Cultivating Joy And Purpose In Life With Lee VanZyl  


In this episode, Chris Lippincott interviews Lee VanZyl, a former lawyer turned evidential medium and healer, who shares her journey of discovering mediumship and the importance of evidence in her work. She discusses the influence of her daughter and her father, who was also a medium, in her development. Lee emphasizes the naturalness of mediumship and the need for more evidence-based practices. She also explores the rise of mediumship and spiritual practices in various professions, such as therapy and medicine. Lee highlights the benefits of trance mediumship and spirit rescue work in enhancing mediumship abilities and providing healing.

In this conversation, Lee and Chris discuss their experiences with mediumship and spiritual healing. They talk about overcoming fear and paranoia associated with mediumship and the importance of understanding and raising one’s vibration. They also explore the power of spiritual healing and the connection between emotions and disease. The conversation emphasizes the need to be present in life, to live joyfully, and to expand one’s spirituality. They discuss the role of the inner critic in mediumship and the importance of healing and self-realization. The conversation concludes with a discussion on finding one’s life purpose and following one’s passion.

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Cultivating Joy And Purpose In Life With Lee VanZyl  

Welcome to another episode of the show. I am so excited to have one of my good friends and wonderful medium with us, Lee VanZyl. She is a former lawyer turned evidentiary medium and healer. Talk about a 180. She’s formerly from South Africa, but now, she’s living pretty close to me in Clifton, New Jersey here in the States. She’s the Owner of Montclair Psychic School, which is also a wellness center. Also, that’s where she has her office where she conducts all of her private sessions.

For the last couple of years, she has really been focused on training evidential mediums, trance mediums, and Usui reiki practitioners. She’s been quite instrumental in teaching many of the mediums and practitioners that are out there. She’s got a lot of different modalities under her belt, but she carries a passion for working with Spirit. That’s her main focus.

Her school has turned out a lot of evidential mediums that are world-renowned. I was in her school. I’m not going to say I’m world-renowned, but I went through her school for a number of years. She was incredibly influential in my path, so I thank her from the bottom of my heart. She’s been internationally trained. She has trained in the US and the UK at Arthur Findlay College, and also in Australia and New Zealand. She’s been around the block. She’s been trained. She’s wonderful. I’m so happy to have her.


Spirits Beside Us | Lee VanZyl | Life Purpose


Welcome, Lee. I’m so glad to have you.

Thank you. It’s wonderful to be with you. It’s exciting.

From Lawyer To Medium

One of the things that has always boggled my mind, and I understand it because I come from a similar materialist, logical, and analytical background, is you are a former lawyer. How did you go from being this evidential lawyer, somebody who was based in fact and everything had to be proven, to becoming a medium where you can’t really do that?

Sometimes, a lot of things happen by design. While I was working as a lawyer, I never had that moment where I was like, “I wonder what it’s like to be a psychic. I wonder what it’s like to be a medium.” I found my mediumship through my daughter who was a natural medium and was hearing their people speak to her. From age two, she would speak to them. I personally found that a little bit of a horrifying prospect.

Before going to school, as with a lot of the sensitive children, she was a bit odd. The kids didn’t gel with her. I found her a place here in New Jersey where they worked with similar kinds of kids. It was there waiting for her one day that I randomly saw a mediumship class which led me to meet my first teacher who was also from Australia. I developed my mediumship. I was so surprised by the fact that I could connect because I didn’t think of Spirit in that way. It was, “I can’t believe someone’s accepting something that I gave them.”

Some bug bit me. My journey is probably 100% due to my teacher who soon after the class worked her magic from Australia and got me leading a circle, teaching. She really promoted me from across the ocean. She might’ve seen something inside me that I didn’t quite know was there. I’m happy, in retrospect, that, for the first time in my life, I paid attention to my intuition and thought, “Do what this lady is saying.” That led to the unfoldment of my mediumship. It was by chance.

If you mention lawyers, lawyers are all about evidence. One of the things that really resonates with me is the fact that you have to provide evidence. That gives a medium credibility. It separates the mind from the imagination. In many ways, that’s why mediumship specifically resonates with me. It’s evidentiary-based. It’s not like you’re giving people a story and they might know it’s true or they don’t know. They can take it or not, so you’ve got to prove yourself. That’s good.

As soon as I was saying it, I began to realize, “Why am I asking the question?” You were an evidential lawyer. You’re an evidential medium. The two, there’s a bridge right there. I was like, “That’s not the right question.” If I remember right, there is a famous lawyer whose name I can’t remember who wrote a book talking about how there’s so much evidence out there about the spirit world. He said that if you were to pile all the evidence on one piece on top of the other, all that evidence would go miles into the sky. It’s amazing. Victor Zammit was his name.

