The Art Of Raising Vibrations With Katharina Hillenberg

Spirits Beside Us | Katharina Hillenberg | Raising Vibrations


Strap in for a mind-bending episode with Chris Lippincott and Katharina Hillenberg, an energy alchemist and evolutionary astrology guru! Get ready to explore the interconnected world of energy, sound, and the very fabric of reality. This isn’t your typical astrology chat. Katharina delves into the fascinating concepts of energy alchemy and gene keys, revealing how your thoughts and vibrations literally shape your world. Buckle up as she dismantles the mystery of manifestation, explaining how to shift your energy to match your desires.

Forget chasing fleeting wishes!  Katharina sheds light on the power of intention and belief, showing you how to become a magnet for your dreams.  Curious about the tools?  This episode dives deep into human design, gene keys, and even the strategic use of essential oils – all to help you elevate your vibration and unlock your healing potential. Sound like magic? Not quite!  Katharina unveils the science behind sound healing, explaining how frequencies can influence your water (yes, you’re mostly water!) and cellular memory, promoting profound shifts. Katharina also drops a bombshell about a prophesied vibrational uplift in 2027, hinting at a powerful evolutionary leap for humanity.

Ready to raise your vibration and co-create your reality? Then hit play and let Katharina Hillenberg be your guide on this journey to higher consciousness!

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The Art Of Raising Vibrations With Katharina Hillenberg

Welcome back everybody to another episode of the show. I’m so glad that you’re here with us again. We’ve got a truly special guest with us. We’ve got Katharina Hillenberg and she is so unique. She is truly an energy alchemist, which is so unique. We’ve got to talk about this, as well as a specialist in evolutionary astrology. She also works with Gene Keys and the Human Design System.

There’s so much to talk about, but what she essentially does is bridge the gap between those spiritual systems we were just talking about, as well as innovative approaches, and as well as modern science, including bio and DNA hacking, while also working with essential oils. She’s working with both modern, as well as traditional, as well as very unique approaches to try to heal people and raise a vibration of humanity. Katharina, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Chris, for having me.

Energy Alchemist

I’m so glad to have you. It’s truly unique to have someone with your specialties and your unique approach to healing and helping and trying to raise the vibration for everybody. First off, we’ve got to talk about this energy alchemy. It sounds so unique and some might even say far out. Perhaps you can describe for us what energy alchemy is. What is an energy alchemist?

When I looked at all the things that I’m doing, even while you were introducing me, I was trying to find a way to put it all into one term that might, for me anyway, it’s simple, but it actually puts everything under one umbrella. That’s what energy alchemy is for me because if I work with gene keys, if I work with human design, I work with oils, I work with sound frequencies or evolutionary astrology, all of these things have one aim for me and that’s to transmute lower vibrational states of someone into higher vibrational states.


Spirits Beside Us | Katharina Hillenberg | Raising Vibrations


We can use systems like astrology, and human design to have a better understanding of how we can do that. We can use nature, we can use oils that carry a specific frequency. We can use sound which is also why I would love to work with the DNA and all of these kinds of things because every frequency or vibration we put into the DNA structure elevates our overall frequency and the way we vibrate. That’s basically what I mean with energy alchemists. My intention is for everyone who comes to me they vibrate on a higher level after they are done with me, so to speak.

I think I’m starting to get it. It’s like the old definition of the old alchemists in the Middle Ages who would try to transmute metal into gold. You’re doing a similar thing only with vibration. You’re trying to take somebody’s personal vibration which may not necessarily be terribly high, terribly elevated, and you’re trying to help them elevate that vibration to a higher level, a healthier level, and a more joyful level, loving level.

It’s interesting because it’s very fitting the analogy between metal and gold, because that’s also what happens in our DNA structure. That’s why I love to talk about science as well. It’s actually, you can measure that vibration that you carry and our DNA also carries all of these elements. We just have to look into it deeper. I mean there are many experiments where we can talk to our DNA which has an influence which is what readings do or you can talk to yourself obviously but then also sound and color have an effect on the elements as well. They vibrate on a specific level then again we can use oils that vibrate on a higher level and so there are many ways we can so to speak bio hack or DNA hack ourselves to be in a more golden state, I want to say.

