions that you might be holding onto or old patterns or old beliefs or old cycles that you keep repeating. It’s about taking a look at the things that might need shifting, might need letting go, might need healing, might need exploring, but it’s also about meeting these parts of you that you might not be thrilled with and learning to accept them as well and not holding yourself in so much judgment and so much criticism of yourself. It’s about self-love essentially and working more with all the parts of you, not just all the happy, good parts of you. 

They should rename that self-love, not shadow work. Like learning to love yourself because of the nomenclature of that just kind of completely puts it in a sort of like in the dustbin, you’re like, “I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to deal with that. I don’t want to deal with my shadow self. I want to deal with learning how to love myself.” That sounds a lot more appealing.

It’s not pretty. It’s not fun. There’s usually a lot of crying and sitting with things but once you work on something, when you feel a little bit freer, you feel more free, more open, and more accepting. It’s about not burying everything. It’s about taking all the stuff that you’ve buried and bringing it up to the light.

That’s a psychologist’s dream. If you do that, you’ll put a psychologist out of business. Now are Shadow Work and Dark Night of the Soul, are they the same thing? Are they related? How are they different? 

They kind of go hand in hand because when you’re going through the Dark Night of the Soul, you might not be wanting to do that shadow work because you’re already feeling pretty low. For me, I find as you’re coming out of it when you feel okay enough, then yes, you do want to kind of explore those lower places that you’re in, those lower emotions, and face them and confront them so that you can sort of shift up out of it with more grace. I always encourage people to feel in a safe enough space emotionally before they do that because when feeling overwhelmed and not yourself, it can be difficult to bring up such big things. 

That makes a lot of sense. It seems that the spirit’s always trying to raise our vibration. Do you feel that by doing the shadow work and trying to remove all these negative judgments we have about ourselves, these negative feelings that we’ve buried that that’s going to remove the lower vibration and help us begin to raise our vibration in the process? 

Yeah, definitely. It helps you kind of shift and raise yourself up a bit. It helps you feel more aligned with your higher self, with your true self. You feel more authentic to who you are the more that you let go of the baggage and the things that you don’t need anymore. It helps free you and raise your vibration. 

You feel more authentic to who you are the more you let go of the baggage and the things that you don't need anymore. It helps free you and raise your vibration. Share on X

It sounds like you’re like the old phrase, release the energy that no longer serves you. I’m just trying to put these pieces together so that it’s like, “I’ve heard all these disparate phrases.” I’m thinking to myself, “That one sounds a lot like this.” It’s like, it’s starting to like piece the puzzle together, and I’ve heard the phrase the matrix so many times, as you start to see these things come together, and sure enough, it’s pretty close to it. 

It’s almost like a recalibration. You’re recalibrating.

Higher Self

You’ve mentioned our higher selves several times. What do you feel our higher self really is?

For me, I feel as though the higher self is it’s almost like that part of you that’s still in the ether yet still with you. It’s like the highest most true, most aligned part of you that helps guide you in your life, in the way that you go, because that part of you already sort of sees and knows who you are, what you’re about, where you want to be headed. That’s why when I connect to anything, first and foremost, I like to connect to my higher self.

It’s almost like the biggest essence of your soul, like the highest essence of your soul, of who you are. A lot of times when people are going through a dark night or spiritual crisis, they feel very disconnected from their higher self, from their self. They don’t feel themselves at all. They might not feel much of anything. It’s about getting realigned so that you feel that spark again, that fire, that part of you that is sometimes hidden underneath everything else. 

Your higher self is the highest essence of your soul, of who you are. Share on X

What is the difference between a soul and a higher soul or is the higher self the soul? What do you think?

It’s so interesting that you ask that because it’s something that I kind of contemplate and mull over a lot but the impression that I have is that your soul is your soul, it’s your part of you, but the higher self is almost like the highest part of your soul in a sense. It’s as though it’s your soul, but even more evolved, almost as though it’s still connected, but the most evolved part of you. 

Do you think that the highest part of you, the highest self the uber soul is what might be referred to as the source, or is it not there yet?

No, it’s interesting you say that because I just feel like there’s this connection with source when it comes to the higher self. That’s something too that I often think about a lot because it feels as though when I connect to the higher self, it’s as though you’re connecting to something much more aligned so to speak in that sense. I can equate it to source or at least very close to source.

Trance Work

I’ve also heard the terms soul and over soul. I wonder, are there different levels of soul? You’ve got the higher self, you’ve got the soul, you’ve got the over soul. I mean, it’s like, I’d love to sit down on a chair one-to-one, interview a spirit right here, and live and ask, “Tell us what are the different levels of soul.” I don’t know, maybe that’ll be possible one day, but not right now. At least not with me, I don’t know. I’m sure somebody can. You mentioned that you do trance work. How long have you been doing trance work? 