I remember reading a book of his long ago.

I remember thinking, “You’re a lawyer. Why would you know that?” Apparently, he’s got that connection. You’re a little bit different than some people. Some people say, “I knew it when I was young. I had a young connection.” Your connection was more of an adult connection. All of a sudden, you’re like, “I’m connecting. How is this possible?” Yours was more of an adult development.

It was, but looking back on the journey, in retrospect, once I understood what was going on and what mediumship was, having that 20/20 hindsight thing going on, I can see, “It was there, but I wasn’t doing anything about it. I wasn’t aware of it.” I do remember seeing Spirit with my eyes, which is objective clairvoyance when I was very young with a friend.

I remember going to my dad and telling him about the sky we saw and how he disappeared. My dad said, “It’s a ghost. Don’t worry.” That was the only conversation I had with my dad about that kind of thing. I was aware of hearing outside my ears as a teenager. I remember struggling with a lot of anxiety and depression as a teenager and always hearing these voices.

I then read the book and saw the movie, Sybil. I don’t know if you saw it. It starred Sally Field. It was about a woman with seven personalities. In reading that book and the experience I was having, I then thought, “I’m schizophrenic.” That was a really good reason not to say a word about what I was experiencing. I kept it to myself and struggled a lot.

In South Africa where I grew up, you don’t go to therapists. It’s a different culture over there certainly when I was growing up. If there’s anything wrong with you that you have to see a therapist, people in white coats are going to come in all your way and you’re going to be gone for a very long time. I was quite scared of that. Looking back, I can see it was Spirit but it was out of control.

As I got into my twenties, I figured out my dad was a medium. He does it on the side without telling anybody. I then found out about that. He never ever discussed it and never did anything because I was raised in a very strict Catholic household. There was this thing that I discovered in my early twenties. I started to speak to my dad about it but did not want to do it at all.

He spoke to me a lot about life and death and what happens when you cross over. We had a lot of deep spiritual conversations. Honestly, I’m grateful for that simply because he died very soon after I discovered this. I had a good understanding of death after talking to him. I do feel it prepared me a lot for it, but by the same token, I still never mentioned to him what I’d been experiencing earlier. There was never a conversation of, “You can learn to do this,” or, “You should do this.” It was never anything like that.

Once he died, I got on with the life of being a lawyer. It was only many years later that my daughter started with this. My dad had been gone for so long. It was like, “What is this?” I never experienced that. I never experienced that with him either. That’s why it was so alarming. You look back and it’s like, “It’s there.” It’s with everyone because I do believe mediumship is perfectly natural. Most people aren’t aware when Spirit is touching them. I was one of those people.

Mediumship is perfectly natural. Most people just aren't aware when spirits are touching them. Share on X

What I’ve always come to learn is that everybody has that ability in the back of their hindbrain that’s lying dormant. They’ve got all the psychic senses but it’s not tapped in. People aren’t using it. They sometimes use the abilities, but they don’t even call it that. Whether it’s intuition, a gut instinct, or a feeling about somebody, they’re using these abilities, but they don’t call it that. That’s something, and it is quite natural.

Childhood And Religious Background

If you look at also perhaps children, they have no barriers. They’ve got a wonderful creative imagination, which invites Spirit in. They’re able to have that communication. They all say, “I’ve got this wonderful playmate that nobody else can see.” Everybody says, “It’s always your imagination.” I don’t know. I don’t think so. That’s Spirit coming to say, “We’re here,” and then that analytical and logical brain kicks in and eventually, that closes down. What was your childhood like? You mentioned you were in a strict Catholic household. You probably had a strict culture, so what was your childhood like?

My childhood was like anyone else’s childhood. I was an only child. I know I had an imaginary friend, so that was a little bit different. I grew up in the city in South Africa, but my family did own some farms out in the bush where a lot of the game reserves are, so I had a very nice childhood. I had the city experience. Also, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the family’s farm where you could be with all the wild animals. I loved being in nature. I love that kind of thing. I’m going back this year, 2024. The one thing I’m going to do is head back into the bush because that’s where you can be quiet and disconnect from the world, which is so important.

That’s great. Did you have any influence or pushback saying, “This is not something that you should be doing from religion.” The religious experience that you were undergoing, was that something that was suppressing you at that point?

