Harnessing The Healing Power Of Joy With Fred Kluth


In this episode, Chris interviews Fred Kluth, who is a healer and spiritual counselor helping people create a life of joy and abundance. He discusses how he helps those going through a midlife awakening, helping them tap into their creativity and reconnect with their inner child. Fred emphasizes the importance of finding joy and fun in the creative process, rather than seeing it as a chore. He also discusses the role of anger and the need to develop healthy ways of expressing it. Fred’s work is focused on helping individuals connect with their divine essence and develop a relationship with spirit. 

In this conversation, Fred and Chris discuss the importance of healing, connecting with spirit, and cultivating joy in our lives. They explore topics such as mediumship, resolving unresolved questions and family secrets, the healing power of spirits, and the need for healing in our culture. They also touch on the role of creativity, gratitude, and random acts of kindness in finding joy. The conversation emphasizes the importance of self-love, acceptance, and choosing love in our lives.

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Harnessing The Healing Power Of Joy With Fred Kluth

Welcome, everybody, to another episode. I’m so glad we’ve got another wonderful guest to join us. His name is Fred Kluth. Fred is a wonderful healer. He’s a spiritual counselor, therapist, intuitive medium, teacher, artist, and also a wonderful father from what I understand. He’s expanding the globe of everything that he does.

One of the things that interests me is he’s also a director of something called the Helix Training Program. This is a transformative training experience that helps people integrate a psychological awareness and as well as a spiritual practice and holistic healing modality. It brings everything into one. What Fred does is he works with people who are in need of moving out of their fear or problems they might be having or experiencing in their life.

He helps them create a life of joy and a life of abundance by using a lot of different holistic tools that we might not have in the Western world, but they embrace Eastern principles to bring in all of this joy and abundance. Some things include shamanism, semantic practices, inner child work, as well as creative expression. Fred is a great healer and I’m so glad to have him with us. Welcome, Fred.


Spirits Beside Us | Fred Kluth | Power Of Joy


I appreciate the invitation to be here.

My pleasure. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is it that you do? Are you mostly a healer? Are you mostly working with people heal the problems of, as you said, the inner child and the pain that so many people seem to suffer? Whether that’s self-inflicted or environment-inflicted. What is it that you focus on?

It’s a little bit of both. It’s self-inflicted and it’s the environment. It’s that yin and yang that we need to work with. I work with a lot of people who have hit a point in their lives, whether through a traumatic experience or through realizing that what they’ve been doing doesn’t work for them anymore. Oftentimes, that is through having to face their own unhappiness or their partner saying, “Enough is enough. We have to make some changes here.”

Many people get an idea about what life should be like when they’re in college or when they’re first starting out. They get ideas of how they want their life to unfold or maybe they don’t. They start to do things right then you get to a certain point perhaps in your 40s where all of this stops working. A lot of people that I work with are going through what traditionally is known as a midlife crisis. Oftentimes, I like to rename that as a midlife awakening.

You’re awakening to a new you? I love that phrase midlife awakening. Help me understand what a midlife awakening is. Is it a spiritual awakening or are you awakening to a new understanding of yourself?

It’s all of those things and it’s giving yourself the opportunity to figure out or figure in what that is. If you’ve lived a life where you haven’t taken care of your needs or you haven’t developed your creative process. It hasn’t worked out as you had hoped. Oftentimes, we get into what we should be doing in this culture. We should be working our butts off and paying all our bills. We have to do that but how we do that and how we balance our own inner needs with the needs of our family, our culture and our society. Some people will start to do the things but they don’t bring satisfaction or happiness. It’s that like old talking head song, who is this beautiful wife?

Fred, you might be dating yourself. I know where you’re coming from. Seriously, when you said that, I’m like, “I get it.”

People get to this point in their lives where maybe it’s their Saturn return, where they’re like, “What I thought was going to bring me happiness and success isn’t bringing me any satisfaction. What do I do to start to go back to who I truly am?” Maybe in childhood you had things that you love to do that you’re not doing anymore. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like, “I love to make you know plastic models or play Legos.” Maybe it is that though. It could be that because you’re an adult. You could do whatever you want to do. Who’s to define who you should be spending your time with.

It sounds like while it may not be the actual end product like building Legos. It’s still that creativity that you liked as a child that is still within you and that you have suppressed and maybe you want to go back to being creative in some other fashion. Is that what I’m getting?