Sound Healing

Interesting. I love that term that gold and the state raise yourself from a base metal to a precious metal. A base human to a precious human. We’re all precious in the end. I think you mentioned sound healing, and early sound therapy. I love going to sound healings. First  of all, what is sound healing for people who are not familiar with it, but also how can sound healing can really help us? It’s almost like a, if I understand it, very much like a cell therapy.

It is. I mean, sound is the best medicine, and I believe that medicine is for the future because everything is basically water. We are pure water, and the planet is water. Everything is water and light. I won’t say it’s electricity. Again, we can use electricity, that is recorded sound, and then let it penetrate, so to speak, our inner water as well. We can also obviously talk about what kind of water we drink and how we can put an intention into water that also has a huge healing effect. There are so many experiments and videos even that you can watch on YouTube what happens when you speak to water or when you have sound influencing water.

The kind of water we drink and the intention we put into it has a huge healing effect. Share on X

Again, that’s when we talk about different frequencies. We can use the hertz scales to influence the water and the way the water then shapes and moves. Then thinking about that your cells also carry a lot of water, water stores memory. Also emotions, and stories. How can we clear and purify our waters, our cells from the denser stories that we carry, that we inherited? Sometimes from this lifetime, it’s from your lineage. It’s from what you perceive in the outside world. All of that. I myself use sound that I don’t even want to say on a regular basis, on a minute-to-minute basis, there’s no way that without sound. Like I start with a sound bath in the morning and when I feel like I need to cleanse from the density outside, I do a tuning fork session or whatever.

There are so many ways and it’s also something where I believe you don’t have to be an expert. There are so many tools out there, you can Google, you can YouTube there are Hertz frequencies, like 432 Hertz is the most harmonic healing frequency we can have in general, but then there are also specific healing frequencies for the chakras if you feel like, “I feel really ungrounded.” You can listen to the Schumann resonance, which is like the heartbeat of the earth. There’s so many ways. We have tools to hack our DNA and be our own little alchemist every moment all around us.

I guess we can put on those little alchemy hats just ourselves, we’re running around the house with our little alchemy hats, and that would be great. You were mentioning the frequency in water and that reminded me of, I think there was a Japanese experiment a while back where a Japanese scientist took water crystals and would freeze the crystals if I remember right, and depending on whether he yelled or whether he was saying kind words, the crystals would change shape. Am I thinking right? Is that the right one? What happened?

Telepathic Communication

It’s Hashimoto. I forgot, but he’s a Japanese guy. I know it’s like the most famous water experiment. He basically spoke either like loving things to the water and it would shape in a specific way or very destructive things. There’s also a really great video, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Greg Braden. Greg Braden did, it’s been years ago that he did that, but he talked about also how thoughts carry a frequency.

The way we speak to water, but then also music carries frequency because water essentially obviously doesn’t listen to the words, to the letters, the way we think, but there’s obviously a communication going on between us speaking to water and the water perceiving the information and then shaping in a certain way. What actually happens is that water listens to the vibration that these thoughts carry. That’s also why it’s important to, if you set an intention, what’s your energetic charge? How emotionally involved are you with that intention? That will then also ripple into how the water perceives that. That’s basically telepathic communication, which is all about sending energy back and forth.

I was just going to say, it sounds like everything. If the common denominator here is just energy, whether you’re thinking positive thoughts, thinking negative thoughts, or saying negative thoughts, it’s the energy that is coming out, whether it’s a thought or a spoken concept, it’s the energy that actually is received on the other end as that energy. If you think positive thoughts, then the water is going to receive the positive energy and shape. It’s basically a reflection of that energy that you send.


Spirits Beside Us | Katharina Hillenberg
| Raising Vibrations


That’s why I say energy alchemist because I’m a huge fan of Tesla and what did he say? If you want to understand the universe, you just have to think in energy and vibration, electricity also everything is energy. We are literally vibrating electric beings and we just have to understand or become aware of what kind of vibration we have. On my podcast, I’m sometimes a bit, I want to say, I like to call people out in a loving way, where I also say, “If you feel like your vibe is off, your energy is off when you wake up, the first thing that you do is energetic hygiene, meaning that you get yourself back on track because otherwise you go outside into the world and you pollute the air with your vibration.”

Everything is energy. We are literally vibrating beings. We just have to become aware of the kind of vibration we have. Share on X

Like literally. We have way too many people that actually do that. They don’t care because you send out that vibration no matter who you encounter. I mean even the tree that you walk by will feel your vibe and if the vibe is off it’s not helping the tree. Then also we know these people that when we’re in the supermarket and they just look grumpy. In comparison, if you walk past someone who is sunshine on legs, you’re like, “I want to have a little bit of that.”

