Life After Life: Embracing The Continuity Of Life – An Interview With Medium Kay Reynolds

Spirits Beside Us | Medium Kay Reynolds | Continuity Of Life


In this episode, Chris Lippincott interviews Kay Reynolds, a psychic medium and spiritual mentor, who shares her journey of discovering her mediumship abilities. Spooky stuff has followed Kay since she was a kid. Seeing spirits and reconnecting with her dad in the afterlife led her to a famous mediumship school in England. Now she teaches there, all about letting your intuition guide your mediumship journey and finding those special details that really resonate with people. Like when a medium totally nailed her grandpa’s rocking chair – that emotional connection is what makes it all worthwhile! Kay even uses her psychic skills to help solve mysteries, like remote viewing and figuring out what the stars are saying about missing people. In the end, she wants everyone to know that life goes on and to trust those whispers of the soul.

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Life After Life: Embracing The Continuity Of Life – An Interview With Medium Kay Reynolds


I am thrilled to have a wonderful guest. Our guest is somebody who’s near and dear to my heart, somebody I’ve been tracking for a number of years, who’s certainly somebody I’ve followed in my experiences, and she’s wonderful. Her name, if you don’t already recognize her face, is Kay Reynolds. She’s a psychic medium. She’s a number-one bestselling author and a spiritual mentor. She’s such a great medium because she’s trained at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England under the one and only Mavis Pittilla, who used to practice for about 50 years. She’s definitely the longest-standing tutor. Unfortunately, she’s no longer with us, but she’s still here around us all the time. In Kay’s book called The Evidential Medium, she shares her entire personal mediumship journey along with practical exercises that readers can unlock to help them unlock that ancient tool of mediumship that we all have. 

It’s held deep within the soul, and Kay unravels that, which is wonderful. She’s written also a couple of articles that were picked up by OMTimes Magazine and they were called Dying With Grace and Becoming a Professional Medium, which is a lot of what her book covers. She’s taking her mediumship around the globe and she’s been indicating that she’s been around the globe. She’s been working at churches, theaters, and a lot of different halls as a teacher of mediumship and definitely as a public speaker. She takes herself around the world. With all that fanfare, Kay, I welcome you. Thank you so much for joining. 

Thank you so much for the invitation. 


Spirits Beside Us | Medium Kay Reynolds | Continuity Of Life


Childhood And Early Exposure

I’m glad you’re here. It’s wonderful. I love catching up with you. One of the things that’s always fascinated me is how you went from your childhood to your current state as such a well-known teaching medium. What was your childhood like? Was it like the run-of-the-mill childhood or were you as somebody who knew something was happening? What was your background like? 

I didn’t know anything was happening. I thought, “This is me.” I never put two and two together until I was much older. My first experience of seeing a spirit person. It would’ve been around 5 or 6 and I saw an indigenous man from North America in my bedroom watching me play with my Barbie. 

Did he know what Barbie looked like? He was, “That’s a Barbie.” 

I’m just doing what most 5 or 6-year-old, old girls do. I saw him manifest right there in front of me, plain as day. I had this connection with him that I can’t explain other than when I looked into his eyes, I knew immediately that I was safe with him, that he loved me, and that everything was okay. He sat and watched me play for a while and then he vanished. That was my first experience. 

That’s a pretty profound experience. I would think most children would not be quite sure what’s happening. Did you think, “Am I making this up?” Was your skeptical in your mind? Although at 5 or 6, don’t have much of a skeptical mind at that age, but was there a part of you that was questioning, “What am I seeing here?” 

I don’t remember doing that at all. What I remember, and this is the part that has stuck with me, is that when our eyes locked with each other, I knew that I knew him. I knew that I was safe with him and there was nothing to fear. I had this knowing that this was okay and I accepted it. It’s been that way my whole life. Honestly, that was the beginning. It set the stage. All through childhood, any experience in that way, I always accepted just that, “This is it. This is the way it is. It’s nothing to be concerned about.” 