Tapping into that creative energy. We’re creative beings. We come onto this planet. We’re these amazing beings that can make things and express our soul’s energy and make things that are beautiful. It can be in any field. It doesn’t have to be in the visual arts. People are often creative in their professions and in many other ways. It’s tapping into that energy.

It sounds like it’s using your right brain, your creative brain, and allowing you to get that creative expression in whatever manifestation it takes to allow you to get to that joyful living state. Is that the directive?

Even before getting to that, it’s tapping into what’s fun like the joy and fun. The creativity should be fun. We’re in this thing like, “I have to be creative now.” If you’re busy and you have family like trying to find that time to be creative often causes angst and pain into it.

It’s a chore.

How do we connect with that joy and that fun so that our whole life becomes infused with it.

All children do is play. They have playtime. That’s what children are designed for. That’s why they’re so darn happy. That’s why I love being a child. I act like a child. At least, that’s my wife’s say. I’m okay with it. It’s that creative expression. It’s the inner child that never dies. If you suppress the inner child to the point where it gets suffocated and never comes out, it sits in the dark and it’s in the corner.

It could lead to anger and lots of horrible behavioral patterns.

Is that where the phrase, the dark night of the soul or something? I s that where that comes from, where the inner child is so suppressed and thrown in the corner that there’s no way for it to get out? It’s all seeing and dealing with is darkness because it can’t do anything?

That’s a good way to look at it. That energy of despair, energy of sadness, and the lack of hope are all things that whenever you have a feeling that’s bigger than you can handle. That’s a good sign that your inner child is running the ship. When you feel like you’re overwhelmed or you have a hair trigger anger or you start to call people names or start to behave like a child. You don’t have the faculties to be able to be like, “Maybe I shouldn’t start swearing at that person,” like little kids. They start to yell, scream and cry. A lot of times, if you’re not, I hate the term managing your anger right because the idea of management of your anger.

Wasn’t that Robert De Niro’s anger management?

To me, it says you’re always going to be angry. You have to manage your the destruction that you’re going to cause. Whereas, there is an ability with talking and connecting with your inner child, learning good communication patterns, understanding that in this culture, we have a no instruction on how to deal with our anger. We’ve been told, “Count to ten. Don’t get angry. Don’t punch anybody. Go to your room if you’re too angry,” because our parents weren’t trained.

Keep your hands yourself or whatever the phrase is.

Even worse, “I’ll give you something to cry about.” That makes you afraid of your own ability to express your anger. Inviting as adults. We have the opportunity to do the work so that we are inviting all of those younger parts of ourselves into the room and seeing like, “What was happening when we were children that didn’t allow us to have a healthy expression of our anger?” Anger is an energy. There’s a lot to be angry about in this world. We can harness that anger and make change. Change is a different thing.

Anger is an energy. There’s a lot to be angry about in this world. We can harness that anger and make a change. Share on X

Energy, Intuition, & Spirit

You touched on energy and that’s a great segue because I’m curious how all of this touches on our intuition, the energy it’s around us and the spirit that’s around us because clearly, when we’re dealing with the frustration, anger, inner child, emotions, lack of creativity or its opposite, the joyous creativity, those are different vibration states. If we’re dealing with different vibration states, then we’re dealing with different levels of accessing spirit, the ability to access that connection, or the types of connection that we get. Maybe you can walk us through how this whole healing program helps us to also connect with spirit and how spirit would ultimately help us.

Two things come to mind. The first one is the AA program, Alcoholics Anonymous. In that program, there’s a real onus on connecting to spirit. People in a lot of ways can’t get over their addiction unless they give themselves over to something bigger than themselves like in finding hope and connecting to spirit. That gives them the energy and the hope that allows them to make transformations in their lives.

From what I understand, the AA twelve-step program is to your point, it’s a giving themselves over to a larger power regardless of what that particular name happened to be or that particular entity happened.

Their program often is wrapped in the language of Western culture of God and things like that but I’m talking about at the essence of making transformations. It helps to make long-term by developing your relationship with the spirit and whatever that looks. Everybody has an individual relationship to their own divinity or divine essence or energy. Connecting to that is important.