It’s like, “I want what they’re taking.” Again, that goes to the energy, but where’s that energy stored? In the aura. If your aura is starting to pick up the energy from the other person’s aura, that’s where you’re starting to connect. That’s where the aura is so critical because you’ll literally feel that energy. Everybody says, “I don’t know how to do that. You don’t need to know. You innately have it.

You innately know how to feel it. It’s all in the feeling. That’s amazing. I love this whole concept about working with the energy and becoming much more aware of the energy that’s so critical. That’s one thing I’ve been trying to help people become a little bit more attuned to, a little bit more included in their day. Just like you said, if you feel off, well then you’re right, so do something about it.

Also, I love to empower people in terms of that they have their own energy and control. I want to say, over their own power, over their own frequency. Yes, there are things that can influence us and that make our vibe a bit off if we don’t sleep well or whatever also, but again we have so many tools out there that can help us shift that and the highest expression. I don’t want someone to feel like, “I need energy alchemist Kathy for every single situation I feel off.” I want to let them know what they can do and that there are many tools for us to tap into and shift our energy and raise it by ourselves.

Is this very similar to the saying what you think about you bring it out?

I guess yeah because thoughts carry a vibration and I mean how much time of your day do you spend thinking? What we think is probably the biggest influence on our vibration is probably our thinking. It’s not the outside world.

It really sounds like there’s a lot of probability that the concept of manifestation is quite a real thing. We can manifest if we just allow our thoughts to focus on what it is that we ultimately are desiring.

Shifting Vibrations

My take on manifestation is maybe a little bit different and I want to say what most people like how they would describe it. I don’t think there’s a thing like manifestation actually. What I believe is happening is that we shift into the vibration. That is a match to the timeline where the thing is already happening because everything is already happening.

As soon as you have a thought, idea, or desire, I always like to say it’s actually that timeline where it’s happening, trying to communicate to you how exciting it would be to experience it in the physical. It’s just like that timeline wants you to come and you want to go there. What’s the gap here? Because it’s already happening, but you’re not perceiving it so there must be a glitch in the energetic field because you’re basically not a match to it yet. You have to raise your vibration or alchemize your vibration to the level where then you actually experience it.

That sounds exactly like the quantum physics theory of the Copenhagen interpretation that states that everything is in all locations simultaneously but only localized when it is receiving a specific energy. That energy is usually our energy, our thought. That creates the thing and it appears, which kind of gives a feeling of a manifestation. Is that kind of the way that we should be looking at it this way, from that angle?

Yeah, exactly. You have to become a physical match, so to speak, with your entire being to that timeline, because otherwise, it’s just a concept up in the ether.

In multiple places and multiple times until it’s ultimately acted upon by the energy that localizes it into reality.

That’s also how you travel to dimensions and timelines. It’s just this idea of your vibration and changing the vibration is basically you flying or moving to a different kind of earth or to a different kind of life experience for the bigger things.

Evolutionary Astrology

You’re also a specialist in evolutionary astrology. What is evolutionary astrology? Is that different than astrology or how are they different?

It’s Western astrology first and foremost and my approach is evolutionary based also on Jeffrey Wolf Green’s work which has been a huge inspiration for me because he puts Pluto, the planet Pluto, in the center of the chart as the most important thing to look at but look into because it represents the soul. Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation. It’s basically this question, what did I come here to transform? In alignment with that, we also look at Chiron, which is one of my favorite asteroid planets, however, we want to label him.

It’s the wounded healer, and it looks like a key, like the symbol of Chiron, and basically holds the key to your healing, but also the medicine that you manage to share with the world. It’s usually very connected to the Pluto theme as well. Where you’re like my soul wanted to go through these challenges, that transformation, that death and rebirth process in order to learn and heal. That became my medicine for myself and also for the world because I don’t go through our suffering for no reason or just for ourselves alone. I just don’t believe that because we are interconnected and so we got to share our medicine at some point.

I guess what you’re looking at is that the, I don’t know if you call them astrology maps or astrology keys or chart. The astrology charts, are they different? If a person is born on some date on one chart, it’ll say one thing, but on another chart, that date would represent something different. Is that kind of the way it works?