Did you take it to your parents or was it more of a personal adventure where you didn’t share it with your parents? 

I didn’t say anything. When I was about 12 or 13, I said something to my mom, and only because spirit communicates through dreams a lot with me, especially when I was a child. I’d have these people come to me telling me to tell her things. I didn’t know who they were. They were family members that she knew, but I had never met. I would wake up in the morning with that knowing that I had to go tell my mom something and I’d get up and go straight to her and say, “This lady told me to tell you this.” My mom was wonderful. She always understood the message. When I was about twelve, I asked her, “Why do they keep doing this? Why do they keep coming to me? I don’t even know who they are. This is weird. Why is this happening?” She said, “God needs messengers on Earth, and he chose you.” I grew up in a Christian home. That felt right to me. It soothed my soul and my curiosity. I accepted it. I thought, “I can do that.” 

It sounds like you had a supportive family background that helped you bring it within and accept what you were experiencing because there are many people out there in their childhood who may have experienced something, but their families often tend to push it away because they’re not aware of it or they’re confused about it, or that’s against what they grew up with. 

She said that. I accepted it, and it made sense to me. Growing up, I always knew that I had people behind me that no one else knew or saw. I always knew that. I always knew they were with me. In my mind, growing up in a Christian home, I rationalized, “They’re angels. They’re with me and they’re following me,” thing. Once I got older and became more exposed to psychics and mediums, I started putting two and two together, “They’re not angels. They’re spirit people.”. It was nice that as I now look back on what my mom said to me, I realize how profound that was for me because I know many kids, their parents will push them away and squash it, but my mom didn’t.

My whole concept has been something that when people think it’s DNA, it’s less DNA. It is more as opposed to culture or family, where it’s like, “I can accept that. I can talk about it. This is something that I can work with.” That is how it goes through the generations suppose somebody said, “My grandma was into spirituality, so am I,” that it’s the same thing. 

I grew up in a home where our faith would not have accepted it. For my mom to say that, it was amazing. It was like, “Wow,” because as a child, I accepted it, but as an adult, when I put two and two together, it was like,” Our faith would not have accepted this.” My mom had the wisdom to say it to me in that way. It made all the difference.

You mentioned that you had certain encounters or you were, became exposed to psychics and mediums as you got older. How did you become exposed, or what was your first exposure like when you were starting to encounter mediums and psychics? 

I never heard the word psychic or medium until I was an adult. It was on Oprah Winfrey of all things. She had Doreen Virtue.

Angel Communicator, if I remember. 

I was watching it, and as Doreen was talking about what she does and what she experiences, I was like, “That’s what I do.” That was my first introduction of, “Could it be that I can do that and I’m like her?” I was in denial and was thinking to myself, “It couldn’t possibly be me. Only people on TV can do this stuff. I’m just a little old me. It can’t be me.” 

“I’m not good enough. I’m not somebody from the Hindu Kush. I can’t do this.” 

As you know, if you have this ability, it doesn’t just go away. It only grows. It only becomes stronger. You eventually get to this point where you can’t ignore it anymore. 

The Call To Mediumship

What was it that got you to the point where you’re saying to yourself, “This is strong. I’ve got to follow this. I’ve got to learn about this. I’ve got to become more involved with this. What was it that pushed you to follow the mediumship path?” Certainly, not for everyone. 

When I was living in Germany and I had gotten a medical transfer to England, and my father of all people who would’ve never accepted this in life, was communicating with me from the spirit world. Once I made it to England, he started pushing me to explore this and do something with it. Bless his heart, I put him through the ringer. I made him prove to me in many different ways that I was communicating with him and it wasn’t in my imagination, but I would give him the credit. He’s the one who kept with me and saying, “You’ve got to pursue this.” That’s what I did. I followed his lead. 