At that point in time, I don’t think religion was necessarily expressing me because I wasn’t exploring this. I wasn’t curious about this thing. What religion did was it was the reason it wasn’t spoken about in my house even though my father would’ve probably been able to help me out like that. No one spoke about it because it was evil. I saw the Exodus movies and that kind of thing.

I did go and visit a circle my dad did once. I said to him, “I’ll come. I’d like to see what you do, but I want to wear a rosary around my neck and I need a crucifix and a bottle of holy water.” That’s how terrified I was of that kind of thing. He said, “You can come watch.” I didn’t know. When you think about it, a lot of people who come for readings might be Catholic and they’re quite unsure. They’re like, “Should I come for the reading or go to confession first? Which one should I do?” I see a lot of that.

As far as general people being open to it, no one in my family is open to this kind of thing. My two kids seem to be little mediums, but they were fortunate enough to be in a home where people could talk about this. It wasn’t a secret. Generally, none of my family are open to this. Only my two kids, not the family in South Africa or the American family. No one is open to it.

That seems to be that question of what you could call nature versus nurture. A lot of people say, “This person’s able to connect with Spirit because it’s in their DNA.” The more I gather and the more I speak and hear about it, it seems like it’s less DNA and more the culture, the nurture, the family, the background. You’re able to speak it or you feel that it’s normal so you’re able to open up to it as opposed to having it closed down.

There are a lot of closeted mediums out there. If you consider the television mediums out there, they’ve done a lot of good as far as mediumship goes in that it has brought people who might have been in the closet out there. That has been helpful to a certain extent. However, I work with so many mediums, and it seems to be a problem that a lot of us struggle with where we do this, but no one’s open to it.

In all my mentoring programs, there are going to be a lot of people there who are like, “I don’t want people to know what I’m doing. My family doesn’t know what I’m doing.” Also, a lot of professional people who do it don’t want people to know what they’re doing because they might be doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, or whatever the case might be. Everyone keeps quiet about it, but it’s there.

Spirituality And The Rise Of Mediumship

The more I look, it seems like it’s accelerating. Is that your sense that Spirit is working with more people or more and more individuals around the globe to try to raise vibration and try to get more people open?

When I first started doing this, I remember my school and my center were the only ones. Maybe there was one that I knew of. It was very rare. I remember the crowd that would start to attend them. I would describe them more as the woo-woo people, a lot of witches. There is nothing wrong with that, but I would say woo-woos, the general idea that people get when you speak about spiritual people, the cliches.

I noticed within around three years of starting to teach that the people were changing, and they were changing quite rapidly. Suddenly, it seemed to be people from all walks of life. That surprised me. In the last few years, I’ve seen so many people that you wouldn’t expect to take mediumship. I know they would, but they weren’t really doing it. This is where you’ve got professionals in the field of science, the medical field, and the financial field taking all of these classes.

Something’s happening. They’re stepping outside the closet. Some of them are quite open about it. I’ve noticed there are a lot of therapists, for example, who take reiki healing. They study different forms of spiritual healing, and they’re starting to be like, “This stuff works. We’ve got to work with both. We’ve got to come out and start doing this.” There’s still this little clash between the rules, whether it be state rules or governing body rules, but I see there’s a strong surge of people wanting to break a mold and start to unify their Western medical practice or psychological practice with spiritual.

I’ve noticed that too. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who, in some fashion, are counselors, therapists, or working in some way, They’ve come and wanted to explore the concept of integrating their standard practice that they have a license for with all these other modalities to see what blends with them, what works for them, and what they feel comfortable with. When they blend the two and bring the two together, they’re like, “This really seems to work. It’s helping.” That’s the thing. They say, “Whatever’s going to help my patient, that’s what I’m going to do.”

How do you get someone’s mind in the game? Whatever works, right?

Trance And Mediumship

Exactly. There’s a saying. How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb’s got to really want to change. I love that saying. It’s so true. You cover a lot of different modalities. You’ve got evidential mediumship and trance. You are one of the people who introduced me to trance perhaps within the first year of my working with you. I was like, “Trance? A) What is trance? B) I can’t do that. Why me?” You then launched into this spiel of, “It’s going to open up all these other doors over time.” Not only did it do that, but I’ve become leaps and bounds. You were so steadfast and was like, “Do it.” Talk about trance, your experience in trance, and how you feel it’s important with mediumship and all the other modalities.