Through the Helix Training program one of the things that was essential in their training is it’s a non-denominational training. It doesn’t go and say, “You have to believe in God or you have to believe in shamanism.” These are all tools and ways to access this inner and outer energy. Julie Winter, who is one of the founders. One of her teachings, which I resonate with, is when we sit with our clients or we sit with people, we’re sitting with their entire essence like they’re healed self. Not just the part of them that is coming there because they have anger issues or they’re unhappy with their lives. You’re holding space for their entire healed being.

It sounds like you’re working with a client who is not their physical aspect. It’s physical, body, mind, spirit, and soul. The whole package.

Helping them develop their own connection to their inner children, to all of their parts of self, and to their divine essence. It’s the goal there. Once they can start to trust themselves and trust their connection to spirit. That’s when real transformation can happen. That’s when the joy can come. That’s when they can start to make the changes that help realign themselves from that crisis that we were talking about, where they’ve gone down their railroad track of the things that they were supposed to be doing. They’re like, “I don’t want to be doing any of this. What do I do now? How do I transform my life?”

Personal Journey

Let’s go backwards a little bit, if we will. How did you get into this program? It sounds like this is something that’s very personal to you that you experienced it so that you can then turn around and give that beautiful benefit to other people. What was your experience? What was your childhood? Did your inner child locked in the closet and you’re like, “Let me out?”

There are 2 or 3 different tracks on that. At an early age, I was very intuitive. I was having experiences that were not getting mirrored back to me. I would see spirits. I have strong intuition and I’d be like, “Did you see that?” It was like crickets. My curiosity of it was also not returned because I grew up in a Catholic environment and anything that’s not anything like a Ouija board or a ghost. Anything like that is like, “No, you can’t explore that.”

I was like, “I’m interested in that.” There was a lot of telling and me trying to find answers to these things that I was experiencing. When I was about sixteen, I got jumped by a person. I would sneak away with my girlfriend. We were in a place that we shouldn’t have been. Somebody showed up and it attacked her. I fended her off and I got my butt kicked in a serious way. At one point, I felt my soul leave my body. I was like having an out of body experience while I was getting attacked. When I came back and I was able to defend myself off from this person. I had even more questions.

You had an almost an energy of some kind.

Not having then I had trauma on top of all these questions. It wasn’t until college that I started to explore it a little bit but not necessarily in a great way. I had an experience with witchcraft, white witchcraft, which was very transformative and it brought hope back to my life. I was able to start to talk about these things that I was very curious about and have people that were like, “I know what you’re talking about.” Rather than like, “What is he talking about?”

That ended up falling apart because I started to get romantically involved with another student and the teacher didn’t like that. I had another strange experience where I was forbidden to talk about it. I was told I’m not allowed to talk about anything like, “This is all secret. You’re not allowed to talk about any of it.”

You’re in the secret society.

I was nineteen and I was not able to keep secrets. One of the things that another time I got physically attacked was when I finally was able to say. My friend was like, “What happened with all of that?” Years later. I was like, “Let me tell you.” After trying to keep a secret for so many years because I was told if I ever talk about it, all my powers would be taken away then I got attacked again after that when I told him. On the way home from a bar, we got jumped. I was like, “This is terrible. I can’t talk about anything to anybody. I’m cursed.”

Years later, I met my wife. Deanna and I connected in a way that I had never connected with before. She understood a lot of the experiences that I had. We’re open to it in a different way than I had ever been able to talk to anybody about and she was doing this program, this Helix training program. Long story. She has been working with Alberto Villoldo, who was a doctor. He wrote           Shaman, Healer, Sage and she went to healing sessions with him.

Some of his students had been working in the Helix program. We fell in love. We got married. The program opened up and we joined it. We did this four-year program and it was super intense. It gave us a great language to be able to speak to each other with because a lot of other people were like, “I’m trying to go home to my husband and talk to him about what he’s projecting on to me.”

We were able to start our relationship on this strong baseline. I wasn’t able to like step fully into my role as a helix practitioner until the pandemic because I was working in New York City. I wasn’t able to take on clients or anything because I never knew when I’d be home. The pandemic gave me the opportunity to be able to start seeing clients in a more consistent way because I could just jump out of Zoom at the end of the day.

Everything was remote so you could begin to practice that way.

I have to deal with New Jersey transit.