Was there any one point in your life or any experience in your life that finally threw you over the edge that said, “I got to go do this?” Your father’s one thing. Was there any one particular event that said, “This is it?” 

It does have to do with my dad. I was driving home from work one day, and I lived in the part of England that they call the Fins, which is flatland. It’s farmland. There are no traffic tractors. 

It’s about as fast as you have to go

I was having this conversation with my dad in my mind as I was driving along and I said, “If this is what you think I need to do, I, I need you to prove to me that I am speaking to you, and this is not just me imagining things.” About that time, I looked up and there was a car coming forward. As he got closer to me, I noticed on the license tag, it had the letters KK. That’s what my dad called me. I was just myself, and I was joking around and said, “That’s good, Dad. That’s not going to be good enough. You’re going to have to give me something else.” Another car came, and the letters on that car were LD. That is my dad’s name. I went, “You have my attention.” That was the turning point for me. It was, “You’ve got my attention now.” 

Those are two powerful signs. That’s not a coincidence. You can’t make that up. 

I was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields. I was like, “You’ve got me. Lead me to where I need to be. I’ll follow.”

He gave you more communications after that.

Opportunities start landing in your lap. There was a circle that I’d never heard of. I never even knew what a circle was, but I was led to that and joined that circle, then I found Arthur Findlay College, and it took off. It was like a snowball rolling at that point. One thing after another. 

Like the Arthur Findlay College, was that something that fell in your lap? You somehow became aware of it. That’s the other thing. It’s like you weren’t looking for it. How did you become aware of Arthur Findlay College?

It literally landed in my lap. I was minding my own business on the computer, and it came across the screen and I was like, “What is this?” I started looking at it of course, as many of us do, I had that doubt. When I looked into it and I was all over that website, looking at it going, “That’s not for me, because I just talked to my dad. I wouldn’t work there. I’m not good enough to do that.” I had all that internal dialogue going on there, but he pushed me. Luckily for me, I only lived about an hour at the most from Arthur Findlay College. I could drive there easily.

Arthur Findlay College

You found AFC and you began to experience it. What were your experiences like at Arthur Findlay College? Did they have you go through certain exercises? You ran across Mavis and probably other tutors as well. how were they having you develop and unfold your mediumship? What happened when you were there? 

I met Mavis through Tony Stockwell. Before I ever went to college, I had signed up for a one-week class in Wells. I ended up in Tony Stockwell’s class. He talked about Mavis quite a bit. That’s how I learned about Mavis. I ended up taking a weekend course with Tony, and Mavis was a tutor. He put me with Mavis. That’s how I ended up with Mavis. From there, I started to get my confidence up enough to say, “Maybe I could go to college.” That’s when I started going to college. Through Mavis, I learned about Paul Jacobs. Paul Jacobs had courses going on at the college so I started signing up for them. 

It’s like once a door opened, you couldn’t close it. As you’re working, practicing, and learning with them, your confidence is rising. From my experience, I always felt that it was like, the more your confidence rises, the more you embrace it. Was that something that you experienced that the more confidence you had, the more you’re like, “I can do this and I’ll allow what’s coming to me?” 

I would say yes. There’s something about the college. When you walk in those doors, the energy of that place embraces you. I remember when I walked into The Great Hall, I knew that I was home. It was this feeling of, “I’m here. This is my home. I belong here.” It was giving that the nerve and the confidence to step into the college and take that first course. Once I did that, I knew there was no going back. I have a bit of a stubborn streak in me. At this point, I knew that this was what I was supposed to do. I knew that this was a part of my soul’s destiny or path. I knew that I had to do something. I had to stay with it, no matter how tough it could be, because it can be tough. 

You got your ups and downs. Maybe for those people who haven’t experienced or seen the Arthur Findlay College, you can describe it, because I’ve always tried to describe it as like the Hogwarts for adults. Maybe you can give it a better description. 