My first teacher, Audrey Willey, was instrumental in my training. She had her own place in Melbourne, and she did a lot of this stuff. I became immersed in the stuff. It was a great opportunity for me to experience lots of things and pick up a lot of things. Trance mediumship is the most wonderful vehicle for mediumship. There are a lot of people who think trance is, “Spirit is going to come in and take your body.” It’s not that. It’s about a blending of the mind where you allow them to speak through you and allow their spiritual philosophy or teaching to come through you. I’ve found it’s one of the best vehicles to enhance an evidentiary mediumship practice and its ability to connect to the spirit world.

Trance helps people even in a regular evidentiary reading to almost go into a spontaneous trance state where they can speak in the first person. To develop a trance, you’ve got to meditate. That helps us in our own life in becoming mindful, being able to get to that deep meditation, and sitting in a trance circle. The philosophy of the spirit world is mindblowing. You learn so much. I sit for trance on Tuesday nights. It’s my favorite night of the week.

Also, developing trance mediumship is also to do direct communication when you do readings. It’s where you don’t need to offer a lot of evidence but bring through dad and dad is going to speak to his son or his daughter directly. That’s incredibly powerful. I love trance. It’s a really great technique to develop. Also, by working with spirits, philosophy, and everything, they inspire you in your everyday life. We were talking about writing books earlier. Let Spirit write a book for you. If you know how to connect and do that kind of thing, they can probably dictate the book for you.

Weren’t you the one who, after I showed you the manuscript for my book, said half this book was probably automatically written or something by my Spirit?

Probably. I honestly believe that.

It was only 5 or 6 months. You’re like, “That was Spirit.” I’m like, “Okay.” One of the other things about trance is it helps us to allow. We get so used to allowing, trusting, and surrendering to Spirit, which not only helps the evidential aspect but helps us to open up to everything else and all the other modalities. That seems to be the fundamental aspect. Trusting, allowing, and surrendering are the core aspects of a trance. That was one thing.

Spirit Rescue

I do remember in the beginning thinking, “This is all me.” You said something like, “Do you notice that your words are starting to change?” I’m like, “I guess so. You tell me.” It was wonderful. Thank you for introducing me to trance. I never would’ve started it because I thought they were two completely different worlds, but they’re the same thing. You also do spirit rescue, which I find so interesting. Help people understand what spirit rescue is, what you do, how it works, and all that.

It’s going back to my first teacher, Audrey. When I say she opened me up to mediumship, she blasted my wall open entirely. I remember during that first course as well, there was a girl there who was speaking to her about having a friend attached to her and that her friend had committed suicide. I had no idea what they were talking about. I was like, “What do you mean that person is attached to you?” I had no idea what was going on.

She eventually decided to show everyone how this gets done. She had the girl sitting and had me at the back. It was such a shocking weekend because while she was doing the cross-over, I felt Spirit stepping into my body. It was really a crazy experience. This spirit crossed over who committed suicide through my body. I could see and feel everything. It was amazing. I learned so much that first weekend. Due to that, I started to develop that work in a healing capacity.

There are a lot of people who have problems in their homes. Some people also have issues where there might be a spirit attached to the auric field. If you’re looking at it from the spiritualist church’s perspective, that’s a lot of nonsense, but from a different perspective that’s not within the auspices of religion, it’s simply uncrossed spirits or people who, for some reason, didn’t cross over. They stopped moving and became confused. They need a reminder to move it along. It all depends on which perspective you’re looking at.

Rescue mediumship can be a very powerful part of the work, particularly for healing, simply because with these energies, if they are in the auric field because they haven’t crossed over to the higher vibration, they still retain the mindset and the emotional state of what they did and what they had when they were still in the physical.

If that spirit were stuck and they were alcoholics or depressed, they would carry that energy. That’s what happens 2hen you work with people with healing. What’s their vibration? What are the emotions they’re holding onto? There could be a blending there. Their emotions will become exacerbated with a spirit like that closer to them.

That’s that field of work. That field of work can go right up to exorcisms, which I feel should be dealt with by the church. There’s a big difference between doing spirit rescue work and mediumship. Rescue work would be part of the healing. I don’t focus on that too much. I’ve trained a team who knows how to do this really well.

I feel I will only see something like that if I’m doing a healing. That’s because when you’re doing a healing session, like a reiki session, you’re looking for what doesn’t belong. For the most part, let’s say I discern something within the auric field during a reiki session. I’m probably not even going to tell the client, “Cross it over. You can get rid of it.” There’s no point in telling the client because you don’t want to invoke fear in people either. If you say to someone, “There’s a spirit attached to you,” then they go crazy. They’re like, “Oh my God.” They’re moving to fear. You can move them along. It’s like doing an energy clearing. It doesn’t need to be a major thing.