Not really, no. I mean, that would be the difference between Western and Vedic astrology. Then you have sort of different birth charts but with the Western, it’s still Western astrology, and it’s the same birth chart. My way of interpreting it or explaining it is just really centered around Pluto and Chiron. Also the basics like your sun moon and rising sign and all these things but you can look at a chart from so many angles. Some people just want to know about their finances or their love life or whatever but when someone comes to me, it’s usually like what’s my purpose? Why did I come here? Why am I, excuse my French, in this shit show right now? Why do I have to suffer? What’s happening? Help me understand so it doesn’t feel as shitty.

Gene Key And Human Design

Got it. It’s really sort of the people come to you and they ask why am I suffering? This is more a question of this whether you are learning these lessons to help you evolve as you go forward, as opposed to other maps that would not have that philosophy, that approach to what the chart really means. Good. Also, you’re also a specialist in gene keys. What are Gene Keys?

Gene keys is a system that is also very connected to the Chinese I Ching. Richard Rudd invented that. It’s also connected to human design and it’s basically explaining how there are 64 keys that have a specific resonance also and we all are incarnated with a different set of keys and in these keys alone is a three-fold journey from the shadow to the gift and into the city which is the highest expression of that key.

That’s also in a way using the evolutionary approach that I have with astrology, but then also understanding energy alchemy and how can I go from the lower expression of that key into the highest expression of that key, because then automatically my vibration rises. These tools help us to really work on a cellular level because it’s stored in the DNA, even in the gene keys there. Different amino acids work into it and different body and organ systems. It’s very deep and it’s all about how can I vibrate in a higher state.

Is the gene key system related to the human design system are they basically interwoven or are they different things?

Human design is based on astrology, the I Ching, quantum physics, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, and the Chakra system. In human design, you have specific gates and these gates are actually Gene Keys gates. That’s where there is a connection but you also have in human design, for example, a connection to astrology, which is why I love to work with all of these systems because I like to really blend it together in a session so people understand, if I know my Mars sign in my birth chart but then I also know the specific gene key of my Mars chart  in my birth chart. I can actually approach my Mars in a more holistic way because I also understand the intention behind my Mars, what energy it carries, and how I can best express that energy.

Interesting. As you’re as you’re doing this, are you at any point feeling a connection to spirit? Are you hearing or feeling or knowing the spirit around you, or is it more just sort of the energy that you’re feeling without really sort of perceiving the spirit?

When I’m in a session, even though I speak about I’m using all of these tools, I feel like at the end of the day, I’m not using any of them because I very much connect to, I like to say the highest expression of the person in front of me. I am very visual so I see movies and I literally am very clairvoyant, but also very claircognizance in that way. Whatever energy is talking to me when we talked earlier, it’s actually energy that is being transmitted to me to let me know there’s a blockage for that person.

You need to address this specific topic or ask her that specific question. It’s basically, I want to say, source energy or the highest expression of that being. Working with me. They are receiving exactly what they need to hear in that very moment because at the highest expression, I always say, we are all in each other’s hologram. We all live in each other’s hologram in a way. Why am I being projected into your hologram and sit in front of you to let you know something? It’s actually you projecting me in order to guide you.

It’s that interconnectedness where there really is no separation with the exception of the ego mind allowing us to perceive that there is a separation. It’s a different reality. It’s far greater than the human mind, eyes, and brain can perceive. Can you give us an example of various cases that you’ve had or examples of sort of typical healing or somebody comes in with symptoms X and you work with tools why you give them healing Z or sort of help us walk through your sort of a typical session, if there is one?

There is honestly never a typical session, which I love because I can never prepare because you never know what’s going to come up. There are a few clients that I worked with long term. I don’t like to speak about it, but I mean, it’s really what happened. Two of them had breast cancer and we went really deep into, obviously they did a lot of other medicine, not just working with me, but I think real understanding the cause of it and working on the heart chakra and then also the G-Center in the human design was really helpful for the journey.

Then also I had one of my clients, actually really, she’s also a long-term client, always had skin issues, acne and everything and we worked on her spleen and in her human design. She was also a splenic authority which basically had to make decisions. She was not in alignment with her spleen. I gave her a lot of information about that and obviously helped her be more in alignment with her energy. Also, we’ve discovered that it’s really her environment and all of these things. Sure enough, as soon as she followed her energetic blueprint again, her skin cleared up and she moved to a different environment.