Early Experience With Spirit

Which is a fun thing, isn’t it? Let’s go back a second. You mentioned you had an out-of-body experience. You had contact with spirits. When you were first connecting with spirit, what was your feeling like? What were you feeling? What were you experiencing? What were you sensing? What were your experiences with your communications with spirit when you were young?

When I was young, one of my first memories is saying goodbye to my grandfather. He was in the hospital and I was having dreams about him. He was waving goodbye to me and I was little. I remember that. I remember having déjà vu and being like, “I knew that was going to happen.” More than déjà vu like premonitions.

When I was physically assaulted, the experience for me was very much like feeling all my past lives and all my future lives at the same time like coming out of time and feeling like the immensity of my spirit. Seeing my future life in this realm then also feeling into, “I was this in that life. I was that in this life.” It was very much like being able to step out of the continuity of the here and now and be able to see the future and past. At the same time, all this person was taking a rock to my head. I was feeling my hands being guided. To move my hands over my temple to protect myself. I was literally feeling like that.

There is energy moving parts of your body that you didn’t realize were getting moved. When you were working and realizing your difference lives, past, current, and future, did you begin to understand that everything was all happening simultaneously that you could realize that it was all simultaneous lives but all in the same second? There was no differential between time.

I don’t think at the time I knew that. I’ve come to a better understanding of it now. My understanding of it and my experiences with it now is amazing because I’ve had sessions with people and help space for people and worked on myself where I feel that we’re mirroring a lot of the things that we have experienced in other lives. We can simultaneously heal this life while healing other lives.

We can connect with spirit. I believe that sometimes spirit comes through because they have unresolved things that they want to get through. By us making these connections and changes, it changes something for them as well. There’s a co-healing happening that I’ve witnessed and experienced that. It has been beautiful and fascinating.

That sounds almost parallel to the concept of spirit guides. Spirit guides are growing spiritually as they have us grow spiritually. They have a vested interest in our spiritual growth because as we grow so, too.

Which is such a beautiful concept.


Talk about a vested interest. Who needs 401(k)? That’s great. Perhaps, you can touch your mediumship. Are you doing mediumship for clients? What are some of your takeaways from your connections with spirit as a result of all your mediumistic connections for your clients?

I do mediumistic readings and channel readings. On 4:00 on Fridays, I do an Instagram live where I open up the channel for people who want to show up on Instagram for me. The work there is such an incredible process because as intuitive and mediums and connecting with the energy of a person have passed and people that are the energy of these people are in our lives constantly. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, is the opening.

We have these ability drop a little bit deeper into our interaction with these energies and resolve things like I had talked about. Sometimes, there’s unresolved questions or messages that need to get communicated which could open up communication with people, especially if there were family secrets. I’ve held space for people where I’m like, “The spirit is telling me this.” They blend like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I’ve got messages afterwards where they’ve said something to their mother about what spirit came and the mom is like, “I can’t. How do you even know that?”

Sometimes, unresolved questions or messages need to be communicated, which could lead to open communication with people. Share on X

It also opens up a dialogue and a communication because when there’s secrets, there’s energy that’s held back. A lot of people that grew up in families with lots of secret are highly intuitive because they know there’s something that’s not being told. They’re always looking for it. They can feel it but they can’t necessarily tell what it is. Sometimes these doors open that allow for communication and allow for healing.

There’s sometimes energy or dialogues that are created where people can feel the love and feel the person’s energy that is a bomb to them. Especially if they have questions about how they passed away or questions about the relationship because a lot of times people are in relationship with wounded selves. Their father or mother is old and sick. They’re not in their time of their lives. They didn’t have the tools to deal with their anger, like we were talking about before. They’re wounded humans.

When they move into spirit, they’re no longer human wounds. There might be stuff that they need to communicate and work out still, but they’re not in the same pain body that they were in when they were alive. They were able to communicate how much they loved someone or apologized for how they behaved that you may or may not have been able to do as humans.

You’re finding that they come back in a message that they are now unfettered to allow themselves to be able to express what it was that they were unable to express while they were in the physical. That suddenly makes me realize what you were talking about the very beginning of the show, the times when we’re unable to express ourselves because of that wounded inner child. You’re saying the spirits no longer have that inner child to worry about so as a result, they can’t.

They’re whole.