This work does not overlap with evidentiary mediumship or trance mediumship. When you do an evidentiary reading, it’s those that are connected to the sitter that are in the light. That’s who’s going to come through in trance mediumship. It’s our loved ones in the light as well as the guides. In a reading like that, you should never ever connect to anything that’s a lower level.

The two can remain completely separated. You deal with them for healing purposes, but as far as psychic readings, mediumship readings, and trance, you should not be connecting to that at all. That’s why I feel you don’t need protection, so to say, when you work as a medium because there’s nothing that you need protecting from.

A lot of people have asked me, “Don’t we need to do a protection or a prayer or do this or that?” I’m like, “No because I only set the intention for high vibration and loving energy. The intention is everything.”

I do say a prayer before my readings and everything. Although I don’t go to church, I like prayer. I’m prayerful. I connect to God. For me, I always like doing that when I do any of my spiritual work, but it’s not like, “God, please protect me in case something really bad happens.” You are welcome in that divine light, and that’s sufficient. You don’t need to wear a suit of armor when you’re doing mediumship reading.

That’s what I meant. It was not a prayer or protection, like, “Please come by with your terrible swift sword and protect me.” You don’t need that.

Also, I’ve had to evolve over the years. I understand all of it. I understand how mediumship works, but coming up through it, I didn’t know that. I used to be very terrified and paranoid about it. You’ve got to work on yourself as well as your mindset and gain an understanding. You have to really understand what you’re doing and raise your vibration. You then realize, “All those years, I was so worried.” It’s almost laughable, but if you don’t know, that’s what happens.

I can remember in the early years, I was terrified. All these Hollywood ghost stories were floating in the back of my head. I was so indoctrinated with these movies. I was like, “Wow.” I was waiting for all the meanies to start coming in and attacking me. I was like, “Where are you?”

I remember back in the day, jingling from all the crystals I would wear. I had all the necklaces, the bracelets, and all this stuff. I thought if I didn’t have that stuff on, something awful was going to happen to me.

You have to have all your props.

I don’t need it anymore. It’s so nice to release all of that stuff.

Spiritual Healing

If you need it, okay, but you don’t need it. It’s all up here as opposed to in here. That’s the difference. How about spiritual healing that is so powerful, whether it’s through reiki, direct spiritual healing, inviting guides, or healing guides? How do you work with that? That can be so powerful. There are so many cases where I’ve been shocked at what’s happened. What has your experience been?

I do lots of different kinds of energy healing. Reiki is an energy healing modality, but we’re all doing energy healing. Spiritualists seem to feel that trance healing is slightly different. I don’t really separate the two so much. Maybe it’s because I do trance that I welcome Spirit in any way when I work. I believe I’ve seen some miraculous things happen when it comes to healing.

When you talk about energy healing, all your emotional and mental trauma lands within the aura. The correlation between emotions and disease is when it hits the physical body and you don’t fix your stuff, that’s a disease. We need to look at the Chinese medicine chart. That gives you a lot of insight. You’ve got a sick organ in your body. What’s the emotion that gets held there? That’s what needs to be healed.

I feel that we are very powerful. The hurts that we can put through our hands are very powerful. We also need to discern between two terms when we think of healers. When people book a session with you, do they want to cure or do they want healing? That’s a very different thing. A lot of people, when they approach healers, no matter what’s going on, it might be for emotional, healing, or something physical.

If people don’t really understand this kind of thing, they think, “I’m going to go to this healer because I’m going to be cured,” whether it be an emotional issue or a physical issue. If they’re struggling with their life emotionally and mentally, they think if they go to an energy healer, it’s going to be a cure, but it’s not. It’s healing. There’s a big difference.

You might get a cure sometimes when you do a healing session, particularly when you’re working with the guides and the spirit doctors. I don’t feel it’s us. It’s another higher being working through us. I look more upon that as miraculous or divine intervention when it comes to healing. A lot of the reasons why we struggle to get people healed or in that place where they can turn things around is because they think everything is a cure. They think that they don’t need to do anything, don’t need to show off for themselves, and don’t need to take action in their lives.

When you go for healing, we will work on the auric field. We can pick up stuff. We can give you spiritual guidance and give you the tools that you need to turn things around. We can keep your energy field clear. If you follow the guidance and the advice and change the way you live, then you will be able to hold the integrity of the energy healing we’ve done at that point in time. If not, you go back to your old patterns. Everything resets back to what it was before you came in.