It is like the Hogwarts. I sometimes would call it that myself. It’s an amazing place. I’m going in July. I can’t wait to get back there. It’s a warm and welcoming place for anybody who’s on this journey to go and be with like-minded individuals and be with some of the best tutors in the world. It is hard to put into words, what it’s like energetically. You know you’ve come home. You know that this is what your soul needs. It’s great nourishment for the soul. It’s hard to say. There are many wonderful things.

That’s tough. 

Anybody on this path, I strongly would say, “If you ever have the opportunity, just go.” 

It’s not only the ability of the tutors, the breadth of the tutors, and the course, but it’s also, to your point, the energy that’s been housed there for several hundred years, the grounds, buildings, and the interior. It’s incredible. It’s a different world. 

There’s so much history there. My mentor used to say he was standing on the backs of the greats and many of those greats were a part of that college. They were the ones who helped to found that college. They did all that scientific research. They did all of that. There’s so much history there. It’s pretty amazing. 

Connecting With Spirits

When you are conducting a reading, I always love to know different people’s explanations, how they feel, what it feels like for them when they’re conducting a reading, and when they’re connecting with spirit. How do you feel? What is it like for you? What’s your experience like when you’re connecting with spirit and relaying their information as they work through you? You can help somebody step in your shoes. 

It’s evolved over time. For me, it’s knowing that I’ve got somebody here with me. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t necessarily feel any sensations or anything. Even still, sometimes I do. For the most part, it’s this knowing I set intentions that I’m ready to connect with whoever here is here with me then I get a knowing I’ve got a man stepping forward. I’ve also got a lady here, and I’ve got others here, but I’ve got a man that wants to come forward first. The information comes in. I work mostly through feeling and through knowing, and then images start to drop in as well. I’m open. However, they want to give me that exact information. However, they want to send it to me, it doesn’t matter. It just comes.

You are the relay station, you’re the conduit however they’re going to give you the information. They’re going to give it to you because you give what you get. 

I’m here to relay whatever it is that they want to relay. It’s just, “Come on in. Nice to meet you. Let’s go.” 

For somebody who might be interested in learning mediumship, or maybe they’re on the path perhaps to learning mediumship already and, but they’re getting started out, what would you say might be one of the more important things they need to consider as they grow in this path? Is it allowing and trusting or is there something else? What would you say? 

The most important thing that all of us need to understand is this is the development of our soul. This is an aspect of us as who we are. It’s an aspect of our soul. It’s not so much of, “How do I develop my cares? How do I develop my clairvoyance or my cla sentient?” It’s about, “How do I touch and awaken that aspect of my soul so that part of me can come to life and rise?” That’s what we’re doing. We’re allowing the soul to rise and do what the soul came here to do. If we focus in on developing the soul and the aspects of our soul and allowing our soul to rise, everything else falls into place, the trust, the surrender, and all your cares. It’s not a mediumship thing. It’s a soul thing. That would be my advice. 

Background In Teaching

That’s a great description. It’s like developing your soul and mediumship will follow. One of the things I’m fascinated about as well is your background as a person who holds Education. I think you’ve got a Master’s in Education or something, and you’ve been teaching everyone from kindergarten through adults or something. It sounds like you’ve got a passion for teaching. You’re still teaching for mediumship and for all kinds of things. What’s your background in teaching? Where’d that come from? 

I stumbled across it. 

Like everything else. 

I had come from a long line of teachers. I have uncles who were professors at A&M. There was a long line of teachers in my family I swore up and down that I would never ever be a teacher, “Not me. It’s a lot of work.” I saw how hard my mother had to work as a teacher, and I said, “Never. I’m not going to do that.” I was going to go into some form of Psychology of some sort and volunteered at a home for runaway use. They put me in the teaching program, and I changed my degree. I got bitten by that teaching bug. 

It sounds like they got you.

I switched and my mother was smiling from the inside.

“I told you.”