It’s the ego in mind. It’s the inner child relationship with that ego. That’s all been left behind and now they’re able to fully express what it is that they need. Every time I do a mediumship reading, the joy that comes through and the critical importance of the joy that they express to their loved one left behind. They’re trying to get them to live their life to the fullness and receive full joy in their life. That seems to be like the overwhelming there.

True and so beautiful. I’ll stand it.

When I connect with spirit, that’s one of the ways that I find that they’re trying to bring through that love. It’s a transformative love but that transformative love and joy itself is a fundamental healing. That seems to be the bottom line that they’re trying to do. Heal in any way, shape, or form, that they can do it. Whether it’s express the joy, express the love express, the forgiveness and bring healing to the person in need which is very much like what you were talking about.

It’s such a beautiful place to work. It’s a beautiful space to hold for people when this happens.

Importance Of Healing

You’ve been talking about healing for a lot. Is this a fundamental imperative for everybody to try to find healing for themselves? How critical is it that we all go out and get ourselves healed? I know there are countless, probably a large majority of people walk the planet saying, “I don’t have any problems that I’ll either deal with it or I’m okay and I don’t need your help.”

Everyone’s on their own path. This works for some people and maybe some people aren’t ready for it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were in a culture where these things could be openly discussed and accepted? People could be curious about it. There’s a lot of movement on this. More men are showing up in these circles and women have been in these circles a lot, especially over the last 30 years.

Men are now starting to show up a little bit more. That is a door that’s opening up that people are realizing that what we’re fed in our culture and our capitalist television culture or internet culture now. I’m dating myself again, isn’t always about self practice. There is a practice. It’s a like, “I got mad about something at the supermarket. I acted like a jerk there. Why is that? What needs of mine are not getting met?” That’s a mindset. It’s a curiosity. It’s an ability to own our behavior in a way that needs to be supported in our culture rather than like, “Look at how mad they got. Let’s put it on the internet,” and make fun of each other. Does that make sense?

Is the rapid evolution to a quick anger state, a function of the environment and our fast-paced environment that we live in or is it more deep-seated within the individual?

It’s deep-seated in our culture and our individual. As I had mentioned before, our generation certainly was not given the tools to be able to communicate our anger. Our previous generations were not. We have seven generations of people that have never had space for their anger and have ancestral trauma around this.

As we start to do the work, this taps into what we were talking about with bad spirits coming and trying to communicate love and appreciation. This is a generational healing that’s happening so that we can show up to the people that are starting their lives and are younger than us as. We’re probably not elders yet but we’re getting there. To be able to hold space and show a different way.

Tell my son that and he will says that I live in the Stone Age.

I was at Barnes and Noble. We used to have a homeschool discount card. The last time I went in. I got 20% off but now you know they changed and I got crabby with the woman. I was like, “I don’t want that. I want my 20% off.” I was a jerk but I didn’t think about it until I left. My daughter was like, “you were a jerk, dad.” I was like, “I was a jerk.” I went back and I apologized. I said, “I’m sorry. I was disappointed about the thing. It’s not your fault. You’re not the person that made this policy.”

It’s fascinating you mention that because the fact that your daughter called you out on that. My son does the exact same thing. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that their generation is much more sensitive or they’re more observant of us as parents. Do you think it’s a generational thing that they’re more sensitive to that reaction?

I can talk about how we’ve raised my daughter. My daughter is very astute. We’ve given her the space to be able to express herself and not worry about calling us out whereas I wouldn’t have necessarily been able to say to my family, my parents like, “That was crappy.”

We’d be on the backside of something.

Could very well be or at least yelled at or screamed at to embarrass our elders that way.

That was not our place. We don’t do.

I’ve raised my children to be able to have a voice and to take it seriously because they observe things. They’re new on this planet at least in this lifetime. They’re having a different experience. She’s constantly telling me I can’t say things. I’m like, “I can say that. I grew up in New Jersey. In the ’80s.”

Look at all the things I can say.

She’s like, “No, dad. Please don’t say that.” I’m like, “Fine. I’ll do my best.”

At least she’s telling you politely.

Most of the time.