She broke up with like someone who was toxic for her, that she needed to have boundaries and didn’t have before skin is also the organ of boundaries to the outside world. There were just a lot of things coming together. I have a single activation session and a solar return session. What I love the most is when people come to me every year for their birthday and I give them sort of the inside of their year ahead and activate them for those themes. Then the year after they come to me and they’re like, “This is exactly what happened,” or even during the year they tell me like, “I got this new job offer.

Now all of a sudden this is unfolding and all of these ideas and I just feel for fired up.” That’s the biggest thing that I could wish for. Also, I have to say one of my great joys is working with a private client who is a mom. We dove into the human design of the children so she could better understand her children and how to navigate their energies and also an energetic difference as children. She just said it’s a miracle how the dynamic and the vibration and energy in the family changed.

I mean, of course, because when you understand the energy of your child and that one child is different than the other, you might have to take care of them in a different way. Then also maybe your husband knows that and it’s also a better way of parenting them. Then probably less arguments and less like struggles and confusion is happening and the children are happier and then the whole energy in the house is happy.

When you understand the energy of your children and how they differ from each other, you can take care of them in a different way and find a better way of parenting them. Share on X

It sounds like this upward spiral of positive energy. One leads to the next. That’s great. This must be so rewarding for you to see the results of helping people to raise their energy, just starting with baby footsteps almost.

Again, that’s where I say we are interconnected. As soon as I’m working with someone, I want to say my energy is plugged into them for probably the rest of my life. Every time their vibe is off, my vibe could also be off. It’s not that extreme but I want to say in the other spectrum, I take it. If your vibe is rising and you share that with me and I know that I’m a little puzzle piece of that, I’m flying too.

A little bit of residual healing for you too.

Yes, I’m like, “Okay, cool. I come with you.”

Essential Oils And Herbalism

You had mentioned, I think, that some of the essential oils have their own vibration. Is that where essential oils and herbalism kind of fit into the picture? Is it because they have their own vibrations and you’re working with that as well?

Yes. I also use adaptogens and a lot of herbs. I’ve just always been a huge fan of, I don’t want to say supplement, but in a way it supplements just what can we do to fine-tune our biofield or our day-to-day experience like adaptions, for example, medicinal mushrooms and things like that. I love to work with the way to raise our vibration if we feel off or like flour remedies. I love Bach flower remedies as well. They’ve been with me since I was a child. Then also oils, of course.

Oils for many reasons. We can apply them on the biggest organ that we have, which is the skin. It has a huge influence, but also it has a similar effect of smelling a rose. The outside, what does it do to us? It like instantly calms us, or like smelling a tree, it reminds us of grounding. Then also obviously there are really potent oils, like Frankenstein’s oil, or myrrh, or again rose oil, or peppermint if we feel like we have a headache or something like that.

Then there are also oil blends that we can use to have a specific blend of frequencies. They have an instant effect on our entire organism because again, we can use it to inhale. What’s the first thing that we do when we come to life? I mean, heartbeat and breath. What do people usually forget? Breathing during the day and that’s also what gets our vibe off. That’s why it’s so powerful. Simple in a way, but powerful.

Do you also use crystals? Because clearly, they’re energy as well. Is that part of the mix using crystals?

I use crystals, yes. Not as much anymore, to be honest with you but I used to do crystal gridding, actually, because I worked with sacred geometry as well for homes and for spaces just to clear the energy and to kind of like create a protective field. I also use incense a lot and like burning. Again, alchemy, I guess I was an alchemist at some point, but I like to work with all elements. I like to have fire around to burn things, water obviously, and then air.

Maybe in your past life, you’re going back several hundred years ago, maybe you were an alchemist, and who knows, maybe you were selling loads of gold.

I definitely feel that. I’m not sure about selling the gold but definitely know that I’ve been in the woods, in the forest, in the trees, and collecting all of this information.

There you go. Yet clearly there was something, there was the manipulation of the elements that you were definitely aware of way back when. It followed you multiple lifetimes without a doubt. What I’m so curious about is how did all this start? What was your childhood like? Where did this all come up? This is not a typical path.

True, I guess, yeah, because I always knew I could not go the typical route and path in a way, which honestly as a child was not really easy. I mean, I had not a bad childhood, but like from the outside looking into just perceiving me, internally, I was just like really struggling because I felt so out of place. Like I didn’t know what I was doing here, why I’m here, what this is all about. Then on top of that, ever since I was a child, I’m very young, I did, I was sleepwalking. I had really wild experiences in my dreams.