That’s an important distinction we need to make. Clients need to understand that. If your life’s a mess and you’re broke because you’re going for an energy healing session, that starts you on the journey. You need to show up for yourself, but it’s not going to be a cure and tomorrow, you’re going to win the lottery. There’s a lot of misunderstanding with that kind of thing. It’s a way of life. Energy healing and spiritual healing become a way of life. The journey of your experience here on earth, we guide.

That’s a great point. It sounds like we’re also helping the client to understand that much of what they’re experiencing as a result of thought patterns and lifestyle patterns is almost an education of, “Here’s how you can help yourself going forward.”

That’s the beauty of spirituality or when you go on your spiritual journey. If you contrast that with a former religion, of the former religion, you look to the rules of the founding principles of your particular church or religion to see how you should act and what you need to think or believe. You will then go to that guideline or your pastor. Whereas with spirituality, we know we are powerful beyond measure. We are entitled. It’s our divine right to reach our full potential and experience joy in all areas of our lives. That’s when you reach your life purpose.

Whatever the joy point is for you, if you can achieve it, then you’re living your life’s purpose. We have to go on that journey. All the answers are within us. We are required to show up for ourselves and understand how it works. That’s the beauty of it. Once you understand how things work, how energy works, how the law of attraction comes into play, and your ability to manifest, that’s all awesome stuff. That’s the great thing. With a spiritual path, we can all turn things around.

I do believe unless there is a chemical imbalance with someone, we should be able to get through all our emotional and mental issues by ourselves through a spiritual approach. We don’t really need to be tied in with a healer all the time. If you learn, an energy healer can help you clear your auric field and give you guidance. They can also, in healing sessions, and I do that, teach clients how to do it for themselves. You’ve got to teach and empower. Do a clearing, teach, and empower people to go on their own journey. That’s the ideal world when they do that.

What we run into, unfortunately, is this resistance. People don’t do it. They don’t follow through. A lot of it has to do with the fact that maybe they’re not ready to heal. There’s resistance. Also, there is this misunderstanding about what it is we do. I feel a lot of people feel when they book with a healer, “I’m going for the cure.” That’s not the case. You’re going for the healing.

Finding Purpose And Impactful Readings

You’re right. It seems like it’s almost an education in self-realization and self-actualization to get to that joy point and learn that it’s our divine right to attain that state of joy. As you do that, it is up to you to get to that point. If you don’t allow yourself to do that, then you’re missing out on the full state of life. That seems to be what comes through in messages all the time. Spirit is always bringing that up all the time. At the end of every reading, it’s like, “Find your purpose,” or, “Live your joy,” or, “Live your fullest life.” That reminds me, if you were to pick out the most impactful reading that you’ve had or your most powerful or most wonderful reading with somebody, what would you say it was?


Spirits Beside Us | Lee VanZyl | Life Purpose


I can’t even think of one. I can’t think of one specific reading that stands out to me. I can take the impact of a lot of readings that I’ve done which has had an impact on me and allowed me to change the way I do things in life as well. The one trend that I do see from Spirit is that they have so much regret. The biggest lesson that I’ve learned from the readings I’ve received, but more in particular, the lessons I’ve taken from the readings that I’ve given. is to encourage people to be present and in the moment and not put off things because tomorrow is another day.

If you have the ability to have an experience, go and have the experience because tomorrow might be too late. I feel it has taught me and, hopefully, people that I’ve worked with to be present as they go through life and allow themselves to have experiences. Always express yourself to those you love. If you’ve had an argument with someone, don’t hold onto it. Let it go. Apologize, or move on from it, but don’t stew. We hold onto anger. We don’t do things because we are so worried about, “Maybe if I save more money, then next year, I can do that.” You are putting off life. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned.

Also, the big lesson from Spirit is to live your life. You don’t want to go over with regret. I feel this lesson also extends to mediums as well. You have to live your life and experience life. That is the most important aspect of mediumship development because the spirit world can only communicate with us based on what’s present here in our minds within our field of experience. If you don’t allow yourself to experience things in life, there’s very little information that they can then draw on when they do a reading.

I feel it’s even important for mediums as well to be present as they go through life, have experiences, and live life to their fullest. That’s, for me, a general trend and the most important lesson I’ve taken from doing my work with Spirit. It’s the one lesson that I do my best to integrate. If I look at my past, I would put off a lot of things. I’m like, “I got to work. I don’t want to take time off.” Take the time. Make the time. Don’t worry. If you can afford to do something, do it. Don’t worry about, “Maybe I need to save a bit more money.” If you get invited somewhere to have an experience, go. If you can afford it, go, but don’t put off living. Many people do that. I’m doing my best not to do that.