Trance, I’ve been doing for about, I would say maybe a year and a half to two years, like more seriously. I had met some spiritual friends who were also interested, and we would work together and meet regularly and just connect and practice. We would take notes and observations and take turns. I enjoy going into a trance state, especially with the healings that I do, but it is something that it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve really been taking it very seriously and diving into it. I really like the depth that it adds and I enjoy going into a trance state for my own healing, my own inner healing, and connecting as well to different guides and loved ones in spirit in a trance state as well. 

When you go into a trance state, again, maybe you could take us through what it feels like for you, and put us in your shoes when you go into trance.

When I go into trance, first and foremost, before I go into trance, I sit, I clear my energy, I ground myself, and I make sure that I’m feeling energetically protected and connected. I have created a space in my mind’s eye that I like to go to, so to speak when I go to trance. I open myself up and then kind of walk to that place in my mind’s eye. Then usually there’ll be different spirits, loved ones, and spirits waiting for me in this room. Then I go out onto a bridge that I created and I have it sort of decorated in my mind’s eye. 

When I’m on the bridge, I will connect with whatever spirit is wanting to connect with me at that time and essentially merge with the energy of this spirit and they sort of move through you. For me, I have noticed that the more I practice, the better it gets because I have found that the spirit has trouble when there are blockages and stuck energy or physical areas of tension. It’s almost as though it makes it a lot harder to merge and it actually can become physically uncomfortable for me as well. The more work that I do on myself and the more that I practice, the more that it lessens it up and allows it to flow better. 

When you’re in a trance state, what are you doing? Are you bringing through a guide who’s speaking to a recipient? Are you bringing through healing or all the above? 

Both. It’s interesting for me, I have found that I often go in with the intention of the guide bringing through a message, yet they always surprise me and switch it up on me bringing healing to the person in a trance state. I’ve got to experience and learn these interesting techniques with the energy and they’ll sort of work through me bringing healing to the sitter. I enjoy that. I find that to be fascinating. I often go in with the intention of I’ll just be delivering these messages, but instead, they’re like, “No, this is a healing.” 

I think they’ve found their healer. They’re like, “Dawn is going to be our healer in person, and we’re going to use her as the healing. Let’s just dive right in and we’re going to do a healing. Don’t forget this fluff about talking about messages. We can go past that. We don’t need that.”

That’s pretty much what happens every time. 

Are you able to sense different guides who come back on a regular basis, or who are you working with? 

A lot of times. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Hecate, she was a goddess who actually works with people going through the dark night or past life healing. She often shows up a lot when I go into trance because there’s usually past life healing issues that the person needs assistance with. She often shows up on my trance bridge but a lot of times it’s my mother in spirit, my grandmother in spirit, and animal guides that I have. I have a few specific animal spirit guides that come a lot onto the bridge entrance. There’s a bunch of different ones. Sometimes my inner child will be there because the person needs more inner child kind of healing. There’s different ones that pop up. 

Animal Guides

Sounds like your joy guide is there with their toys ready to bring the toys to the recipient, “Come on, let’s go play. I got my Hot Wheels set all lined up. Let’s go.” You mentioned you’ve got some animal guides. Are these animal totems or are they the same thing or what? 

When inner child work needs to happen, there’s actually a unicorn guide that shows up a lot. I noticed whenever I have like a medical appointment for myself, the unicorn guide always shows up there. I think it’s to bring more of that like joy and less tension. The other spirit guide that I have is actually a hornet because I actually have a horrible hornet phobia. Ironically, my animal guide is a hornet which always makes it very interesting when this happens and comes up, but there’s this big spiritual element at play that I’ve been sort of working through with that connection. The other guide is an eagle. For some reason, when I go into Transstate and do that work, the eagle guide comes up a lot. 

From what I understand, the eagle’s supposed to represent both majesty, but also a great view over a long distance so you’re able to see things even farther out and have greater visibility almost.

Yeah, absolutely. 

What is it that you would say would be perhaps the most important recommendation that you would have to a listener today if you were to give one?

I would have to say to not dim your light or doubt yourself, especially not just in life, but if you are wanting to connect to spirit or you think that maybe your loved one is reaching out to you, to not doubt yourself because a lot of times we know so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Just trust your knowing, trust yourself, trust what. also don’t make yourself small to make other people comfortable. Just be yourself, shine your light, and know that you know what you’re talking about. 

Do not dim your light or doubt yourself, especially if you want to connect to spirit or you think that maybe your loved one is reaching out to you. Share on X

That’s great. Dawn, where can our listeners get in contact with you? What’s the best way to reach out to you? 

On my website, You can reach out to me that way. There’s a contact form. Also, my Instagram and YouTube is Heal by Dawn as well.

Wonderful. Dawn, thank you so much for being on the show today. Love to have you.

Thank you for having me. It was great. It was fun. 

Everyone, thank you so much for joining us for another show’s episode today. We had this wonderful guest. If you like these episodes and you like the content, definitely please rate and review. That way other listeners will be able to hear more of the content that you like and they’ll learn more about the show.

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