Sometimes also where I was not conscious and the next day my parents would tell me what I did. I felt very out of control in my body. I wasn’t like sure if they were just joking or if that was actually happening. I felt really terrified in a way because I didn’t know what I was doing during the night. Then some nights I had again like crazy dreams or the in-between state was kind of rough. There were many things where it was just between realms and didn’t know how to navigate it, which was I guess until I was a teenager and really tapped into the spiritual world, I was really having a hard time with that.

There was a period in my life from childhood until then where I didn’t want to do anything about that. Like that was not my world at all. I had major resistance towards astrology, towards all things spiritual. It was all too woo-woo for me and I was like, “No. Don’t get me there.” Then something took over and I was like, “Let me give it another try.” Then I discovered birth charts, I discovered human design, I discovered all of that and I was like why does this feel so second nature to me? It’s so easy for me to get it all and it’s also fascinating all of a sudden.

That’s when I opened myself up to it again because I blocked that for a long time to the point where I guess until my 20s. I didn’t remember any dreams. If you would have asked me, “What did you dream last night?” Nothing. Nothing because I blocked it so far away because of these experiences in childhood. Then I consciously made an effort to remember my dreams again and I mean now I can write entire books after every night there’s so much that is happening where I’m like I need a break, I need to sleep.


Our dreams bring up another interesting question. Are dreams really important for us to be aware of? How do dreams affect us either energetically or otherwise?

Again, my perception around dreams has changed a lot because for me it’s just a different dimensional experience. I don’t want to say we never dream, we always dream. That’s what I would say. Everything that you experience is a dream of consciousness in a way. It’s just about, is it physical? It’s basically tapping into different versions of reality. That’s what you do in a way, different dimensional, different vibration because we know. Again, what is our brain doing during the night?

Researching. It’s tapping into different brainwave states. What are we doing during the day? We tap into different brainwaves. What do we do in meditation? Different brainwaves. It’s all basically based on that, which again brings us back to it a different energetic, I want to say, the experience that allows you to be a different energetic match to a different energetic timeline. That’s what dreams are. We can spend our daytime then to interpret the dreams, to think about the symbolism, all of the things, and make it mean something very significant. I’m not sure if that’s always what’s happening.

It really does seem throughout everything you’ve been talking about, there’s some form of evolution, kind of the concept of going from base metal to a precious metal, the alchemy, the change, etc. You’ve been talking about sort of earlier about this evolutionary shift that’s kind of coming over the next several years. What’s happening in your perception, your understanding as far as humanity? Is humanity scaling up, is humanity rising in its vibration? What’s happening with this evolutionary shift?

Vibration And Density

I would say it’s inevitable that humanity has to change. It’s up to the individual if that’s happening. I definitely feel and at least in my way, version of perceiving reality that many people are really raising their energy field and like becoming more aware of it. Consciously having these conversations here. I want to say the light is definitely rising. The vibration is rising on the planet while the density is also increasing because that’s where we see there needs to be more light.

We will have a huge shift being prophesied, also for human design in 2027, where literally a new species in a way is being born or is coming to that race or that vibe on a completely different level in a way, and we are sort of this bridge generation that prepares the planet and literally all ecosystem for these people that also obviously birth them into life then. That’s what’s happening.

That’s why everything is so amplifying but I do feel that density that is coming up really also creates a huge urge in everyone to change something, to shift the vibe because usually if you feel quite good, there’s not that kind of necessity to look into sound healing and to be like, “Let me go into even higher states.” If you feel like, “Shit hits the fan and I don’t know what to do anymore.” Then you might consider, “Let me see what else I can do.”

I see, so you’re indicating that because we’re feeling this greater density, whether it’s through global conflict or internal strife or whatever, that is causing also simultaneously a higher shift towards a higher vibration, almost one causing the other. It almost feels like they’re both rising as if, the density is rising at the same time the higher vibration is rising almost like they have to be in balance. One cannot really.

Exactly what you say, nature has to be in balance. It’s very much like cause and effect normal that if our vibration is rising and a lot of people like really rising up the scale, the density has to increase too. It has to be balanced out in a way. Also, that density creates even more necessity, and urge to again move into a higher state.