If you can afford to do something now, do it. Share on X

That is so key. It sounds like the book, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. It’s an amazing book. It’s all about being in the now, living the now, and living the joy in the now. To your point, every time Spirit is giving their messages, their energy, and their love to the recipient, as a conduit, I’m always receiving. It’s like a double message. It’s like they’re saying one thing at the same time. I’m recognizing, “That was also for me.” It’s the same as the healing. I’m getting this residual healing. Every time they heal their loved one, I’m like, “I feel phenomenal.”

As mediums, we always think, or I used to think, that you need to live a very pure life. You don’t drink, you don’t do this, or you don’t do that. It’s the opposite. Spirit wants us to live, enjoy, and experience. Learning to be more present as you go through life, I feel, is the most important thing. The most subtle difference that I brought into my life was, let’s say, in traveling, for example. I would have the camera out and take pictures. I’d have hundreds of photos that no one wants to see. You don’t want to look at it afterward, but you live your life from the lens of the camera. You don’t experience.

Once this started to really make sense to me about how one needs to be present as a medium to experience this stuff, I put my camera down. I don’t take too many pictures even when I travel. I’d rather be there and immerse myself and be in the experience. That’s what Spirit has taught me. That, I feel, is a big message they want to share with their loved ones as well.

What I’ve also noticed is, to your point on experience, I feel like they’re always going through my memory bank of experiences like it’s a Rolodex and going, “What experience can we use? There’s one.” They pull it out of the file and plug it into the player. All of a sudden, I’m like, “That experience,” or, “That memory.” They probably didn’t connect with me until I was much older because I didn’t have all those experiences. Once my Rolodex was full, they were like, “Now, we can use them.”

That’s right. You might say that when you were younger, you didn’t have all this stuff. In society, people are going backward because everyone’s so attached to social media. No one is present anymore. No one is going through life in the present way. You’re like a zombie with your social media. No one’s experiencing life anymore. Even though we’ve had so many advancements, we are moving backward.

People are going backward now because everyone's so attached to social media. No one is present anymore and presently going through life. Share on X

If you look at it from a business perspective, people don’t read anything anymore. They are not present. They’re not engaged. It’s really interesting. Spirit might not have been able to develop us when we were younger because we didn’t have the experiences. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve got more experiences. You’ve got to keep having experiences as a medium because if you’re going to go onto social media, what you’re not doing is experiencing. You become a zombie again. There’s nothing for them to tap out from your memory banks. It’s all about living. Live. Experience things. Be aware.

What I’m going to do right after this is I’m going to go to a bar. I’m going to party.

Why not?

I’m going to live life. Watch out, Spirit.

You might have a drink that Spirit used to drink right in your next reading. You’ll then know why.

There’s going to be that one Spirit that goes, “I like that drink. I’m going to attach to that person. because he’s always drinking that drink.” I’m then going to need you as a spirit rescue. That’s a whole nother story. When you’ve had these beautiful communications in the beginning, were you having that back and forth with yourself saying, “Is this me? Is this Spirit?” In the early days of your journey, were you thinking, “How can this be real? This sounds too much like me. It’s coming from me.” For many people in their early days, you are like, “That’s not possible. That’s too good to be true.”

When you start off doing this, you don’t trust. You think it’s all you, but we understand that’s the analytical part of your mind. I talk about the Frankie mind. I’ve given that voice a name. Everyone struggles with that. It’s very rare for someone not to struggle with that. Part of your mediumship development is to get that voice to quieten down. That’s about being present.

It lasted for many years with me because I also believe I didn’t really understand mediumship properly until quite some time after I developed. From time to time, that voice still interferes with me. I feel it does with a lot of mediums. For all of us, from time to time, it comes up. You’ve got to be able to identify it and be aware of it.

The more healing you do on yourself, the less that voice is going to interject. Mediumship triggers all of that in mediums. That’s one of the reasons why mediums need to heal. It’s because they get triggered. They’re being triggered because of the stuff that they’re still holding onto. Mediums are pushed to go on a healing journey. The more stuff you heal from yourself as a medium, the less you’ll be in your left mind, and the more confidence you’ll develop as a medium.

That’s so true. I forgot about the Frankie mind. That suddenly makes me remember that when Spirit is connecting with you, you’ll know it because it is so different than your regular mind. It’s coming in in such a different way and different personality, characteristics, sound, and feeling than what you are normally used to. If it’s different than what you’re used to, you know you’re on the right track.