As far as the rest of us know. It’s like in Vegas, what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We don’t want to know. It sounds like if a person is feeling that they’ve got some either inner child work or healing work or anger issues or things that they need to resolve. Almost everything seems to be revolving about what we opened up at the top of the show about getting to that creative state, allowing yourself to open up. You’re a teacher. You’re an artist and that’s very creative. It’s not like a lot get back to that creative state so that we can open up again. It gets me almost thinking that’s like turning on the spigot. Allow yourself the flow. Get back in the flow of things. That’s sound right.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be sit down and do visual art. That’s what I love to do. It could be ice skating or dance or anything that makes you feel uplifted, alive, and joyous. Everybody’s a little bit different but it’s giving yourself admission for that time. Also, not to have a lot of expectations around it. It doesn’t have to be in your side hustle or your other job.

Even detaching from that and doing it because you love to do it is the essential magic in it because that’s where you can infuse your life force into it. Once you start to be like, “Now I have to do this on a schedule. I’m going to make a website out of it.” That all could come but even when you’re doing that, you still need to do this. You need to still be tapping into your creativity and your joy no matter how you manifest it.

Allow the joy to come to the surface. That suddenly makes me think joy guide and how critical it is to tap into and connect with our joy guides because our joy guides will help us tap into this and lift us to that vibration where we can experience the joy in life because that’s we’re here for. If we come to this in a dense material plane to experience lessons but we’re also here to experience the joy of a physical life in a dense existence.

It’s a completely different experience than a person can experience in a non-physical state where it’s amorphous. We’re here. The joy is very visceral and very tangible. It’s a different joy. A very quick joy. If we can tap into that joy and get help from our joy guides or whomever else. That’s the power to tap in.


Spirits Beside Us | Fred Kluth | Power Of Joy


It’s beautiful. I love that idea of joy guides. My father used to also say that happiness wasn’t something that we get. We’re not just happy. It’s something that we have to work at and develop. He would treat his happiness almost like a hobby. He knew what the things were that brought him joy and brought him happiness and he would do them. He would do them and consciously make that space for those things in his life so that he was able to cultivate that. I love that. That’s a guide that I done my best to keep working to. It’s a North Star for me. The world is it going to let you be happy. You have to work at.

It’s anthropomorphic or I don’t know if that’s the right word. It’s almost an opposition in the very definition. It’s like you want to experience joy, but the world’s going to try to prevent you from experiencing it. You’ve got to work harder to get it because you’ve got forces that are going against you and your very efforts.

The weird thing is because we are so bound in to do lists and achievements and like this left brain, X, Y, and Z. You get that and you do this. Joy isn’t like that. Joy is this energy that you have to invite in and you have to cultivate this relationship with. You have to pay attention to it. You have to make it a nice cup of tea. You have to love it like you do a partner in a way.

Joy is this energy that you have to invite in and nurture this relationship with. You have to pay attention to it. You have to make it a nice cup of tea. You have to love it like you do a partner in a way. Share on X

Joy is also the randomness to derive pleasure from anything that comes your way at any time in a random fashion.

Being present.

The present moment. Also, gratitude also comes to my mind. Finding the joy in those things that you’re grateful for in your life even if they’re tiny. No matter how small they are, it could be the cup of coffee, the food that you’re eating, the clothes you’re wearing, or the roof over your head. The little things that we all take for granted. If you’re happy with those tiny little things that we all take for granted that we forget about every day, suddenly you’re joyful for those little things. You’re like, “Life’s good on that.”

You can cultivate a gratitude practice. You can make list of things that you’re gratitude about. You can talk to your partners about what do you what are you grateful for? What are you grateful for about tomorrow? Bring those conscious practices in to help cultivate that joy and that love in your life.

If you were to talk to a reader and give them a simple guide as to how they can work with a gratitude practice, what would you say? What would you tell them?

I would start a conversation or a journal practice of writing down what we’re grateful for. It could be anything to my employment, my clients, my practices, my partnership or the way that we communicated about this show. Working with you, I’m very grateful for that. Bring those things into our conscious memory and giving gratitude for the gratitude and making this a daily practice. That would be the best way to do it and sharing that gratitude.

It’s not just like, “I’ve made a nice journal entry about all the things that I’m grateful for,” but inviting people into that by saying like, “Can I share something with you? I want to share how grateful I am to that interchanged that we had or how you did that or this thing or I observed this in you and that makes me feel grateful. You taught me a lesson.” Creating a dialogue or even sharing like, “Can I share this grateful gratitude list with you? Can you share one with me?” You’re creating a dynamic where people are sharing the things that they’re grateful for.