I loved it. I have taught from kindergarten all the way through adults, and I love teaching. It is a passion of mine, but then once I started with my mediumship training. I learned very quickly that my passion for mediumship mirrored my passion for teaching. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could do both?” That’s why I wrote the book. Part of why I wrote that book is because at that time I felt there was that need to dig a little bit deeper to teach people because all of the books that I had read gave you an overview, but didn’t get into the nitty-gritty, “That’s great. I can do that. Now what do I do?” You can take a teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the teacher out of that teacher. When I was going to Arthur Findlay College, my mind was always rolling and thinking, “How would I teach this?” That’s how it all. You can’t stop it. 

A teacher can be taken out of the classroom, but the teacher cannot be taken out of the teacher. Share on X

I seem to remember a portion or some section in your book. You were talking about the gold nugget. It was either the gold nugget or something about the iceberg. Go down all the way down to the iceberg. That was one of the things I can remember being a big takeaway for me when I first read that years ago. I was like, “That is perfect. I get it.” 

The thing is the gold nugget could be simple. It doesn’t have to be anything Earth-shattering, but it’s whatever that piece of evidence that touches the soul of your recipient. That’s what it is. I remember once I had a colleague, we were in Mavis Mentorship together, and she was like me. She didn’t think, “How am I ever going to get there?” She gave me a reading and she mentioned my granddad’s rocking chair. I grew up in the military. I don’t cry in front of anybody. I was raised to be tough I felt this tear welling up in my eye. I thought, “She’s mentioning the rocking chair.” She had no idea. She thought it was a rocking chair. 

Afterward, I said, “You don’t understand the meaning behind that rocking chair. That’s where my granddad and I would rock I’d sit in his lap, and that’s where we bonded.” I said, “That rocking chair is everything to me, and it’s falling apart, but I still have it. Nobody can have that rocking chair.” She goes, “Reall? it was an old rocking chair I said, yeah. Full of many wonderful memories.” She said, “You made me cry. Nobody makes me cry.”

It’s all about the shared memories. It’s those shared memories that are the visceral connection. That’s what she pulled in. She pulled that gold nugget.

I’ve got a couple of them with my granddad. There’s three. She touched on the one. I said, “There you go.”

That goes to the how critical it is that as people are developing, they’ve got to learn that no matter how insignificant it is for the reader, the person who’s giving the message, they may have no clue what it means like the woman in your case. They’re like, “I don’t know what this means. I’m going to give it anyway.” You’ve got to always give whatever it is that you get no matter. You can’t filter it out. That’s the one thing I always learned when I was very early on because I was like, “This doesn’t sound right. This can’t be right. I’m going to filter it out. I’m not going to say it.” Later on, I learned, “That was important.” Imagine if they hadn’t given you the rocking chair, the reading would’ve been different. 

She was getting good evidence that everything she was getting was good, but she touched my soul. That’s what we want to try to do every time if we can. To me, that’s the gold nugget when you’ve touched that soul.

Work As A Psychic Investigator

When you bring it into their heart it’s through the heart. Spirit communicates through the heart to the heart. That’s one of the great things. What I’m also interested in is not only do you have your teaching, mediumship, book, and what have you, but you’re a psychic investigator, which I find fascinating. How is it that you work as a psychic investigator? For example, Tony Stockwell is a psychic investigator and there are other psychic investigators. How do you do it? What do you do as a psychic investigator? 


Spirits Beside Us | Medium Kay Reynolds | Continuity Of Life


You’re working in the same kind of way. You use psychics a lot, but you can also use your minimalistic abilities, especially if you are working on a murder case or a missing person who has crossed over already. You can do that as well. It’s about being another way for family members or the police to gather information. My number one goal is not to solve the case, although I want to solve the case. If I can dig a little bit deeper and find something that the family hasn’t come across or the police haven’t found yet, that can lead them to where they need to be.