I don’t even know if I can differentiate it as a different kind of voice. It’s the thinking. That’s what’s got to quieten down. Mediumship is a process of progressive refinement. The more you develop, the less you feel. My mediumship, several years ago, got to the point where I don’t feel anything or have no sense of spirit anymore when I do reading or anything like that. I had to move on to pure trust. I hardly see anything. Everything changes with the gifts. A lot of mediums experienced that at one point.

There’s no voice I’m listening to or noticing. It’s disengaged from that mind and moving into a place of trust. That’s the spirit linking for me. Since I’ve cleared away a lot of the stuff and done the healing, I don’t have this critique of that voice present anymore, which is what interferes with the reading. The more healing you do, the less of that’s going to interfere. That’s really what it is. It’s your inner critic. It gets triggered because you feel vulnerable when you’re a medium because people are judging you or telling you you are a fake. Anything that triggers that stuff, you need to get rid of through healing.

You’re judging it yourself, like, “Did I get that right? Am I right? I’ve got to be right.”

That’s the ego mind. That’s all that is. The more you heal, the better your mediumship becomes.

The more you heal, the better your mediumship becomes. Share on X

Also, I find the more that you meditate and the more you sit in the power, the more that Frankie mind goes away because, all of a sudden, it quiets everything. You’re able to connect that much easier. That’s why sitting in power is so powerful. That was how my awakening happened. It was twelve months of doing that without even realizing that’s what it was. That’s where it all opened up. That was great. If you were to mention one, what would you say would be the most important recommendation that you would have for a reader of any background who’s tuning in to the show? It sounds like you were touching on living your joy. What would you say?

The big question that hangs over all our heads is what is our life purpose? People mistake life purpose for, “What do I need to be doing in life?” It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You can reach the peak of your inner joy and find your life purpose if you’re able to experience joy in different areas of your life like your career, relationships, friendships, and family relationships.

You can’t compare your journey or what brings you joy to anyone else because, for one person, the joy they need is going to be financially based and a few other things. For others, it’s not going to be financial. It’s going to be something else that’s going to bring them joy, maybe enough to survive and that they’re comfortable. Maybe it’s to allow themselves to travel or allow themselves to be more in nature or live in nature as opposed to the city.

I feel the spiritual journey and what I’ve learned that I’m still trying to fully develop for myself is to find what brings me joy and be able to get myself to that place where I can feel that I’m 100% living my life purpose. The thing is, we are inclined to compare ourselves to others, and that is the ego mind. No matter how grand or how humble what’s going to bring you joy, you have to find your joy. It doesn’t need to be grand and grandiose. It can be humble.

Is that the purpose of the joy guide, do you think?

I don’t think so. I always think of the joy guide as being the guide with a wacky name on tables. I don’t know that the joy guide does anything else in my life. Maybe I’m wrong.

I always wondered, “What is the joy guide here to help me with? Is it to have fun?” Is there a grander purpose of a joy guide to find your ultimate joy in life?

I don’t know. I’ve changed the way I work with guides a lot as well. At this point in time, I don’t even worry about differentiating between the various guides. I call on the team. It’s the team. That’s it.

They’ll step up as needed.

They do, and I’ll get the job done.


Do you have any plans for the future or anything in the works? Are there things that are coming up soon?

At the moment, o. I’m continuing with the work I do. My work has changed somewhat since COVID in that I’m doing a lot of the online mentoring programs. They’re longer programs, which I love. The mentoring programs allow me to work with students in a way that I never thought possible, and I love that. That’s my passion. That’s what I need to be doing.

I enjoy being here in my location. I don’t really feel that I want to go out there and travel too much or put myself out there too much in crowds of people. I feel I’m in this process where I’m working more with students in that way. I like the local work over here at my center. You go through various phases in your development where you say, “I need to be this medium that’s traveling all over the world.” I don’t feel the need to do that anymore. I’m happy working with my students and my clients from here online. That’s what brings me joy.

There you go. You’re finding your joy. You’re following your passion.

I do a bit of traveling. I travel regularly, so I like getting out of the office and having experiences. I’m perfectly at peace. I’m doing okay. I’m doing well.

That sounds awesome. Thank you so much. How can people get in contact with you or learn more about you? Where can they reach you?

They can reach me on my website, If you want to take a look at the classes, go to

Thank you so much for joining us. It was wonderful having you on, sharing everything about spirit, and learning about joy. This was wonderful.

It’s great to see you. Thanks for having me.

Thank you, Lee. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in to another episode of the show. I’m so glad that you were able to tune in. If you are interested in the show and you like it, rate and subscribe. I’d love to have it. It always helps. That way, other people will know more about what we’re doing. Until next time, I am sending you love and light. We will see you next time. Bye for now.


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