Do we want to avoid the density? Is one going to prevail? Like the higher the vibrations, kinda like when you bring light into a dark room, the light by definition is going to push away the dark because as soon as you bring light into a dark room, the darkness dissipates. Would that be the same thing as the higher vibration, the higher vibration by definition, would dissipate the more dense vibration?

I would say no, because in order to see the light, there has to be a contrast somewhere, because otherwise, you wouldn’t know that the light actually exists. I definitely feel like nature always balances itself out, but we can choose which side of the spectrum am I? Like where is my vibration? That determines what you perceive. I mean it’s literally there are people like Dolores Cannon speaking about the split of the earth and all of these things. What that really means is and that’s my mantra since 2020. I always said even to my clients there is one potent mantra that I have for you with everything that happened and people fear-mongering and tear shortages and that I just always said, “Not in my reality.”

I know it might sound like you live in your own little unicorn bubble and what are you talking about? That’s just been my biggest, I want to say, I don’t know if I can say it on your podcast, but I’m saying my virus protection has always been that’s my vaccine. I just always said, “Not in my reality.” I just knew and that’s my we create our reality and our energy and literally determine what we become a vibrational match to what we had earlier. If my energy feel is literally blocking that possibility, then it’s not happening and sure enough, it didn’t even happen. I didn’t even come in touch with any of that for the entire time I traveled the world during that time where everyone was at home. I was like, not in my reality, I’m not able to fly. It’s just going to happen.

We create our reality. Our energy literally determines what we become a vibrational match to. Share on X

There are so many cases of people going into disease, ridden -geographies, or disease-ridden  camps or even whether it’s in Scripture or the Bible, people going into these places filled with horrible disease and just based on the way they think like, “I cannot get it, it’s not possible.” Sure enough, they walk in and everybody else is sick, but they walk out and they’re perfectly healthy. It’s kind of it’s exactly the same thing that we see with cancer remissions. People have a positive attitude. They’ll be focused on laughing and joy and positivity and suddenly the cancer goes into remission and the doctors cannot explain it. It’s all energy.

It is. Again, there’s the placebo effect we can ponder on which is really just an energetic effect in a way, and that many cases of spontaneous healing. How does that happen? Joe Dispenza talks about how he was able to make himself walk again. That’s also why I’m very much eager to empower people to look into different healing modalities. What the medical system does, unfortunately, is like, here’s your diagnosis. Here’s black on white on paper, all the test results. It looks so like set in stone that this is the way it has to be and really doesn’t. That’s one version of reality that is in front of you on some paper. I can give you some ink and some paper and write something on it.

There’s so many cases even within the medical community like Dr. Joe Dispenza and all these other people that were formerly of the Western medicine viewpoint that went through their own, some would refer to it as miraculous healing, but in reality, it’s more that energetic healing that where they changed their reality. I think this was on the movie The Secret, I think also, there was that person who had the airplane crash and they said, “You’re never going to walk again. You’re completely paralyzed.” Christmas day, he got out of the hospital and was walking perfectly fine. He said, “No, I am going to walk out of this hospital and I’ll prove it to you.”

I’m going to make myself a match to the timeline where I’m walking again. Sorry.

He just put it in his head, determined that was the way it was. They were just absolutely aghast.

Everything Is From God

That’s the thing that people have to understand. Every thought and idea that you perceive, every desire, my favorite thing to talk about, it’s actually a Greek word and it means from source or from God. Every desire in your heart, which is an electric charge, because the desire usually invokes huge energy and emotion in us. We want to have it we crave it. It’s an electric impulse from God, from the source, from the creator, whatever you want to say, that actually is eager to be manifested. It exists. It’s literally that timeline communicating to you saying, “Come to me.”

If you know that, then you have to understand that you’re not desiring to suffer because you can never have it. It’s actually out there for you. It’s just about you shifting into that vibration. It all comes back to believe. You have to believe that obviously. You have to believe that that’s possible. That’s actually possible for you to go into that, even if everything looks completely different right now. Even if right now you cannot walk, if you have in your mind, when you meditate, when you contemplate, or whatever like, “I want to walk again,” because that exists. It’s possible for you.

What would you say to those people who say, “I’m all the time, I’m desiring this one thing, but I try to believe, but then it never comes true?” What would you say to those people who say, “Desiring and believing? I cannot do it, it doesn’t work?”