I think I’ve done a good job there, I can say, “Have you looked on this road? I keep seeing a road and I see the part of the name of the road,” or whatever that may be that can lead them there because I work from my home. I could be working on a case in another country somewhere. It’s not like I can go there, but if I can see it in my mind or draw it on a sketch and give it to them and say, “Can you check this place out? Can you go here?” It’s helping them to find clues if anything.

It sounds like there’s a lot of remote viewing that you’re working with your own ability to psychically sense an image or a scene or something, whether it’s given psychically or given from a loved one who’s already crossed over. You’re getting that information and relaying that evidence as best you can. 

During psychic art as well, you can get drawn images of who could have done this. You can use many things. You can use psychic art. You can use your cytometry. It’s a photo, an item, or a garment if it’s local. You can even use tarot cards. You can dowsing rods, you name it. You can use all of those tools that we have available to help us. I prefer to work in teams and not work by myself because if you are working with teams, it’s very interesting because I might get something or get these pieces of information and, “Somebody else gets this.” We all have our strengths in how we can work. We use our strength. When we come together, we’re able to put the puzzle pieces together to form something that makes sense. I love it. It’s mind-boggling. It all comes together and you start seeing the patterns and you’re like, “We could be onto something.” 

It sounds like you’ve got a team collaborating together to get all this evidence, to get all this information. The more people that are involved, the better because everybody’s got their strengths from that aspect.

We all work separately, but then when we come together, we see how our evidence overlaps. We can see how, “You got that. I got that too. We all got this part. We know that there’s something there because we all got it,” But then we may have pieces of evidence that nobody else got. As we start putting it all together, we see how “It fits here, and that one fits here.” If we put those two together, it becomes very powerful. It’s amazing. The news thing that, I say this lightly, I’m attempting to learn is forensic astrology, which is amazing. In my little group, there are two people who know it well, and they’re trying to help us all learn it.

The saying, “It’s written in the stars,” is very true if you have a timestamp and a date of the last time somebody was seen or heard from, and you have the exact time that it happened. That could be a 911 call. It could be the last time they were seen or heard from, or they could be the time of the murder, but you have a timestamp, a date, and a location. You plug that into astrology as if it were like a birth date.

You look at the planets and the stars to see where they are aligned at that specific time. You can literally track where the perpetrator is and the subject, the person that’s missing, or the person that was murdered, you can literally track them. You can see what exactly is happening, what vehicle are they in, and what color is the vehicle. What I like to do is use forensic astrology to confirm the psychic evidence that we’ve already gathered, then you go to the astrology chart, confirm it, and gain even more information.

I’ve never heard of forensic astrology. That sounds absolutely amazing.

It blows my mind. 

My skeptical mind would say, “How is that even possible? These are a bunch of stars and planets. They’re all moving and they’re all in separate ways.” How could they have anything to do with saying, “The suspect has got a blue Mustang. They’re last seen in here and doing whatever. How can that happen?” 

This revolves around money, or they were abducted for sexual assault, or whatever it may be. Depending on where those planets and stars line up what houses they are in and what they’re expecting and squaring, that’s when the story starts to unfold. It can get very specific. Where’s the body? What did they do to the body? How did the person die? All of that. It’s all right there. 

It’s like they say, “It’s written in the charts.”

It’s written in the stars.

In all of your experiences from the time you were very little to all of your experience to date, what has this taught you about the continuity of life?

We don’t die. Our soul and spirit continue on. The only difference between us and those who are in the spirit world is that we have flesh and bones all around us and they don’t. We were spirit before we entered into the body. If we were spirit before we came into the body and we’re spirit when we leave, we continue.

Our souls continue beyond the physical body. We were spirits before we entered this world, and we remain spirits after we leave. Trust the continuity of life. Share on X

We’re still spirit even here. Once spirit, always spirit. You can’t take the spirit out of the person. 