I like that sharing aspect because that brings the humanness together, as opposed to just doing it individually in the darkness where you write your gratitude and you’re hiding behind some desk or something. You’re like, “I don’t want to look in that light.” You’re like a troll in the dark. You don’t want anybody you see. It’s like, “Come on out and share your gratitude. Let the world know how happy you are.”

It gives you the opportunity to understand what’s important to the people that you love.

You could also derive even greater happiness and joy by sharing that joy with random strangers by doing random acts of kindness. Smiling when somebody is on a sidewalk. Picking up somebody’s newspaper and getting it.

Say thank you.

Random acts of kindness will blow somebody else’s mind away. The example I always use is imagine or remember the last time somebody did some random act of kindness for you that you didn’t even know somebody smiled at you, how you felt. It impacted you ten times more than them. Imagine if everybody did that around the globe. What a different world we’d be living in.

It would be beautiful.

We’d be living in this high vibration joy.

We need that.

Especially where the world is. We need a lot more joy and random acts. A lot more gratitude. It doesn’t take anything more than moving the muscles on your face to turn them into a smile. Even if it hurts you. smile and go, “I’m smiling at you.” That’s the other thing, there’s something in psychology that says, “If you Force yourself to smile within 30 seconds to a minute. You’ll start to feel happy despite yourself.” Despite our best efforts, you will start to feel happy if you begin to fake a smile. You be like, “Ah.” You’ll start to feel happy.

One thing I love is laughter yoga. Have you ever done that?

No, I’ve never heard of that. Tell me about it.

It’s this practice where you fake laugh. You start to fake laugh, but then it turns into a real laugh then you do a session were you laugh with people. It opens up their hearts and it releases all the endorphins. It’s amazing. Laughter yoga is so much fun.

You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.

That’s right.

Who needs the pharmaceutical industry when you got laugh yoga? Who needs doctors? Who needs all those heart pills? We don’t need that. We’ll get laugh yoga. That’ll open up everything.

Even if you are sick, you get to laugh about it.

There are so many stories of, for example, people getting sick or people who have cancer that suddenly go into spontaneous remission because they’ve been specifically doing laughter practices over the period of three months every single day watching funny shows and what have you. There’s so many cases of this and their doctors are flustered. It’s the laughter and that’s what they do. They intentionally do it. It’s all in the intention, which comes full circles. You got to set the intention and the direction you’re going if you do that. That’s what’s going to help.

If we set the intention towards joy, peace, and creativity, what a world.

If we set the intention towards joy, peace, and creativity, what a world it would be! Share on X

Fred, what would you say would be if the single most important recommendation that you think you could give to some person who’s reading the show?

Learning how to love oneself, accept ourselves, and be at peace is the biggest recommendation one can do. There’s so many ways to do that. Sometimes it requires a little work and challenges to ourselves and the way that we look at ourselves. Being open to making those changes in ourselves so that we can open up our hearts more. What is it that we need to do to choose love in our lives?


I love that. That’s great. Thank you so much, Fred. How can people get in touch with you if they want to learn more about you or they want to work with you?

My site is FredKluth.com and I’m on Instagram at @Fred_Kluth. You can find out about the Helix Training program at HelixTraining.org.

Thank you so much, Fred, for being on the show. Thank you, everyone, for reading another episode of the show. Stay tuned for the next episode coming up. We’re going to continue talking about healing, spirit and how we can all connect. I look forward to seeing you next episode. This is Chris signing off for now. Sending you love and light. Until next time. Bye for now.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the show. You can check out all the links and information on this episode at SpiritsBesidUs.com. If you love this episode as much as I did, head over to rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode. Also, if you’re looking for a community of spiritual seekers like yourself, make sure you join my Facebook page, Spirits Beside Us-Podcast on Facebook. This is Chris signing off. Sending you love and light. I can’t wait to connect with you again.


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Spirits Beside Us | Fred Kluth | Power Of JoyFred is a psycho-spiritual counselor, intuitive medium, teacher and artist. He is dedicated to the sacredness of all life. He is a director of the Helix Training Program, a transformative training experience that integrates psychological awareness, spiritual practice, and holistic healing modalities. He works with people in need of moving out of fear and creating a life of joyful abundance by using holistic tools such as shamanism, somatic practices, inner child work and creative expression.

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