That’s the thing with manifestation in a way too, where people are too fixated on, “I want to have that,” which basically says I’m not having it right now. Why do I not have it already? What energy is that? You carry the energy of, I don’t have it. Then it’s true, you don’t have it because your thoughts are constantly saying, “I’m not having it yet. How do I make it happen? What can I do?” It’s constantly sending out a signal, I’m not having it. Your vibration will match to not having it.

Lack. It’s the energy of lack. What’s the proper way of sending out that desire? What’s the better way of doing of changing the perspective around saying, “I’m so glad that I have it.” It’s bringing it forward.

In a way, it’s similar to you have that holiday booked in June. Right now you’re not stressing that you don’t have that holiday now. You know it’s going to happen. It’s just in June. It’s just like I know I’m going to be there on the beach, sipping a cocktail. I’m relaxed because it’s going to happen and I’m already excited for it.

You can see it in your mind’s eye.

It’s booked. It’s done. I don’t have to worry now about finding a hotel or will I go to holiday or is this going to happen or not? Why? Because right now I’m not on the beach. Is it really going to happen or is it not going to happen? That’s what people usually do. Instead of like, “No, it’s actually booked.” Like I said, the intention out there, I felt it in my core, how good it would feel to be on that beach, sipping that margarita, whatever, right? It’s done.

I planted a seed, it’s going to happen. The only thing with manifestation obviously is then you don’t know how much time it will take for your vibration to shift because that’s very much based on your thoughts and how much you believe. We cannot say it’s going to happen in June or it’s going to happen tomorrow. As in the example of the holiday, that’s where people’s doubt kicks in because then it’s like, “It’s not here yet.” That’s when they sabotage usually the whole thing.

They think it’s going to happen by a certain point in time and then when that point in time doesn’t arrive they’re like, “Look it didn’t happen, it doesn’t work, you’re lying to me.” Is that also something this sense of lack is that is also tied to trying to set the intention too much like you’re repeatedly setting the same intention over and over again? Don’t you just have to like say it once or twice and it’s done?

Again, it doesn’t make sense. If you say I want something, and it’s ordered, you wouldn’t call the restaurant like five million times to say, “You know that I want that order.” It’s like you doubt the restaurant. Then also, what is it implying? Like can you just focus on something else for a second? Because you already ordered or did you not order? Like, what’s happening?

That’s a great analogy. I love that.

Our Consciousness Source Is An Unlimited Buffet

I like to bring that analogy because it’s true. Actually, we are just like the universe in a way or consciousness or it’s an unlimited buffet. We just have to at some point choose what do we start with.

Beautiful. It’s a great quotation. We’ve got to got to use that. That’s wonderful. What would be your biggest single recommendation to a person who’s listening now? Sort of to sum up everything we’ve been speaking about, what would be your single most important recommendation to somebody?

Take care of your energy and don’t pollute the world with a low vibration. Again, your energy is your greatest currency. It really is. It determines the flow of your life on all levels including the inward and outward flow, even if we talk about abundance and all of the things, everything that you attract. We have so many tools, we have a human design to understand your energetic blueprint. Gene key is to tap deeper into it, astrology, sound. I mean we talked about so many different things here too. There are so many ways that help us to shift our vibration and it’s not just helpful for ourselves but also for everyone that we engage with and so that’s why I think it’s the greatest purpose or offering that we can give to the world first of all is our vibration.

Your energy is your greatest currency. It determines the flow of your life on all levels. Share on X

True. Kathy, thank you so much for being on the show today. Really appreciate it. You brought such upliftment and wonderful awareness to the importance of raising our vibration today. I thank you for coming on.

Thank you for having me. It’s my pleasure. I really pray that some people in here got some curiosity about all the tools that you talked about, that we both in our conversation shifted their energy today too.

I hope so. Wonderful. Great. Thank you for being on. Everyone, I’m so glad that you were able to join us today. Thank you for supporting the show and if you like the show, please don’t forget to rate and review the show. If you’re curious about any information about Kathy, all of her offerings and everything that she’s got, we’ve got loads of information about her, her website, and how you can contact her. All that information will be in the show notes as well. Make sure that you check out the show notes so we can reach out to her.

We’ll have lots of contacts about also different information we mentioned here, different people, different books, different topics, etc. Again, thank you for joining us. I look forward to seeing you next week where we’re going to continue talking about raising our vibration, connecting with spirit, and connecting with the joy and love of everything around us. With that, this is Chris signing off, sending you love and light, and we’ll see you next week. Bye for now.


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