Always connected. One of the big a-ha moments that I had with my guide was when he showed himself to me in the way that he was, but he also showed me as a light being. I was able to experience myself in that way as a spirit being. I put two and two together. I was like, “I’m like him,”; I’ve always said, “We’re spirit in a body,” but I never experienced it in that way. It made me stop and realize that I am a spirit. I came from the spirit world so if I’m spirit, all I have to do is awaken that aspect of me, and I’ll be able to continue to communicate with spirit in the way that I communicated with them before I entered into this body. When I say it’s about our soul’s development, it’s about awakening that aspect of our soul that remembers what it’s like to be a spirit.

You’re reawakening your spirit. 

It is truly about the soul’s journey. 

Connecting With Spirit Guides

You mentioned your spirit guide. I’m always getting the question, “How can I connect with my spirit guide? How can I learn about my spirit guide? Why isn’t my spirit guide talking to me? I can’t hear them.” What would you say to those questions that keep coming up? 

For me, it started when I was playing with my Barbie doll.

Go play with your Barbie doll. 

For lack of not knowing anything better, I learned how to meditate. Somebody said, “You need to meet your guide.” “How do I do that?” “Meditate.” “How do I do that?” “Google it.” I did, and I started meditating with the intention of my guide coming forward. He didn’t come forward for a while. My dad and granddad came. Everybody came, but my guide didn’t. One day, eventually my dad came and he brought my guide. There’s this thing about me locking ice with people, but when I locked eyes with him, I knew immediately he was the same person I saw when I was five. He didn’t look the same. The guy that I saw when I was five was a young man, maybe a teenager, but twenties. When my dad brought my guide, he was an older man. 

I knew from the eyes it was the same person. That’s how I met him. Some people go through this and they never meet their guide. You have to trust that your guide is there with you. We all have one. Everybody, even if you’re not a medium. We like may call them a guardian angel, but we all have at least one that’s with us from the time we’re born until we leave this world. Trust that they’re there. Talk to them because they’re communicating with you, whether you realize it or not. Sit in the power. Sit in meditation. When the time is right for you, your guide will present themselves. 

Sit in the power, sit in meditation. When the moment is right, the guide will reveal themselves. Share on X

It’s like the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” 

Along that same line, I sat with my guide for a year before he ever spoke to me in a meaningful way. He wouldn’t speak to me. He’d sit with me. When I’d sit in meditation, he’d sit there. I’d try to converse with him and he wouldn’t. The only thing he ever said to me was trust. He goes, “Just trust.” It was about a year when he finally came and started being my teacher. I wasn’t ready. He showed himself to let me know he was there, but I wasn’t ready to learn. I had to sit with him for a whole year before he started teaching me. 

What was it like when he finally started to teach you and he started to talk to you and gave you all this great wisdom?

It was an amazing experience. I wrote about it. It was on the first course I ever took with Tony Stockwell in Wells. I was selected to do an inspirational talk to all of the groups that night. There’s no preparation. You have to just allow the soul to rise and speak from the soul. I had gotten up that morning and was going to go for a walk. There was this beautiful, where we were at. We were on a lot of land, and there was a castle. I started walking and just he showed up. He was walking with me. He does that a lot. We walk together a lot. I said, “I have to give an inspirational speech tonight.” He says, “I know.” I said, “I don’t know what to talk about.” He says, “It will come.”

It was about twenty minutes to get to where I wanted to go on my walk. There was this beautiful oak tree that was probably 400 or 500 years old. It was huge. I walked up to that tree. I heard him say, “Go up and put your hand on that tree.” I put my hand on the tree, and he started giving me a direction on what to do with this tree. He says, “I want you to move yourself into that tree. Become the tree.” I did. It was a beautiful experience. When it was all finished, I knew exactly what I was supposed to talk about. He’s the one that led me because I had a coffee cup in my hand. I asked him, “I still don’t understand what I’m going to talk about.” He says, “Look at your hand.” I looked at my hand and had the coffee cup. He goes, “What do you have?” I said, “I have a cup.” He goes, “You’re going to start with a cup.” That’s what I did. I started with a cup, and this beautiful message came from a coffee cup. 

Simple coffee cup. 

I made somebody cry because it touched her soul. That’s what my guide does. He doesn’t give me verbatim, “Do this.” He leads me there and he lets me because he said, “You start with a cup and then the rest will follow.” What do you say? How do you do inspiration with a cup? I had to trust.

I trust that he was going to fill the cup for you and you were going to drink from it. 

It all came from the soul. The wisdom of the soul is all there. It’s all within the soul.

Final Advice For The Audience

What would you say would be the single most important recommendation that perhaps you might give to a person who’s reading the show? 

For anybody or somebody on this path? 

If I’m going with anybody, trust your soul. Listen to the whispers of your heart, because it’s those little whispers in our head that we hear are the wisdom of your soul. It’s always going to be positive. It’s always going to be for your highest good. If it’s negative, that’s the ego. Listen to the whispers of the soul and trust that because your soul knows far more than our physical mind will ever know. If we listen to those whispers, I think we’ll be all right. 

Thank you so much for being on the show. This was absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much. How can people get in touch with you and learn more about you? 

I have a website. It’s You can reach me through there. I’m on Facebook. I have a YouTube channel where I do little tutorials and that sort of thing. I have a Facebook group called Mediums Corner–Evidential Mediumship. Places to start. I’m on Instagram and TikTok. I don’t do a lot with social media because I’m trying to learn. Start there.

That’s a lot to go with. That’s a great beginning. Any plans for the future? Is there anything in the works? Is there anything that’s coming out? 

As far as teaching classes and that thing, that’s all on my website. I have a five-month mentorship starting in August 2024. I do a Q&A that’s free every Tuesday. I’m going to continue doing that in my downtime. Anybody can come. You can ask any questions you like. You don’t have to be a medium. If you have questions about the afterlife and the spirit world or mediumship in general, come. Ask a question. 

I know a lot of people would love to do that and thought, “I’ve got all these questions.” 

We all do, don’t we? Like one million. That’s what that’s for, to answer those questions that you wish you had somebody. I might not be able to answer all of them, but I’ll do my best if I can’t answer it. I’m very honest and say, “I don’t have an answer for you.” 

You’ll contact your spirit guide and say, “One second, please.”

I do that as well.

“I don’t have a cup, but is there nothing else?” This is fantastic. Thank you for being on the show and sharing your time with us. This is wonderful.

I’m happy to do it. Thank you so much for the invitation. I enjoyed it. 

My pleasure. For everybody who’s on the episode, thank you for reading. We’re going to continue to have more of these sessions coming up. Stay tuned. I’m signing off and sending you love and light. Until next time, bye for now. 


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About the Guest

Spirits Beside Us | Medium Kay Reynolds | Continuity Of LifeKay Reynolds is a psychic medium, #1 bestselling author, and spiritual mentor. She trained as a medium at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, under the mentorship of Mavis Pittilla, one of the College’s longest-standing tutors. In her book, The Evidential Medium, she shares her personal mediumship journey, along with practical exercises to help readers unlock the ancient tools of mediumship that are held deep within the soul. OMTimes Magazine has featured Kay’s articles “Dying with Grace,” and “Becoming a Professional Medium.”

Kay has taken her mediumship around the globe, working in churches, theaters, and halls as a teacher of mediumship and as a public speaker. She teaches mediumship courses, classes and long-term mentorships to aspiring mediums.

Kay is also a psychic investigator. She works with families who have missing loved ones, loved ones who have died under mysterious circumstances and loved ones who have been murdered. She has a podcast and YouTube show called Looking for the Lost where she and her partner take a look at old unsolved cold cases using her psychic abilities and forensic astrology.

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